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If people don't trust you, how can you trust them?
~ William Carver to Clementine.
Killing one in order to save many is part of survival. It's one of the tough decisions that a weaker person couldn't make. It's why it falls to people like us to lead them to safety. Do you understand? Well, I wish it was different, I do. But they are weak...and we are strong. That's why it's our responsibility to shepherd the flock...to keep them safe. It's their nature to follow...not to lead.
~ William Carver to Clementine.
How's that eye? Just follow my voice...it'll get ya there. You got a thick f-ckin' skull, Kenneth. Should've put you outta your misery right then...now look at ya. You're a mess. The f-ck are you looking at, bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every second of it-
~ William Carver taunts Kenny and Rebecca, also his last words.

William Carver, also more commonly known as simply Carver or Bill, is the main antagonist of the first half of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two, as well as a posthumous antagonist in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and The Walking Dead: The Final Season. He is the ruthless leader of a community that organizes in a hardware store named Howe's Hardware. He is one of the archenemies of Clementine and Kenny.

He was voiced by Michael Madsen.



With a very obscure backstory, Carver built up a large community during the zombie apocalypse at an abandoned Howe's Hardware, having dozens of people under his command. One of these people was Rebecca, a person whom he apparently had an affair with, and claimed he got her pregnant. Rebecca later escaped Carver's camp with a small group of other escapees because of Carver´s brutality and he began searching for them.

In-game events

Carver first appears as a man under the name George, who broke into the cabin the escaped group of survivors resided as. As the only people there were Clementine, a recent joiner, and Sarah (unbeknownst to Carver), he quickly left after inspecting the house.

When the group returns, Clementine reports "George's" visit and they quickly move out. After moving into another house with Kenny, Clementine's old friend, Sarita, and Walter, Carver and his group quickly tracks them down. Ultimately, all members are captured (except Luke, who went missing) and Walter is coldly gunned down by Carver before they are all escorted out back to Howe's Hardware.

When they return, Carver locks the group up with the other prisoners and forces them to work to try and earn their way back into his community. He kills a member he sees as weak and brutally beats Kenny after discovering their escape attempt. When Bonnie opens the gate to set them free, Carver holds them all at gunpoint saying he would rather shoot Rebecca then let them leave again.

Clementine drops down on Carver allowing Kenny and Luke to disarm him while the group debates what to do with him. Kenny shoots him in the legs and grabs a crowbar in preparation to beat him to death. Everyone except Rebecca and possibly Clementine leave so they don't have to watch. Kenny bashes his face in, killing him and completely obliterating his face. After he is dead Rebecca take his gun of him and they all leave to join the others.

In season three, if Jane was saved by Clem in season two, Carver's corpse can be seen in a pile a bodies.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Leads his community with an iron fist, and doesn't seem to truly care for them. For example, he tells Troy that he'll be forced to walk back to camp if he wasted fuel to keep the heater going in their truck.
  • Breaks Carlos' fingers right in front of his daughter Sarah.
  • Personally executes Walter and, depending on your choices, Alvin too.
  • Holds Clementine at gunpoint if she surrenders.
  • Abducts and enslaves Clementine and her group.
  • Forces Sarah to get hit by Carlos for interrupting him.
  • Kills Reggie for being 'weak of will and character'.
  • Tortures Alvin if he survives Episode 2, causing his death anyway.
  • Attempts to corrupt Clem into becoming a monster like himself.
  • Brutally beats Kenny to the point of half-blinding him, denying the group dinner afterwards.
  • Holds Rebecca and the group hostage before Clem intervenes, directly saying he'll kill her unborn baby. If Clem doesn't hit the QTE in time, Carver will shoot and kill her, thus resulting in a 'game over' screen.
  • His last words before Kenny kills him all but confirm that he raped Rebecca, thus resulting in Alvin Junior being conceived.
  • Although it's implied by characters like Jane and Bonnie that Carver was once kind, by the time of the second season, whatever redeeming qualities he may had are shed, becoming nothing more than a tyrannical social Darwinist.


  • Some believe that executing Walter in retribution for Johnny's death is a redeeming quality. However, it's highly likely that Carver was only angry at losing a valuable soldier rather than actually caring for Johnny as a human being, especially since he's shown mistreating and even killing other subordinates (e.g. Troy and Reggie) over petty slights and never even mentions Johnny in Episode 3. Furthermore, Kenny was picking off Carver's group as this was happening, so it's really more of an intimidation tactic to force him into surrendering than anything else.
    • He also seems to have somewhat of a grudge towards Alvin for killing his friend George, recalling this act at the end of episode 2. However, this was likely just taunting Alvin before killing him rather than genuine care, and he even belittles George's memory by using name when he first meets Clementine.

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