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Oh, I think you care very much who I am, actually. In every universe, Peter Parker stands for heroism and responsibility... except for one. (removes his mask to reveal that he's Peter Parker) In my world, the name "Peter Parker" puts fear in the hearts of everyone who hears it! Heroism and responsibility... I destroyed every fool who held such pathetic ideals! Until this shard come to my world, I thought I was the only Peter Parker! But now, with the power of the complete Siege Perilous... I will be!
~ Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider is the main antagonist of the "Return to the Spider-Verse" story arc of Ultimate Spider-Man.

He is a villainous version of Peter Parker from Earth-16827, bent on draining the life energy of all the heroic Spider-People in existence and stealing their powers so he can conquer the entire multiverse.

He was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who is best known for voicing Spider-Man in the 1990s animated series.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • As stated by Wolf Spider himself, he chose to use his powers for evil and murdered countless heroes in his world, including his Miles Morales and possibly the Avengers, in stark contrast to other heroic Spider-Men.
  • Wolf Spider feigned his allegiance to other villains such as Lizard King and Mr. Negative so he could get closer to obtaining the Siege Perilous fragments.
  • Wolf Spider took Mrs. Morales hostage to try and force Miles Morales and Peter Parker into handing over the Siege Perilous fragments they had.
  • Wolf Spider used the Siege Perilous to drain the life energy of every other Spider-Person in existence solely to fulfill his insane desire for power, showing that he lacks any redeeming qualities.


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