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Why blame yourself? We didn't hurt Uncle Ben, the world took him from us. The world takes everything we love. There's no one you can trust, Peter Parker. No one... except us.
~ Venom manipulating Spider-Man

Venom is one of the three secondary antagonists (along with Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus) of the animated TV show The Spectacular Spider-Man.

It is an alien symbiote that entered Earth by latching itself to a space shuttle, seeking to find the perfect host and hijack his/hers entire body, mind and soul, with its hosts being Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Eddie Brock. While Eddie was mostly a very morally grey, anti-villainous and a sympathetic villain, the symbiote itself lacks any such traits.

When possessing Peter Parker, it was voiced by Josh Keaton. When possessing Eddie Brock, it was voiced by Ben Diskin.

What Makes It Pure Evil?

  • Unlike most of its other incarnations, over here, the symbiote has a very clear personality, being a selfish manipulative sadist and having dialogue on its own, being one of the few times it was ever personified.
  • Despite feeding on the dark emotions of its host when possessing them, nothing indicates it is made of evil as his origins amounts to "it came from outer space". It is even stated it does this because it loves the taste of dark emotions, and was able to survive for months buried underground without possessing someone, and thus, not having any dark emotions to feed on. It even believes Peter betrayed it for removing it after he realized its intentions to take over his body, mind and soul, proving how delusional it is.
  • While helping Spider-Man fight crime, such as stopping the Chameleon and defeat the Sinister Six, it was clearly for the selfish motive of gaining his trust and keeping it.
    • During the fight with the Sinister Six, he nearly killed Doc Ock dishonorably despite already defeating him. He only let him live to preserve Spider-Man's image and relationship with the police when they intervened.
  • When bonding with Peter, it changes the kind-hearted hero into an aggressive and arrogant cynic to nearly everyone, to the point it makes him accept Tombstone's deal that he made in the 6th episode on not interfering with his crimes and only foiling crimes he orders him to. it was so bad that Peter realizes what the symbiote was really doing.
  • When Peter tries removing the symbiote, it ensnares him and then forces him to relive the day he ended up letting the robber that shot his Uncle, Ben Parker, to death for the sole purpose of weakening his will and taking full control over him.
  • Possesses Eddie and manipulates it into being its partner for their revenge against Spider-Man by revealing that Spider-Man and Peter Parker were the same person.
  • Plans to make Peter suffer by killing all his loved ones such as Aunt May and Gwen.
  • Following its freedom thanks to Eddie, it goes on a crime spree posing as Spider-Man, framing him for it.
  • It overturns a moving truck to get Spider-Man's attention.
  • During its battle with Spider-Man, it burns down a building that had civilians inside, which Venom doesn't care about, while telling him it is going to destroy every aspect of Peter's life.
  • Infects John Jameson with spores that ended up driving him insane, resulting in him being locked up next to Electro in Dr. Curt Connors' lab after nearly getting electrocuted to death in a fight with Spider-Man.
  • Tried to out Peter as Spider-Man, wanting to harm all of his loved ones by making them targets for his enemies out of revenge.
  • Plans to depower Spider-Man by shoving a gene-cleanser at his throat, making him a powerless target for his vengeful enemies.
  • While the Green Goblin was more destructive, Venom was a lot more personally evil to Peter, having used his knowledge of his double life to its advantage to try tearing apart every aspect of his life.
  • After Eddie ends up receiving the gene cleanser, the symbiote abandons Eddie now that he is no longer a strong host, proving that it only viewed Eddie as a tool.


  • Venom is, alongside the Green Goblin, one of the two The Spectacular Spider-Man villains to be Pure Evil. This is also one of the only two versions of Venom to be Pure Evil, along with the Spider-Man: Reign version.
  • Only the symbiote half of Venom qualifies as Pure Evil since even as a villain, Eddie is treated both with sympathy and as a poor victim of the symbiote's influence. It's also very likely that he was wrong when he claimed the symbiote wasn't controlling him.
  • Had the show would've continued, it is possible it would no longer be Pure Evil since Carnage will be introduced in that Season and Venom will go against him. However, since that remains unmade, Venom still remains Pure Evil.


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