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The White Bone Demon, also known as The Voice in the Shadows or Baigujing, is the main antagonist of the second half of Season 1 of the 2018 Amazon Prime original DreamWorks series Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny, a part of the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

She is a ruthless demon who was defeated and imprisoned in the spirit kingdom of Sun Wukong. After a certain amount of time she manages to contact Shi Long and using her resentment against her father, manipulates her to get a new body and plunge all of China into the age of darkness in her rule.

She was voiced by Elisa Gabriella.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • She tricks villages into being destroyed by being a weak, kind old woman who wants food, leading villagers to accept her inside before she reveals whom she truly is and devours everyone's soul and makes doll that looked liked them as marks, proving she took sadistic delight in it.
  • She then attempted to devour the souls of Sun Wokong, which leads to her imprisonment.
  • Emotionally manipulates a young Shi Long to be her slave by using her insecurities caused by her adoptive father's attention towards her younger adopted sister, have her wipe out villages and poison her own father to serve her.
  • She has Shi Long invade the Red Jade mine and steal all the precious minerals, including the Red Jade of Lang Gong and Sun Wokong's crown, and have him take the fall for the loss of the former, even though while he stole it, planned on returning it back to where it belonged.
  • She also has Shi Long steal water from the Wellspring to create her new body's energy source, causing a drought all over China. She was aware the drought happened due to stealing water from the Wellspring but did not care at all.
  • When she was first defeated by Po, the Four Constellations and Xiao, she then coldly betrays Shi Long by swallowing her alive. Luckily, during her final defeat, it was revealed she was alive. However, such cold-blooded betrayal made Shi Long redeem herself and accept her imprisonment for her crimes.
  • She then tried to kill Dragon Master Po, the Four Constellations, and all of their allies, as well as whoever opposes her.
  • If she killed all of them, she would've ruled China and plunged it into an age of darkness. Lord Shen also wanted to rule all of China, but it is never confirmed or implied he wanted to rule it tortuously as a tyrant, just that he wants to rule it.
  • While Ke-Pa is easily more dangerous, her actions have more impact since her manipulation of Shi Long led to her poisoning Emperor Kang Zi when she convinced her it was necessary.
  • Unlike most Kung Fu Panda villains, she has no redeeming qualities, honor and most importantly, insecurity since that is what disqualifies all the main villains from the movies, and only has one moment of comedy when she tells Po and the Four Constellations that they can take their time to get ready in battling her. While it may seem that White Bone Demon is honorable on paper, in reality, it is more on the White Bone Demon gloating about her power and being stronger than her enemies. And plus, it does not detract from her heinousness and was only presented as humorous only to the audience.


  • The White Bone Demon is one of the 2 Kung Fu Panda Pure Evils, along with Ke-Pa. However, Ke-Pa is more dangerous than the White Bone Demon, as his plans of wiping out all mortals was focused on the entire world and not just China, but the White Bone demon counts due to her resources, which are less than his, even with the Imperial Army and the Terracotta Warriors at her disposal considering Ke-Pa has a powerful demon army.
  • The White Bone Demon is the only pure evil villain from a DreamWorks Amazon Prime Original.

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