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A friend… or at least I'd like to be.
~ Zhan Tiri (as the Enchanted Girl) to Cassandra and later, Varian.
Ahhhh, finally, the clash of sun and moon has released me from my prison. It's good to be back.
~ Zhan Tiri after being released.
Let the age of Zhan Tiri begin!
~ Zhan Tiri preparing the destruction of Corona.

Zhan Tiri is the main antagonist of Disney's Tangled animated franchise, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of the Tangled film, Tangled: Before Ever After and the Hair-Raising Adventures comic series and the main antagonist of Tangled: The Series appearing as the overarching antagonist of the first two seasons and the main antagonist of Season 3.

She was voiced by Tara Fitzgerald in her true form and Jennifer Veal in her Enchanted Girl form.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • While she was banished to the Lost Realm by her former friend-turned-archenemy, Lord Demanitus, she ultimately brought it on herself and it does nothing to excuse her actions because:
    1. It seems that Zhan Tiri wasn't like that before. She used to be a friend of Lord Demanitus before the power of the Sundrop and Moonstone drove her into becoming a power-hungry maniac.
    2. She blamed Demanitus for betraying him, but in actuality, it was her who betrayed him solely for the power of the Sundrop and Moonstone.
    3. She rejected any chance of redemption as Demanitus gave her many warnings to turn her from her selfish desire of gaining the Sundrop and Moonstone's power for herself, but instead, she vowed to destroy Corona and everyone in it as an act of petty revenge and spite for Demanitus imprisoning her.
  • She manipulated Sugracha, Tromus and Mother Gothel to turn against Demanitus so she can be freed from the Lost Realm, which leads to Gothel turning evil and knowing about the Healing Incantation, thus indirectly causing all the events of the 2010 movie.
    • When she was released, Zhan Tiri unleashed a deadly snowstorm that is said to have killed many people before she was stopped by her former friend, Lord Demanitus.
    • She corrupted a once benevolent tree and turned it into a force of evil, using it to kill anyone who stood in her way.
  • During the series, she unleashes the snowstorm that put many innocent people, including children, in danger, and leads to Varian's fall to evil.
  • After her minions' constant failures to release her, she manipulates Cassandra by playing with her emotions and showing her her true past, leading to Cassandra's fall to evil.
    • Throughout the first half of the third season, she continues to play with Cassandra's emotions, and at one point, encourages her to kill Rapunzel to get the power that belongs to her, all as part of her manipulation.
    • During the episode "Cassandra's Revenge", she subjects Varian to psychological torment and encourages Cassandra to murder Eugene in front of Rapunzel to break Rapunzel's spirit. She then manipulates events that lead to the clash of the Sundrop and Moonstone so she can be released from the Lost Realm once again.
    • In order to keep Rapunzel and Cassandra from getting along again, in the episode "A Tale of Two Sisters", she manipulates both into meeting in Mother Gothel's old house and getting them trapped in an underlying mine where they both could have been killed from being exposed to inhabiting hostile animals and a spreading toxic gas. Moreover, when they enter a room keeping magic mirrors with Gothel's memories, she breaks a piece of the mirror showing Gothel giving Cassandra a present to make it seem like Gothel had actually felt love for Cassandra once (when in reality the broken piece of the mirror shows Gothel had actually given Cassandra the present to distract her and give herself space from Cassandra for not actually loving her) and thus making her turn against Rapunzel again.
  • She threatens to trap Calliope in limbo for 10,000 years if Rapunzel doesn't give Cassandra the mind-trap. After Rapunzel gives it to her, she taunts Rapunzel's compassion as a weakness.
  • She removes Cassandra's disguise, exposing her to Corona. While Cassandra tried to explain herself, she fires Varian's weapon at Cassandra to keep her plan of keeping Cassandra as an enemy of Corona in check, especially of Rapunzel.
  • In the finale, after waiting patiently for the eclipse, she jumps in and steals the Sundrop and Moonstone from Rapunzel and Cassandra. She attempts to use these new powers to murder everyone in Corona using the Decay Incantation, which is shown to slowly suck the life out of the people and cause them extreme pain before they slowly die.
  • She initially seems to possess some honorable traits, like when she honored Rapunzel's deal. However, she actually uses her "honorable" traits to taunt her enemies and only when it's convenient for her, actually making her dishonorable.
  • Zhan Tiri's actions have paved the way for many of the events in the series. One of her minions was Mother Gothel, who, because of Zhan Tiri's knowledge, causes all the events of the movie. Her causing Varian's fall to darkness leads to him becoming the arc villain and indirectly leads to Rapunzel going to the Dark Kingdom. Finally, her manipulation of Cassandra leads to her status as an arc villain for Season 3.
  • Unlike every other villain in the franchise who at least has some redeeming qualities or comedic traits, Zhan Tiri has absolutely no redeeming qualities and is taken completely seriously, thus easily making her the darkest villain in the franchise.


  • Zhan Tiri is mentioned in the non-canon comic book series Hair-Raising Adventures Issues #1 and #2, where two of her minions serve as the main antagonists. However, due to her lack of screen time, Zhan Tiri isn't considered Pure Evil in that version.
  • Zhan Tiri is one of only four Disney Pure Evils to be female, alongside Cahu, Princess Mombi and Queen Ingrith.
  • She is one of the only two Tangled villains to become Pure Evil, the other being Elizabeth Bathory from the novel What Once Was Mine.

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