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Surprises Regarding Villains' PE Status

  • General Morando's villainy was honestly generic in Part 1, being a more typical kill the hero, yes showing a planet their hope being killed right in front of them in the form of the royal family, but it is just not that awful as it is just a simple kill-the-hero routine and the state Akiridion-5 was in thanks to Morando's rule wasn't fleshed out, so his only real standout crime was simply killing one guard for failing him. So when Part 2 came, I expected him to be more heinous, but how much is revealed about Morando's villain, my jaw dropped entirely that he became like the most heinous villain in the franchise despite Morgana, who was PE that time, and Gunmar existed because not only was he the one who engineered Varvatos' family's death, we see how bad Akiridion-5 was in and how destructive he can be by being a full blown omnicidal maniac.
  • A freaking preschool show escaladed Scar's villainy. Scar was still honestly an easy PE villain considering his only direct kill seen was his own brother, the only villain ever to kill a major character, and what his reign brought, but what all he did in The Lion Guard was astonishingly worse that I cant believe a preschool show ever went that far.
  • Dormammu being a PE. I never thought he actually can, well, thank AustinDR for proposing him.
  • Kung Fu Panda has a PE villain. I never expected that, I always thought the closest was Lord Shen and now is best he is never having another PE discussion ever again since his preventions are just non-debunkable because the franchise has many villains who can be Pure Evil but they fail it's actually high heinous standard, too comedic or are just sympathetic/redeeming, so when Ke-Pa's prevention on the care for his minions was debunked, I am surprised there was not one, but 2 PE villains also, and that they both are easy ones also.
  • The number of PE villains TMNT 2012 has. I have no words, 5 PE's, literally 5, like how? What's worse, we got 7 NPE's, only 2 of them failing the heinous standard, the other 5 meet it, wow, what a jacked up heinous standard really. The show can go dark, but the 2003 series doesn't have as much PE's and it is a much darker show, not even a single NPE it has as of now, although, I have a definite candidate though and another PE candidate that can change things, but the sheer amount of PE's and NPE's it has for a Nickelodeon show is staggering.
  • I know the Joker will be Pure Evil most of the time, I never expected a version to be that evil. You know which version I am talking about, of course it is the version that shall not be named.
  • Morgana's redemption in Wizards is shockingly well written for a former PE villain. When PE villains get redeemed, they are usually so forced, sudden, out of character and undeserving that most of them sucks, hell giving them redeeming qualities also. In Wizards, I am able to take Morgana here as a completely seperate character and honestly, she is that well-written, seeing her motivations transpire, how she slowly became manipulated by 2 PE's to villainy, and how she slowly sacrificed herself as her redemption to end the threat her brother now poses. I still would've loved for more consistency and not introduce her as such a vile villain.
  • I never expected a self-contained Batman story with no crossovers with the other DC heroes to have some villains be arguably worse than the Joker, because honestly, while Arkhamverse Joker has his fair share of twisted, horrendous, and very personal crimes and still think he is a big keep, Arkahmverse Scarecrow is honestly the only villain worse than the Joker on what all he did, especially in the end.
  • Spongebob has a PE villain. I never expected to see this. Spongebob is a PE villain, also shocking, and compensates for a lack of a version of Shrek being a CM.
  • Crossbones counts. 'Nuff said.
    • On a side note, even some other users (on Discord) share the same opinion on how Crossbones is arguably the weaker candidate and the MCU candidate most likely to be cut, compared to Zola, yet Zola's proposal was one big divided mess and a big warzone, while Crossboens is filled with mostly weak yes, but was far much more easy going.

Suspicious Users IMO

I try hard to make sure I am not the twit I was when I first started as a FANDOM user, so I want to make the community better than before and tell about suspicious users and on who they are the sock puppet of. If any admin comes across here, I warn you, I am just suspicious, but don't taken truly literal, maybe it is just me being overly paranoid for some goddamn reason (sorry for profanity, damn can be considered profanity, imo it really isn't)