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The puny Earth being that is keeping the Omnitrix from me will soon hang on my trophy wall!
~ Vilgax vows to kill Ben Tennyson.
I am Vilgax, Conqueror of Worlds!
~ Vilgax's most famous quote

Vilgax is the main antagonist of the Ben 10 franchise. He is a tyrannical alien overlord who wants to use the Omnitrix to conquer the galaxy and the archenemy of Ben Tennyson as well as a past enemy of Ben's grandfather Max Tennyson and the Plumbers.

In the original series and Ben 10: Omniverse, he was voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Green Goblin in The Spectacular Spider-Man and Darkseid in Justice League: War. In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, he was voiced by James Remar.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He destroys the home planet of Tetrax Shard, Petropia, to test the power of the Crystal on it and as punishment for Tetrax's people not submitting to his rule. According to Sugilite the population was billions.
  • He wanted to conquer the whole universe using an army of aliens with the powers of the Omnitrix.
  • He attempted to obtain the Omnitrix by killing Ben.
  • He planned to destroy the Earth after getting the Omnitrix from Ben, telling him that he would finally have the "pleasure" of destroying it.
  • He had no problem torturing Ben, who was a 10-year-old child at the time. He was more than willing to mutilate him by amputating his arm.
  • When Gwen asks him if he can just take the Omnitrix off her instead of torturing her and amputating her arm in a non canon episode, he laughs and asks "What fun would that be?", showing more that he has no mercy for even children and sadistically enjoys harming others.
  • He was ungrateful to Kevin when he saved him and tried to kill him in battle. Only sparing him when he decides that he could be useful to him.
  • He sadistically watched as Kevin tore off the Omnitrix from Ben's wrist.
  • In the movie Secret of the Omnitrix, he tried to kill Ben and refused to help him prevent the Omnitrix from self destructing, not caring that the universe would be destroyed and just tried to kill him out of petty revenge.
  • He captured a group of aliens and used their spaceship for his revenge against Ben, and then killed them afterwards.
  • He abused SixSix multiple times for no apparent reason.
  • He conquered 10 worlds and destroyed 5 others, stealing the powers of each of their champions, including Ultimo.
  • He tried to conquer the Earth under a "lawful" pretense and tried to fight Ben to the death to rule the world.
  • He is responsible for Zs'Skayr invading his world and getting all of his people turned into Ectonurites due to the fact that he freed the ghost.
  • Despite helping Ben defeat Zs'Skayr, he does not do it out of altruism. He just wants to kill Zs'Skayr so he can be the supreme ruler of Vilgaxia again.
  • He tried to kill Ben when he was under the form of Ghostfreak, viewing it as killing two birds with one stone. What's worse is the fact that Ben helped him save his planet from being conquered by Zs'Skayr, although it's obvious that he was ungrateful and didn't care about his species.
  • He only helps his people to be worshipped, not out of any care for them.
  • He beat up Sugilite when he was trying to revive the people of Petropia, and when he asks Vilgax for mercy, he coldly smiles and replies that he's never heard of it.
  • He forced Ben to give up the Omnitrix and link it to his Bioids by holding Gwen and Kevin hostage.
  • He betrayed Albedo and tried to kill him with an army of Humungosaurs.
  • He tortured Albedo on his ship for no reason.
  • After the Omnitrix was destroyed, he decided to punish Ben by launching the ship towards Bellwood in his attempt to destroy Ben's hometown to spite him.
  • He also tried to drown Ben in the ocean during his final battle with him.
  • He deceived the Flame Keeper's Circle, using them to find Dagon's heart then betraying them once he gained enough power to restore himself to full strength.
  • He became a servant to Dagon, a powerful god, but later betrayed and murdered him to take his powers for his own.
  • He assisted in freeing Dagon from his imprisonment and allowing him to return to Earth to conquer it.
  • He threatened Psyphon, his most loyal servant, with death should he have failed to successfully build the machine to absorb Dagon's power. This is most likely one of the reasons why Psyphon is terrified of him.
  • He tried to tempt Ben to wipe out all evil in the universe and corrupt him into using the power to do whatever he wanted.
  • He used Maltruant's Chronosapian Time Bomb to destroy all realities, including his own, leaving only one for him to rule over. By doing this, he destroyed every version of Ben Tennyson except for No Watch Ben.
  • He also betrayed and killed Eon (another Pure Evil candidate) in the process.
  • Even though No Watch Ben was seemingly no threat to him, he still tried to kill him.


  • One factor that may make Vilgax appear to not be Pure Evil is him seemingly caring about his homeworld, not being cruel to his citizens and even rescuing a little girl and his entire world from Zs'Skayr. However, this is all a ruse as his fake benevolence is merely done to ensure their loyalty to him, which worked to his advantage when they overpowered the invading Incurseans once they learned of his escape from them, and he merely wanted rule of his planet back from Zs'Skayr. Even his rescue of the little girl was likely done just to keep this perspective in her mind, as well as to potentially let Ben's conflict with him die down for the task at hand. This is further proven when Vilgax destroys all timelines except No-Watch Ben's, including his own timeline, destroying his homeworld in the process just so he can take over another universe. It is also proven to be merely a desire for power as he conquered his homeworld in the first place despite being exiled from it.
  • His most heinous crime is in the Ben 10: Omniverse episode "And Then There Were None" where he successfully destroys all other timelines in existence and all versions of Ben except No Watch Ben and his timeline just so he can rule it. This ranks as the most heinous and grand scale actions committed successfully in the entire series (albeit for a short time), as Eon and Maltruant's attempts to destroy/recreate all reality (while incredibly heinous and qualified them as Pure Evil) were unsuccessful.
  • He has the highest body count of any Cartoon Network villain, and one of the highest of any villain in cartoons or possibly fiction in general, due to destroying entire planets and even all timelines excluding one (even if this would be undone, he was still shown to do so successfully on-screen).
  • His Reboot incarnation does not qualify as Pure Evil due to committing less heinous crimes and even having some redeeming qualities.

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