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XANA is the main antagonist of Code Lyoko. XANA is a malevolent artificial intelligence that seeks to take over Lyoko and the real world.


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What makes him Pure Evil?

  • In each episode, XANA devises a scheme that would either cause a lot of problems or mass causalities. For example in episode "Satellite", XANA takes control of a satellite to fire powerful laser beams at its targets. The laser blasts were massive and XANA intended to kill many people.
  • It made multiple attempts on Franz Hopper, Aelita, and the Lyoko Warriors lives throughout the series.
  • In the episode "Marabounta", XANA sent its monsters to protect Aelita and her friends from Jeremy's creation, the Marabounta, as it was devouring its monsters, and targeted Aelita because she has XANA's virus implanted in her. However, its clearly out of pragmatic reasons because XANA needed Aelita to absorb her memories, otherwise Lyoko would've been completely wiped out by the Marabounta.
  • It captured and corrupted William Dunbar by turning him into his own slave.

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