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NOTE: This article is for the symbiote part of Venom and not the redeemed Eddie Brock. Furthermore, this article is only for the PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 versions of Venom as the other platform versions of him were not voted Pure Evil yet.

You dared to take the Other from me... I will take the girl from you.
~ Venom.

Venom is the main antagonist of the 2008 video game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

He was voiced by Keith Szarabajka, who also voiced Trigon in Teen Titans.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Venom is first seen beating up Spider-Man after injuring Mary Jane.
  • Venom threatens Mary Jane’s life once more before Spider-Man stops him. Forcing Venom to retreat.
  • A bit later in the game, Spider-Man discovers numerous people have symbiotes. Leading SHIELD to quarantine numerous people. One of those being the sister of Max Dillon, better known as Electro. When Electro tries to find his sister, he gets infected by her.
  • Spider-Man eventually discovers Venom is using symbiote pods to turn captured victims into mindless slaves. Spider-Man defeats him once more but Venom is still able to cause a symbiote outbreak with numerous people turning against civilians.
  • Symbiote Electro made electric symbiotes so Spider-Man ended the situation. In the hero path, he lets Electro fight the symbiote. If the dark path is chosen, he ends the situation by beating Electro up.
  • The symbiotes rampaged New York Spider-Man had to guard Stark Tower.
  • Wolverine would gather numerous civilians in a church to use its bell to kill off symbiotes only to be infected himself. Spider-Man defeats Wolverine by either letting Wolverine cut the symbiote out or ripping him in half.
  • Black Cat gets infected with the symbiote and Spider-Man defeats her. However, in the process she is badly injured and the player can leave her with Mary Jane or re-infect Black Cat to heal her. The latter choice puts a strain on Mary Jane's relationship with Spider-Man.
  • Once the Tinkerer completes the bomb, Vulture is revealed to be infected as well. Vulture states he has deactivated the signal to the bomb which prevents the Tinkerer from activating it, and that Spider-Man must come for him because of the part of the symbiote Spider-Man has.
  • When Spider-Man defeats Vulture and the other vulture symbiotes he is left with a choice, detonate the bomb which would remove his symbiote or keep it but leave New York infected. If the latter choice is chosen, New York will remain infected.
  • He goes to the Helicarrier to use it to spread the symbiote infection. Spider-Man arrives and battles Venom's five-headed form (the result of symbiotes combing into one being) only to find the symbiote is too strong. Spider-Man asks Venom for Eddie, to which the symbiote temporarily releases Eddie looking like his normal Venom self, stating how tired he is.
  • Depending on the choice of the player, Eddie will sacrifice himself by going into the Helicarrier turbine, or Spider-Man will kill Eddie by throwing a web noose around his neck and throwing it into the turbine. Killing Venom once and for all. With the main Venom Symbiote dead, depending on the choices the player makes there are four ending to the game:
    1. New York will be freed from all symbiote troubles and Spider-Man will swing through New York with Mary Jane.
    2. Spider-Man will apologize on the phone to Mary Jane for re-infecting Black Cat and putting a strain on their relationship.
    3. Spider-Man will rule the city of New York as the symbiote king alongside Black Cat.
    4. Spider-Man will rule the city of New York as the symbiote king, swearing to have Mary Jane by his side.
    • In the first two endings, New York would likely still be left traumatized and numerous people will still have died. In addition, in the last two endings Wolverine will be tasked by Black Widow, Kingpin and the Tinkerer to hunt down Spider-Man.


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