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Since I have discussed Bill Lawrence with you and he was approved as CM, I now will look with you into the overarching antagonist of the Caught in the Horrormansion-franchise, the baron Maceo, since he is also a potential qualifier.

So let's begin!

(He was approved on Villains Fanon Wiki, so I thought about proposing him here too)

What's the work?

Caught in the Horrormansion is a indie puzzle survival horror game trilogy that is always about a female lead character that gets locked into a terrifying and scary building and has to find a way out. The first game plays in the middle-age century and is about a attractive (for this time funnily attractive) woman named Aurelia Sax, who gets an invite to the mountain mansion of the baron named Maceo who says he makes a party there and her sister Angela Sax is already waiting there. However, when she gets there, she's locked in it and it was just a trap. Maceo kidnapped her sister and forces Aurelia to surpass all floors with different kinds of trap rooms. While the game is a comedy, also having weird things like Aurelia Sax and her sister Angela Sax, who are women with skimpy clothing and big boobs, what wasn't usual for the middle-age, it still has many dark moments and a deeper lore, with Maceo being the reason for darkening the mood.

Who is He and What has He done?

Maceo is a brustish and giant baron, who is really charismatic, sophisticated but also sadistic, cruel and disgusting. He puts on a facade that is polite and friendly to lure young women to his huge mansion and manipulate them. His reason behind this is that he wants to put the women into his self-build trap rooms to play deadly and cruel "trap games" with them, where many of them end dying a gruesome death. When some of them do win and survive all trap rooms, he rapes and kills them and says that's their "award". One day he gets bored of always doing the same things, and uses the opportunity to "help" Angela Sax and invite her to stay in his mansion, because she is outside in a rainy storm. He then locks her into the mansion and kidnaps her. The next day, he sends a later to her older sister Aurelia Sax, where he writes that he makes a "party" and Aurelia is invited and her sister is already there. However, when Aurelia arrives, he locks her into his mansion too. Then he makes a "deal" with her that, if she survives all of his trap rooms and wins all of his trap games, she will get her sister back and can leave with her safe and sound, but if she looses and dies, he will rape and kill her sister. So Aurelia goes thru the trap rooms and plays his trap games, causing her to have constant stress and fear of being gruesomely killed. He also sends his "servants" to fight her. These are monsters that were once harmless and innocent creatures but got transformed to evil beings, by him, when he made unethical experiments on them. Like for example, one being a tower full of eyes, that were the souls of some of his former victimes (victims before all the women he raped and killed) that got turned into eye creatures, by being cursed by one of his magic tricks and being in constant pain, a corpse like monster, what was once an innocent man that he experimented on with a serum, that turned him outside-out and always being in pain and agony, sometimes screaming for help, a shark that was mechanically modificated by him and always abused and a human that got turned into a human-spider hybrid because of his toxins. When Aurelia survived all of his traps, he shows her his last and final trap the "Twister Razor Circle" and threw his own loyal right-hand man Adolf in there just to showcase it and how brutal and deadly it is, even laughing at Adolf when he screams in agony and dies. After Aurelia beats the final trap, she confronted Maceo, who lied to her and said that he is going to kill her and rape and kill her sister anyways. After a fight, they both break thru the floor and end up being wrapped in ropes. Maceo freaks out and cuts all the ropes with his sword, with Aurelia trying to warn and stop him, because underneath them there is a floor with spikes. But Maceo doesn't stop and falls down, being impaled by the spikes and bleeding out to death. Aurelia frees her sister and they both get home. In the second and third games, who play in our current century, it's revealed that he was the reason why Bill Lawrence was able to return to the world of the living because he put a curse on his descendants, making him indirectly responsible for all of Bill's crimes and actions as a zombie, killing Gwen's mother, nearly killing Gwen as a child, torturing and kidnapping Gwen and gruesomely killing more innocent people.

Freudian Excuse / Mitigating Factors

He has none. He just loves to sadistically watch people die and suffer, for his own amusement, and digustingly being a rapist misogynist. He didn't even cared for his loyal right-hand man Adolf and killed him with one of his traps, laughing about it. You could say that he cares for his descendants, because he put a curse on them to be able to return to the world of the living after their deaths, but it's never implied he cared for them and is more likely that he did that, so he can spread indirectly his sadism thru other people of his family tree when he is dead, and causing even more harm and death posthumously.

Heinous standards

So the only real villains in this franchise are him, Bill Lawrence and Adolf. The boss enemies problably count as villains too, because they have backstories and lores behind them. However, they are Villains by Proxy, because they were experimented and turned into monsters by Maceo, that they don't have a choice but do evil. His right-hand man Adolf doesn't comes close because he is totally loyal to Maceo and just does the basic villainy, like helping his boss trying to kill Aurelia and making her life harder. The only one that can compete to him in terms of heinousness, is his descendant Bill Lawrence, who is a sadistic serial killer who killed his own mother and tortured many people to death. However, Maceo has more ressources, because he is a wealthy baron, who has "servants" beneath him and has the opportunity to build giant trap rooms, that are complicated and more deadly than Bill's smaller traps. Also Maceo stands out as an serial rapist, who raped and killed many innocent young women or doesn't shows loyalty to Adolf, which he kills savagely. And the fact that he is also indirectly responsible for Gwen's mother's death, nearly killing a child Gwen and torturing and murdering many people, because he put the curse on Bill, that he can be revived after dying and return to the world of the living.

Final Verdict

I'll give a yes.