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None of you will leave here alive!
~ Utrom Shredder's most famous quote
In this pathetically weak world, only the strongest rise to heights of great power. I control this city, and soon, I will be master of this world. Nothing can stand in my way! No police! No government! And certainly not these... mutant freaks! I will crush them all! I am... the Shredder!
~ Shredder's bio.
No! I am the Shredder, slayer of ninja turtles! If destroying them means the end of everything, THEN SO BE IT!
~ Utrom Shredder rejecting any redemption from Karai as he is willing to destroy the multiverse, even himself, if it means destroying the Ninja Turtles.

Ch'rell, also known as the Utrom Shredder, is the main antagonist of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. He is a version of the Shredder, who serves as the main antagonist of the first three seasons of the series and the film finale Turtles Forever.

He is the archenemy of the Turtles and their master Splinter. He also made some appearances in the comics like in the Mirage comics version as a cameo and later a major villain in the IDW version.

He was voiced by Scottie Ray.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He started wars for pure profit and caused the deaths of 4.5 million people.
  • He claimed to have used the Sword of Tengu to lay villages to waste, bring castles to the ground, vanquish armies, and conquer Japan.
  • He killed the sword smiths who built him the Sword of Tengu.
  • He dishonorably killed Master Splinter's master, Hamato Yoshi, making him cross the Moral Event Horizon. This also made him the most personally evil to Splinter.
  • He has multiple innocent people from the streets kidnapped and experimented on to mutation to use them as tools, and then had them disposed when they didn't prove to be useful. It should also be noted that that the mutation slowly drove them into being mindless monsters and even when they are reverted, it came with the cost of only living underground until several episodes later.
  • He killed one of his punks, John, for failing to bring him money they stole, laughing maniacally afterwards. He does this to most of his minions who fail him, except for Baxter Stockman. Though this might be because he still found him useful to his plans, even still, he repeatedly tortured him gruesomely for his failures to the point where he is only a brain in a jar. He still mocked him when he was in this state.
  • He has his Foot Elite soldiers beat Leonardo to near death, then snaps his swords out of spite. He even dishonorably attempted to kill him when he was injured before Splinter stopped him.
  • He blew up April's store and locked the Turtles and their allies in a walk-in cooler so he can make sure they die from the explosion. This act even traumatized Leonardo.
  • When Splinter told him that TCRI was about to blow up and that he even couldn't survive the explosion, he didn't care and just stated that Splinter and the Turtles should all die with him.
  • He tried to choke Raphael to death after his true form was revealed.
  • He tried to kill Zog the Triceraton when he opposed him from killing the Turtles and caused him to sacrifice himself to save the Turtles.
  • The only reason he rebuilt New York City was so he could hoard all the alien technology that was found in the the process for his future plans.
  • He wanted the antigravity generator that was making the city of Beijing float in the sky, despite knowing that he'll kill all of the people in that city in the process. To make matters worse, he had Hun and Baxter Stockman do the deed, to which Stockman comments that it would be a suicide mission. This example alone proves that he doesn't care for his minions.
  • His affection for Karai was a facade and only saw her as a pawn. This was made evident when he attacks her for trying to stop him from killing the Turtles, even trying to take her out in the process, only stopping when Bishop attacks the ship and the door closes in front of them.
  • He sought to enslave the Utrom race to his will before returning to Earth and ruling it with an iron fist.
  • His actions in the Season 3 finale left Leonardo with PTSD for most of Season 4.
  • He is possibly responsible for Baxter Stockman having hallucinations of his deceased mother. His actions even led to Stockman being placed in an unstable human body, that made him completely insane and kidnap April.
  • Unlike his 1987 counterpart, he has no comedic moments and is taken seriously by both the 1987 and 2003 turtles.
  • He was ungrateful to his 1987 counterpart and Krang when they freed him from his exile and tried to kill them.
  • He takes over Krang's technodrome and has him and the 1987 Shredder imprisoned along with Splinter.
  • Due to finding his 1987 counterpart useless, he sought to rule over the 1987 dimension also with an iron fist.
  • He has the 2003 and 1987 Turtles tortured to death find where the Mirage Turtles are as he laughed. This caused Karai to turn against him for good by redeeming herself and saving the Turtles in the last second before they were killed.
  • He sought to kill the Mirage Turtles so he can destroy the universe they live in and all the other Turtles and the universes they live in. When Karai explains that doing so will kill everyone in the multiverse, even himself, he was at first worried, with Karai telling how doing so will kill himself and that she doesn't want to lose him, but then rejects any redemption she offered as he laughs maniacally as he does it anyway, which further discredit his love for Karai and was willing to kill everyone, including himself, out of petty revenge. Everyone around him, even the villains, were disgusted by him, even Karai, who showed nothing but disgust when he presumably finally dies. He also managed to destroy his own while prior to kidnapping the Mirage Turtles (although it was restored after he was defeated).
  • He is indirectly the reason why Viral was infected and forcibly rewritten and reprogrammed into the Cyber Shredder, and thus is responsible for his crimes.
  • In the Ninja Tribunal storyline, it's revealed that anyone who claims the identity of the Shredder for themselves develops an unconscious mystical connection with the original Shredder. This means that because Ch'rell took the form of Shredder, this may have cause him to become worse. However, even if this is true, this isn't a prevention as he was already very heinous from the beginning.
    • And although Karai became the new Shredder at point (and got worse), she still ultimately redeemed herself and was even (presumably) willing to forgive the Turtles as she attended April and Casey's wedding, further proving that Ch'rell's actions weren't excusable. Therefore, this has no effect on his moral agency.


  • He is the second Pure Evil version of the Shredder, predated by the 1990s film trilogy version and followed by an alternative timeline version of himself. He is succeeded by a 2014 incarnation.
  • He is the most heinous villain in the entire TMNT history as no other villain in the series as no villain has ever attempted to commit an omnicide. Although Kavaxas from the 2012 series was implied to have wanted to take over the 10 dimensions through genocidal take overs, Utrom Shredder's omnicide is still worse as he went more in scale than him as the universe that he would've destroyed had he succeeded went far beyond the 10 dimensions.
  • Despite what he did to Karai (i.e. attacking her and attempting to finish her off when she tried stopping him from killing the Turtles, attempting to wipe out everyone--including her--out of existence) one may argue that he did genuinely care for her as he took care of her since she was a young girl (even when he had no reason to), and even orders Hun to rescue her from Bishop when he threatens to kill her (which he also had no reason to do this as he could've gotten someone else to do the task that he assigned her to do). However, this doesn't overshadow what he did to her and when he attacks Karai for trying to stop him from killing the Turtles ultimately proves that he was only using her to assist him with his plans, making his love for her non-existent. And even if he did care for her at one point, he still loses care for her in the future as shown when he tries to wipe out everyone from existence merely for revenge. This can be further shown when the alternative timeline version of himself didn't care about the fact that Karai died.

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