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I’ve been a master of all these creatures... All the animatronics are linked together; it was a system designed to control the choreography for the shows. Now I control the system. I control the choreography. All of this is mine.
~ William Afton.
Jessica: Everyone is afraid to die, Afton, and you should be afraid more than anyone else, because if there's a hell, there's a hole at the bottom of it reserved for you.
Afton: In time, I'm sure that's where I will find myself. But the Devil has knocked on my door before, and I've turned him away.
~ Afton talking with Jessica.

William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's novel trilogy.

He is the co-owner of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurants, alongside his colleague Henry Emily, the father of his arch-enemy Charlotte "Charlie" Emily. He is secretly a serial killer, murdering children to harvest paranormal "remnant" to create malicious animatronics and achieve immortality.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While it is implied that his past life was awful, it doesn't justify any of his crimes.
  • While it's unknown how the original version treated his children (besides neglect and some hints of abuse), this version of Afton is explicitly stated to be an abusive father, hitting his daughter Elizabeth when she just wanted to show him her graded work from school.
    • Noticeably, the original Afton didn't want Elizabeth to die and warned her to stay away from Baby, proving that he, at the very least, didn't want her to die, and maybe even cared about her (although it's implied that this was for his own selfish reasons). This version of Afton seemingly never cared about Elizabeth at all in any sort of way.
  • Despite claiming to view the kids he murdered as a family and seemingly not finding harm in what he is doing, he even admits himself that he's going to Hell, proving that he does know he's a terrible person and relishes in the blood on his hands.
  • He killed Henry's daughter Charlotte, who was only three years old, in front of her twin brother Sammy, leaving Henry grief-stricken and ruining his life, as well as possibly traumatizing Sammy to an equal degree.
  • He murdered five children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and hid their corpses in the animatronics without remorse. He donned the Spring Bonnie suit to lower their guard before taking their lives (and in Susie's case promising to return her lost dog), with the kids' spirits deceived into believing that Spring Bonnie was still their friend.
  • All of his actions ultimately lead to Henry committing suicide.
  • He tried to kill Charlotte's android replica and her friends.
  • He killed policeman Officer Dunn.
  • He trapped Carlton Burke in a springlock suit.
  • He taunted Charlie and her friends about how the animatronics would kill them but not him, leading to his first demise.
  • Once he became Springtrap, he ordered his Twisted Animatronics to find and kill Charlotte for him.
  • He is indirectly responsible for his Twisted constructs murdering an indefinite amount of people.
  • He melted down the animatronics to fuse them into an amalgamation so he can extract their remnant to achieve immortality, putting the spirits possessing them through extreme agony in the process.
  • He had his daughter Elizabeth, now possessing Circus Baby, kidnap more children for him so he can replicate his murders and figure out how his victims and Elizabeth possessed the animatronics.
  • He is indirectly responsible for Elizabeth murdering Jenny, Charlotte's aunt.
  • When he finally loses control over the situation, he decides to try and murder the only child not yet rescued, noting that even if his plans don't work out, he will at least enjoy murdering the child, just like he enjoyed murdering the real Charlotte and five innocent children all those years ago.

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