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Behold, I am Megatron, greatest leader of the Predacons, superior to my Decepticon namesake, and I will prove that i am the one and only ultimate god.



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Drago Bludvist is a madman, without conscience or mercy, and if he’s built a dragon army, Gods help us all.
~ Stoick on Drago Bludvist~How to Train Your Dragon 2
Ya see this? This here little DNA bead comes from a little girl in Riverside, California. Didn't like to wash her hands. Took me three whole weeks. And this one. Nice lady in Detroit, Motown; Six days flat. Then there's this old guy in Philly. I killed him in 72 hours. Yeah, I'm getting better as I go along, baby, but the problem is I never set a record! Until my man Frank, that is. I'm gonna take him down in 48 hours! Get my own chapter in the medical books!
~ Thrax~Osmosis Jones
Superman: That was for Dan Turpin.

Darkseid: Who?
Superman: The good an you murdered.
Darkseid: Had I known one human's death pained you so I would've killed more. And kill more I shall, carry that agony to oblivion, Superman.

~ Darkseid (DC Animated Universe)~Superman: The Animated Series "Legacy"
For those of you who are still living under the illusion that you will have freedom, know this: My armies have exterminated the last pockets of resistance and I now control the entire planet. The traitorous Utrom scientists I have captured are completing a colossal transmat device. With it, I will send forth my armies and enslave the stars, one world after another. There is no hope. There is only the Shredder.
~ Ch'Rell~Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2003) "Same As It Never Was"
A pity. The young prince will be yet another innocent victim of the surface dweller's aggression. Sadly, that will make me the rightful heir to the throne. Well, I'm off to avenge your deaths.
~ Orm leaving his brother and infant nephew to die.
We will reset the world to its… original plan, and delete humanity from it!
~ Skrael~Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans
Red Rackham: KILL HIS MEN!!!!

Sir Francis Haddock: No, Rackham. No! Rackham, you gave me your word. Rackham. RACKHAM!!!!

~ Red Rackham~The Adventures of Tintin (2011)
Mine is the only spark to travel to the Allspark and return. I have mingled with the wisdom of the ages. And now my Seekers, I understand what I must do. I will liberate all bots and free their sparks so they become one with the Allspark forever!
~ Starscream~Transformers: Cyberverse "Dark Birth"
Optimus Prime: Megatron, you have achieved your goal of creating a Perfect Decepticon race?

Bumblebee: But how could he? He didn't have the Allspark.
Megatron: The mobie is correct. These aren't my Decepticon soldiers. They're from the Other One. Look at them Optimus, they are everything I ever dreamed off, but was never able to create, all because I spared your life.

~ Megatron speaking about his counterpar, Megatron X~Transformers: Cyberverse "The Other One"
Together we will travel through the universe, attack countless planets and watch them burn. Board my ship and prepare for take-off and I will prepare for my planet destroying rampage.
~ Trypticon~Transformers: Cyberverse "The Immobilizers"
No one forgets me anymore. THere are about a dozen destroyed planets with my name on it.
~ Soundblaster~Transformers: Cyberverse "The Immobilizers"
Megatron: I suppose, given my imminent godhood, these primitives should really be beneath my attention. Ah, still. No score is too small to settle, I always say.
Dinobot II: You would turn the full fury of this mighty warship
on a lone anthropoid?! Tell me Megatron, where's the honor in that?
Megatron: You DARE use the H-word to me?!
Dinobot II: I… I apologize. I merely felt the power should be conserved for the larger battle.
Megatron: Duly noted… and IGNORED!
~ Megatron~Beast Wars: Transformers "Nemesis, Pat 2"
Cheetor: This is a dumb plan webface. I don't have any real blood, jsut mech-fluid.

Tarantulas: Oh, my filters will adjust. It is the act that I enjoy, not the nourishment.

~ Tarantulas~Beast Wars: Transformers "The Web"
Destroy the Autobots! Destroy the city! Destroy anything that's not me!
~ Megatron~Transformers: Animated "Endgame, Part 2"
Meltdown: I'm afraid your friend will have to wait.
Prowl: Where is Sari? Why have you taken her?
Meltdown: My goal is quite simple really. After our last encounter, I've reasoned that if a machine can change form, why not a human?
Captain Fanzone: Let me get this straight? You want a transforming human?
Meltdown: Exactly, a person capable of taking on any shape or form at will. Sadly, my experiments to date have been less than successful. The one to the left used to be my lawyer. Luckily, I soon realized my error: adult test subjects. What I needed was a human who was still growing.
Prowl: Sari.
Meltdown: Who better than the daughter of my arch-rival, the bane of my existence, the simpering fool who is unworthy to lick the mud off the heels of my platform shoes—booga-looga-looga-looz—Professor Isaac Sumdac! Poetic, no?
Captain Fanzone: Poetic is not exactly the word that comes to mind. You are one seriously twisted fruitcake.
Meltdown: Flattery will get you nowhere captain. In a few hours, I will administer a formula that will turn young Sari into a shape-changing wonder, or if things go wrong, into one of them.
Fanzone: Get back here, you sicko! This is cruel and unusual punishment, you hear me?!
~ Meltdown~Transformers Animated "Survival of the Fittest"
T-AI: Prime, this is really serious. Galvatron started attacking children and Koji has already been assaulted.
Omega Prime: He's gone too far this time. Galvatron, it is bad enough when you attack innocent children, but this one is a friend of mine. I will destroy if it is the last thing I do. You have my word on it.
Galvatron: You might as well get used to the that you're antique, you're through, you're helpless Omega Prime. My forces will destroy your troops and steal your weaponry. The future of the children of this planet are on my hand. Soon this place will cease to exist. And after I'm done here, planet by planet, I'll take over the entire universe. I really have to admit my plan is working brilliantly, do you agree Omega Prime. I don't know which is more enjoyable, controlling all the children or your inability to do anything about it.
Omega Prime: You're dead wrong if you think if I won't stop you. It won't seems so funny when I get through with you.
Galvatron: Don't even think about fighting me. First of all, you are no match for my new strength thanks to Fortress Maximus. And secondly, you don't want me to harm the kids, do you?
~ Megatron~Transformers: Robots in Disguise "Galvatron's Revenge"

Mock TVT Write-up (for fun)

  • How to Train Your Dragon franchise: Drago Bludvist is a madman that would kill without reason and thus cannot be reasoned with. Threatening villages with destruction if they don't submit to his rule, Drago has bruned down the Bayana Tribe's village when they refused to submit to his rule and has Chief Stormheart assassinated to conquer the Mongol tribe, sending his 2 young daughters to a dark path. A man with no mercy, Drago tortures dragons to submission and enslaves them to his will to amass his dragon army to subjugate the humans, and uses this to convince the Tribe of Chieftains to bow down to him to solve their dragon problems they faced and burns their hall and kills most of them when they refused and mocked him for his request to bow down to him. Eventually finding a bewilderbeast egg, Drago enslaved it since it hatched to enslave all dragons to his will and brainwash them and the abuse has noticeably deformed him and given him some scars and has him kill Valka's bewilderbeast to become the Alpha. Having Toothless brainwashed to try kill Hiccup when he tried reasoning with him, aware of their great bond, Drago ends up murdering Stoick when he took the blast and scoffs at it, taunting the tribe of Berk on their chief's death indirectly at his hands and razes the village to control all its dragon and people before moving on to the rest of the world. A madman who uses the deaths of his parents, the loss of his arm and the destruction of his village as a small child as an excuse for his power lust to use his dragon army to conquer the world, Drago proves to be the only villain that Hiccup was unable to reason with and redeem when he got the opportunity.
  • Osmosis Jones: Thrax is an infectious agent of a deadly disease who is solely motivated by sadism and fame as the world's deadliest disease unlike most viruses who need to survive and replicate themselves. Trying to kill his host quicker as he moves from human to human, Thrax kills 3 people, a little girl in Riverside, a woman in Detroit and an old man in Philadelphia, and has destroyed the entire civilizations filled with trillions of sentient cells and germs who made a home of his victim's bodies and wiped them all out, all in a slow and agonizing way. Trying to kill Frank in just 48 hours, Thrax horrifically murders white blood cell and a crime lord to gain power over the criminal underworld in Frank's body, before killing his minions, Joe Cramp and Bruiser when they wanted to quit. When it seemed his work on Frank was complete, Thrax chokes Osmosis Jones to get rid of him as nuisance in killing Frank's young daughter, Shane, in an even shorter period of time. Brutal beyond belief, Thrax proved to be a shockingly dark villain for what was a pretty light-hearted film.
  • DC Animated Universe:
    • Darkseid is one of Superman's greatest foes and holds the distinction of being one of the very few foes the Man of Steel attempted to kill. A power-hungry tyrant obsessed with conquering the universe, Darkseid searches for the Anti-Life Equation to tear down the entire universe to nothing so he can remake it in his image, conquering many planets and converting the planet's population to Parademons and then destroying all those that refuse to submit to his rule or is off-limits with his Treaty with New Genesis. Willing to break the treaty to get what he wants, Darkseid abuses his son and even temporarily kills him for his failure before resurrecting him when he believes he learnt his lesson, has his adoptive son, Scott Free tortured by Granny Goodness in prison and even the only son of his he respects, Orion, is against him and Darkseid would have no hesitation trying to kill him. When an attempt to conquer Earth fails thanks to New Genesis' intervention, Darkseid murders Dan Turpin out of spite for speaking out against him, and gleefully admits to Superman he would gladly murder more humans upon learning the great deal Turpin's death brought on him before trying to vaporizing him, and then has Granny Goodness try destroying the planet with a comet. Eventually brainwashing Superman into conquering Earth to bring forth his reign of terror, Darkseid becomes a rapist by proxy by having the brainwashed Superman sleep with the Female Furries. Eventually defeated, Darkseid was willing to make a breach in his treaty with New Genesis by invading the planet and is willing to sacrifice a troop lead by his General, Steppenwolf, and even kills his advisor, Desaad for questioning him. Allying with the omnicidal Brainiac to spare Apokolips by giving him Superman to ensure is capital planet remains, Darkseid betrays the artifical intelligence and enslaves him to his will to further his own omnicidal goals. Returning back from the dead, Darkseid gladly blows up the Legion of Doom's ship and kills most of his members in a quick death as gratitude as he intends to make the world suffer as he destroys the planet, solely to spite Superman, before eventually moving on to wage a bloody conquest on New Genesis after torturing Superman with an agony matrix which inflicts severe pain on all pain receptors in his body and then carve out his heart and place it in a pike in his throne. Proving himself to be one of the universe's most depraved villains to the point where the Man of Steel actively tries killing him out of disgust of his crimes, Darkseid proves to be the biggest threat to the entire universe.
    • Justice League:
      • "Lord Orm is the treacherous brother of the King of Atlantis, Arthur/Aquaman, deeply bigoted against the humans. Hiring Deadshot to assassinate Arthur, Orm uses Arthur's presumed death to wage a genocidal war against the surface world and threatens the life of Arthur's infant son to blackmail Mera. Upon learning of his survival, Arthur chains him and his infant nephew to a cliff he blasts to have them fall to their deaths in a volcanic rift and frame the humans to use his Doomsday device to melt the polar icecaps and flood the entire Surface World.
      • John Dee, was once a petty thug working for Luther that was eventually arrested upon being caught by the Justice League. Bitterly vengeful against him and his ex-wife, Penny, John becomes the supervillain, Doctor Destiny and traps an entire room of prisoners and a security guard in their absolute worst nightmare forever to test his powers before escaping. His first act upon escaping was mind-raping his wife for hours in her sleep even when sedated to the point where the trauma causes her to have a cardiac arrest and die. Eventually, he moves on to the Justice League, intending to slowly torture them to death by trapping them in their worst nightmares for the rest of their lives to satisfy his petty revenge.
  • DC Animated Film Universe:
    • This version of Darkseid is yet again a brutal conqueror, Darkseid has massacred the poulation of multiple planets Having multiple aliens and humans agonizingly mutated into becoming more of his parademons, Darkseid launches a full-scale invasion of Earth, bombing multiple cities. Upon being defeated, Darkseid creates Doomsday and has him rampage across the planet Earth for the sake of killing Superman, killing not only him but many innocents as well. One of the innocent casualties being Terri and Hank Henshaw, Darkseid resurrects the later from the dead and uses his grief of his wife to corrupt him into the Cyborg Superman and create portal for him to obliterate Metropolis and through a bloody conquest, conquer the world. Upon finally succeeding, Darkseid kills off most of it's defenders in a horrifying fashion while forcing some of its survivors into horrible fusions of machine to brainwash them while enslaving Flash to endlessly run to be a power generator, forcing Cyborg to subjugate himself and lacing Superman's body with liquid kryptonite and finally torturing Batman to brainwash him to his will, forcing him to even kill his son, Damian. When Batman resists, Darkseid tries killing him and was unfazed when he ends up killing Damian instead. Willing to stop at nothing to conquer the universe through bloody conquests, this adaptation of Darkseid proves himself to be arguably its vilest.
    • Professor Zoom is Barry Allen/the Flash's ever spiteful archenemy. Willing to stop at nothing to make his archenemy suffer, Barry Allen hires many of Flash's enemies to break into the Flash museum and then straps them with bombs with a 10 square block radius, Zoom makes them his unwitting suicide bombers that would kill thousands of innocents just to make Barry suffer in his final moments. Upon his capture, Zoom taunts Barry about the death of his mother which leads to Barry unknowingly plunge the world into chaos and devastation in his attempt to prevent his mother's death causing a time boom that lead to a war between the Amazons and Atlanteans that ravaged most of the world. Reveling in the agony of the new world, Zoom forces Barry to watch the carnage unfolds and then syphons up the Speed Force to prevent Barry from fixing the timestream and prevent the end of the world that ends up resulting thanks to the war, fully willing to sacrifice the entire world and himself to satisfy his eternal hatred of Barry. Now at the brink of death and trying to draw out his life, Zoom wants to use a "Get Out of Hell" free card to bypass Hell and any comeuppance of his crimes, Zoom brutally murders Vandal Savage and especially Bronze Tiger to get the card.
  • Tintin comics: Dr. Müller is a greedy psychiatrist and businessman willing to do anything for fame. Working in a counterfeiting operation, Dr. Müller holds Tintin hostage to send him to his mental asylum to have him tortured to the point of insanity, and cuts off the hose of a firetruck when the firefighters attempts to save Tintin from Müller's burning house. Escaping and taking a new identity as an archaeologist settled in Arabia, Professor Smith, and a powerful executive in Skoil Petroleum, Dr. Müller grew more depraved than ever as he tampers with oil all around the world to the point of causing dangerous explosions to start a deadly war between Arabia and the rest of the world to profit from Skoil Petroleum being the only company supplying good quality petroleum left, and eventually playing both Sheikh Bab al Ehr and Emir Ben Khalish Ezhab against each other and framing Bab al Ehr for the kidnapping of the Emir's son, Dr. Müller attempts to plunge the already at risk of war with the rest of the world Khemed into a deadly civil war for the sake of profit. Escaping once more, Müller assumes a new identity as Colonel Mull Pasha and helps Rastapopoulos overthrow the Emir and knowingly assists him in his slave trafficking operation.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Arnim Zola debuts as a once cowardly scientist that was developing weapons for the Nazis. Joining Johann Schmidt out of fear of his life, Zola ends up being more gleeful in his assistance in Schmidt's vile crimes. Knowing about the risks of Schmidt's unfinished serum, Zola gleefully lets Schmidt to mutate into much worse, much more depraved Red Skull when he could've easily prevented it, solely to gain an opportunity over Dr. Abraham Erskine, wanting him to be blamed for the mutation instead and taunts him about his family's impending execution for this. The mad scientist, upon some convincing from the Red Skull, has the Prisoners of War experimented on and enslaved to develop their weapons, personally experimenting on James "Bucky" Barnes. Upon being captured, Zola gladly sells out the Red Skull in exchange for a position at SHIELD, who when finally freed from any threats against his life, rebuilds HYDRA within SHIELD and corrupt sit from the inside, having caused global conflicts that lead to hundreds of lives taken to manipulate the world into surrendering tis freedom for security. Seeing good potential in Bucky Barnes, Zola has him experimented on and endure tortuous mind-wipings to brainwash him into becoming the Winter Soldier he enslaves to further HYDRA's agenda. He then develops his algorithm in which it computes who all would pose a threat to HYDRA's rule which culminates in Project Insight and the deaths of all the 20 million people it has targeted so HYDRA ould rule the world and place it under eternal surveillance.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Ch'rell from the alternate future proves to be arguably more depraved than even the main timeline's counterpart. Succeeding in his escape from Earth, the Utrom Shredder has used his vast criminal empire to conquer the Utrom homeworld and has enslaved the entire race to his will using technology to control them all. Using his brainwashed race to be soldiers and scientists to develop technology for him to use, the Utrom Shredder conquers the Earth and begins a reign of terror where all of humanity would be forced to work in labour camps for 18 hours each day as he deprives everyone of their freedom, while murdering majority of the human resistance. When Hun and Baxter Stockman betray him, Shredder has them horrifically fused to gather, and when Hun wants to rejoin him, the Shredder murders them in cold-blood while being responsible for the deaths of Splinter, Casey Jones, Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Raphael. After his attempt on the present Donnatello's life succeeds, Ch'rell would use the transmat device he forced his scientist to build to enslave all planets in the universe.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Count Dracula proves to be his vilest here in the basis of scale. He already set himself as a horrific serial killer who drained the blood of billions of victims to the point where the remains of his victims clutter up his huge basement. He then painfully bites the neck of Raphael and leaves him sick for hours before turning him into a twisted vampire and his sadistic second-in-command that saves his life when an attempt to impale him with a pike fails as he attempts to bite Esmeralda's neck and turn her into a vampire too. Upon being forced to join Romero under the threat of his life, Dracula eventually gleefully participates in Romero's plot to turn them into monsters, having his werewolves attack and bite multiple innocent civilians in New York to turn them into vile vampires and brainwashes Frankenstein's monster to his control. Having secretly plotted against Romero, Dracula murders the Mummy to take over the 10 dimensions for himself, planning to use the Time Scepter to bite the early humans and turn them into vampires and thus erase humans from existence and replace them with vampires that view him as a leader and moving on to conquer the 10 dimensions.
  • Tales of Arcadia franchise: Skrael is the most sadistic member of the Arcane Order, one of the three demigods that shaped the very universe. With a major hatred for humanity, or may perhaps be for the sake of sadism, he and Bellroc attempts to have Gunmar's forces subjugate humanity, having corrupted the sorceress Morgana. Eventually becoming fine with breaking their oath for neutrality, Skrael gleefully tortures and kills multiple soldiers during the Battle of Killahead, showing time and time again on being the most sadistic member by taking some time off battle to torture Steve and unnecessarily tries freeze Toby and Aarrrggghhh!!! to death to add onto Bellroc's threat to burn multiple civillians to surrender. After torturing Douxie and Nari to break their body switching spell to have her present and awake the Titans. Gleefully supporting Bellroc's plan for omnicide, Skrael causes multiple catastrophies during his rampage to the Heartstone of Arcadia that even claimed the life of an innocent cowboy and horseand caused the death of Waltolemew Stricklander, much to his apathy who smiles upon the failure of his sacrifice. Confronted by Nari to thwart his omnicidal plans, Skrael then brutally murders her when she stood against him and proved his general lack of care for the balance as he attempts to unmake all of existance all by himself and remake the world in his image as a frozen wasteland.
  • The Legend of Korra: Unalaq is the fanatical uncle of Avatar Korra nd a ruthless Knight Templar who uses his rhetoric of spiritual harmony as an excuse to further his power-hungy agenda. Unalaq tricks his older brother, TOnraq, into destroying a spiritual forest and threatens multiple spirits to have him exiled and usurp his birthright and then tortures multiple spirits with his spirit bending that drove them unbalanced and turning them into dark spirits and unleashes them into the Southern Water Tribe to conquer it, causing a civil war between the 2 tribes. Allying with the Red Lotus, Unalaq orders a kidnapping of Tonraq's daughter, Korra, upon learning she was the Avatar when she was just 5, before callously leaving his associates to rot in inhuman conditions in prison, having even personally designed the prison for P'Li. Wanting to free the omnicidal Vaatu from his prison to merge with him, Unalaq was uncaring when his own son got a dangerous injury in an attempt to open it and leaves them to die. He then threatens the life of an 11 year old Jinora by corrupting her soul to open the Northern Spirit Portal and showed that he wasn't bluffing, Unalaq attempts to kill Korra even after she opened the portal after having trapped the young Jinora into the Fog of Lost Souls, where not even her physical death can save her from her eternal torment as she would be slowly driven to insanity. Unalaq then wins the Civil War upon mercilessly beating Tonraq to near death in unnecessarily brutal fashion for his own amusement, coldly announcing he was only spared just so Unalaq can rub his victory over killing his daughter and ruling the world. Upon having merged with Vaatu, Unalaq ripped Raava, the embodiment of order from Korra and then destroying her by slowly beating her to death so their powers could peak. Now at his most powerful, Unalaq then assaults Republic City with the intention of destroying it to kickstart his age of Draconain rule, enslaving all of spiritkind to serve him and then use Vaatu's power to gleefully bring forth the End of the World, attempting to plunge it into darkness to remake it in his image and enslave the new and ruined world and all it's life as he and his successors become the Gods over the planet.
  • Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (film): Red Rackham is a feared pirate who plundered ships across the seas. In an attempt to get his treasure back, Rackham initiates a bloody battle with the tradeship, the Unicorn that was carrying his plunder, causing heavy casualties in both sides, including the destruction of his own ship that drowned a huge portion of his crew which he didn't seem to care about. Taking control over the Unicorn, Red Rackham takes advantage of Sir Francis Haddock's close relationship with his crew by holding his entire crew bound and defenseless as leverage to give him the gold before coldly going against his word and orders them all to be executed. When Haddock gets his revenge by blowing up the Unicorn, Red Rakham spitefully curses the Haddock bloodline to a dark age, which lead to only one descendant of Sir Francis still living after 3 whole centuries, making a tremendous and bloody impact for someone with about 5 minutes of screen time.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Venom symbiote proved himself to be viler than most versions of Venom, being far less sympathetic than other counterparts and even his counterpart's Eddie Brock. An alien who manipulates the darkest in people for the sake of it, the symbiote brings out the worst of Peter Parker and turns the once kind-hearted hero into an aggressive hothead that even accepts a bribe from Tombstone so he can take over Parker's body, mind and soul. When Peter realizes what the symbiote is doing and tries removing it, the Venom symbiote mind-rapes Peter by forcing him to relive the most traumatic day in his life, the day he ended up causing his Uncle Ben's death, to weaken his will and gain control over him. Using the devastated and broken Eddie Brock, the symbiote manipulates him to be his sadistic host and become the dangerous supervillain, Venom, gleefully targeting Peter's oved ones and attempting to kill them to satisfy their hatred for Peter. The symbiote proves himself to be even viler when he rejects Eddie and releases him solely for finding a better host. Upon being freed by Eddie and bonding with him again, Venom frames Spider-Man for multiple crimes before causing a destructive battle that caused an entire building filled with civilians to be set on fire, willing to have all the civilians burn to their deaths, and then has John Jameson driven to insanity and shatters his psyche. Using his father's hatred for Spider-Man increasing thanks to this, Venom attempts to out Peter as Spider-Man and depower so he would be powerless to defend himself and his loved ones from vengeful villains wanting their revenge against him, planning to hurt Peter the most for rejecting his bond.
  • Transformers: Cyberverse:
    • Starscream is significantly worse than most of the other versions of the character. Already proving himself to be a big bully even before becoming a Decepticon, Starscream ends up kicked off the Decepticons due to an attempt on Megatron's life and attempt to usurp him. Having gone rogue, Starscream merges with the Allspark to extract the sparks of all Cybertronians, beginning his genocide on his own kind by becoming a worse boss than Megatron, having all his loyal Seekers killed as gratitude for their help. Eventually imprisoned, Starscream causes a hate plague that lead to the Autobots attacking each other out of sheer boredom. Eventually escaping, Starscream sells out Cybertron and the Allspark to the Quintessons to save his skin from them, before becoming their new Judge. Upon rising as the dominant judge following the deaths of the main ones, Starscream attempts to destroy the universe all out of petty spite against Megatron and Optimus, having the enslaved War Titan, Croatan fight the War Titan Iaconus and gleefully decapitates him while killing hundreds of fleeing civilians present in Iacon City, uncaring of the loyal Sharkticons being killed in the crossfire. A petty omnicidal maniac loyal only to himself that surpasses Megatronn in vileness, this version of Starscream proved to be a threat so big that warrants 2 alliances between the Autobots and Decepticons and sets a huge standard on all versions that will rarely be met for times to come.
    • The Scientist is the twisted head of operations for the Quintessons. Being a gleeful and fanatical servant to the Quintesson Judges, the Scientist willingly assists them in the destruction of countless universe, having created. the very equipment needed to commit countless acts of omnicide. When condemning and destroying multiple universes got boring and exhausting, the Scientist still continues with his omnicidal intentions and then abducts the Soundwave of each universe he destroyed and forces them all to become figurines for the rest of eternity to build himself a massive souvenir collection just to entertain himself and keep himself interested in his goals. the Scientist has multiple natives of each universe abducted and experimented on, mutilating them to become new Judges to sentence the universe to death, with Starscream being the worst one he created yet. In order to fuel Starscream's transformation to a judge, the Scientist traps most of Cybertron's inhabitants in an endless loop that slowly drains their sparks and the Allspark as well, having already caused the deaths of multiple Autobots and Decepticons already. Assisting Starscream in his personal attempt to destroy the very universe, the Scientist brainwashes the Titan, Croatan, in a way that leaves him aware of what is happening so the main universe can be destroyed and he can move on to the rest. A gleeful sadist who continues creating the equipment to commit countless omnicides even when the act got boring, the Scientist has a huge dedication to the end of most of the multiverse and takes time indulging in sadistic side hobbies to keep him interested.
    • Megatron X is a much viler version of Megatron from an alternate timeline. Instead of leaving Optimus alive with a warning on the Great War, Megatron X shoots him dead and steals his Matrix of Leadership from him and using this to wipe out all Autobots. Free to use the Allspark, Megatron creates an entire race of perfect Decepticon supersoldiers and mind-wipes them to his will using the Cortex Helm to make them his mindless slaves. With his new Perfect Decepticons, Megatron X has all his other Decepticons wiped out and thus brought an end to most the previous generation of Cybertronians, and is implied to have tortured the survivors, Astrotrain and the Insecticons. Upon his Matrix being stolen by the original Megatron, who was disgusted on how vile he could've been, Megatron X spitefully destroys one of his optics. Upon arriving onto the main universe, Megatron X kills his counterpart with extreme prejudice, calling him unworthy to be him and a failure as he takes his Matrix back and restart his genocide on all Autobot sand Decepticons with great relish. Feared and hated by all, it is no wonder Megatron mellowed out so much seeing him as he showcases how vile he could've been had it not been for his code of honor and respect for Optimus Prime.
    • The Immobilizers:
      • Trypticon is the sadistic and falsely stern yet fair employer of the Mercenaries. He has Soundblaster lead multiple planet destroying raids while he sits back and enjoys greatly as he watches them burn, having had the Dinobot's homeworld destroyed and is implied to have killed its leader, Tiny Arms. Displeased with his minions' failure, Trypticon fires them in a literal sense, leaving them all to die as he attempts to burn down Cybertron before eying countless other planets in the universe to destroy.
      • Soundblaster is Trypticon's sadistic second-in-command. Leading planet destroying raids on multiple planets, Soundblaster then eyes his home planet of Cybertron and plans to have it razed to satisfy his petty grudge against Soundwave for beating him in a beatboxing competition. Before placing Soundwave an infinite resonator that would torture him to death with soundwaves that echo and amplify over and over again to the point that he violently dismantles due to the trauma, Soundblaster unfreezes Soundwave's pet, Laserbeak, so he could feel the pain being shoved in and imprisoned in his cabinet solely to spite Soundwave.
  • Beast Wars: Transformers:
    • Megatron is a dangerous renegade who is willing to go to any lengths if necessary to achieve godhood and reign supreme over Cybertron. A ruthless exploiter of his own men, Megatron is willing to sacrifice even his most loyal followers for the sake of his goals. He has Tarantulas create a shell programming with fatal counterattacks in case of any attempts to be free to convert multiple Maximal protoforms into Predacons to gain more soldiers in his army. Eventually gaining and decoding the Golden Disk, Megatron poses himself as one of the greatest threats the space-time continuum, attempting to burn down the valley humanity emerges from to erase all the future inhabitants of Earth from existence and risks the very destruction of the universe to kill Optimus Prime and wipe out all the Maximals from existence. Eventually gaining control of the Nemesis, Megatron sacrifices his remaining troops Quickstrike and Inferno, the latter being his most loyal follower, in an attempt to destroy the anthropoid settlement and the Ark, leading to the end of all Cybertronian life, to ensure Predacon rule and override the galaxy. Upon his return in Beast Machines, Megatron became even viler when through one final opportunity, wins the Beast Wars and uses a virus that wiped out most of his own kind's population, trapping their sparks to turn them all into his mindless drones, the Vehicons. Eventually, Megatron has killed Noble and soon, the remaining Maximals except for Optimus Primal and then absorbed all the sparks he held captive to ascend to godhood. Seeking the key to Vector Sigma, Megatron intends to destroy all of Cybertron and end all its life, to remake it in his image as the planet's single guiding intelligence and deprive the planet of free will, forcing Optimus Primal to sacrifice his life to thwart Megatron's final mad grasp for power and free the sparks.
    • Lieutenant Tarantulas is Megatron's sadistic, cowardly and treacherous head scientist, lieutenant of the Predacon Secret Police and and an implied spawn of Unicron. A mole planted on Megatron's team by the Tripredacus Council, Tarantulas usally spends his off-tme being a horrific For the Evulz serial killer, kidnapping multiple Transformers and draining their mech fluids solely to dine on their body and fluids for the pleasure of doing the act, while eating anything else living caught on his webs. Tarantulas eventually develops the shell-programming used to brainwash multiple Maximal protoforms into becoming Predacons such as Blackarachnia and Inferno, responsible for Inferno's Ax-Crazy personality, while developing fatal counter-attacks in case they attempt to be free. Upon the incoming Vok invasion, Tarantulas attempts to leave all of his teammates and his entire planet to die to save his skin when the Vok destroys the Earth without informing anyone about their incoming arrival. Eventually gaining a psychic link to Blackarachnia, Tarantulas sadistically mind-rapes her multiple times in order to enslave her to the point where she threatens suicide to force Tarantulas into severing the link. Tarantulas is far from being above killing children, gleefully targeting 2 anthropoid children with his weapons with full intent to kill and beyond joyful when ordered to dispose of the same anthropoid girl in another encounter. Upon seeing an attempt to free Blackarachnia of her shell programming, Tarantulas eventually kills her temporarily, driving the normally kind-hearted Silverbolt into a murderous rage. Developing technology to hijack Optimus Prime's spark and control his body whiel leaving him aware of his surroundings, Tarantulas betrays Megatron a final time as he attempts to blow up the Ark filled with Autobots and Decepticons to wipe out Transformers kind, tortuously extracting the Vok from Tigerhawk and make him his slave for his second attempt. A vicious sadist who is downright proud of making even his own teammates uncomfortable with his vile acts, Tarantulas' vileness can actually even give Megatron's a run for a money despite lacking as much scale in his crimes he has.
  • The Last King of Scotland: This fictional adaptation of the real life dictator, General Idi Amin, shows how vile he was in real life. An oppressive dictator who wants as much support from his people as much as possible, Amin has executed thousands of innocent Ugandans just for being suspected of being against him. When his son Mackenzie, was epileptic, Amin disowns him and his third wife who was Mackenzie's mother, Kay. Getting more and more mad, Amin has all Asians deported from Uganda and prevents Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, his personal physician from leaving Uganda. Upon learning of Garrigan's drunken affair with Kay and impregnating her, Amin has Kay murdered and mutilated, shattering any illusion Garrigan has on Amin being a good person. Upon being informed about Air France Flight 139 being hijacked by Pro-Palestinians and flown to Entebbe, Amin fakes a negotiation to have all non-Israeli passengers be set free to be seen as hero so he can be free to hold the Israeli passengers hostages and threaten them with death. Upon finding out about Garrigan's attempt to betray him, Amin has him tortured graphically with meathooks and hangs him on them.
  • Transformers: Animated:
    • Megatron is the ruthlessly opportunistic leader of the Decepticons after having overthrown it's seemingly-peaceful leader, Megazark, and begins the Great War against the Autobots, leading to heavy amounts of casualties on both sides which he personally doesn't care about. A horrific war criminal during the war, Megatron has authorized the use of chemicals weapons to wipe out entire battlefields, sacrificing all his men still present in the blast radius, and then has many cities and other civilian and non-combatant areas all across Cybertron endure heavy bombed to threaten Ultra Magnus into handing him the Allspark in order to prevent even more heavy amounts of civilian casualties. Upon being betrayed by his right-hand, Starscream, and reduced to a head, Megaron hires villains to give him the tools he needs to prepare a new body, hiring Stiletto in testing an experimental alloy and a laser-scalpel that lead to a bridge filled with villains nearly be destroyed, much to Megatron's apathy, and upon an attempt to build a new body lead to it being a sentient bot called Soundwave, Megatron convinces him into starting a revolution to enslave or exterminate the human race. Upon finally being repaired, Megatron brutally kills Starscream before merging with the Allspark and attempting to raze the Earth himself before returning back to conquer Cybertron. Eventually foiled in this scheme, Megatron has Shockwave orchestrate many Decepticon uprisings that has lead to many casualties to distract the Autobot leaders as he conquers the planet. Upon this plan, Megatron has attempted to buy Swindle's EMP weapon to trap the Autobot forces in a fate worse than death by leaving them frozen yet aware of their surroundings, and eventually has the Constructicons tortured to brand them as Decepticons and uses Starscream's head as a living battery to power the Space bridge and conquer Cybertron. With many of his attempts already failed at this point, Megatron has Shockwave probe Arcee for the activation codes of Project Omega to create clones of Omega Supreme to annihilate the city of Detroit, while having personally executed newly created/newborn clones of Starscream to thwart his betrayal. A power-hungry individual who uses his rhetoric to free the Decepticons from Autobot oppression which is actually true as just an excuse for his power-lust in starting yet-again another authoritarian rule on Cybertron, Megatron would take any sacrifice necessary to achieve this dream.
    • Prometheus Black, later known as Meltdown is the most depraved human villain in the series, willing to go to any lengths to prove his superiority and surpass Professor Sumdac. Using nano-enhancers to strengthen people to dangerous levels that he is remorseless when this lead to one of his test subjects, Colossus to go on a rampage that not even prisons want to give him test subjects. Upon losing his job as a result of his callousness and mutating himself to an acidic being, the enraged scientist blames Sumdac for his self-inflicted misery and attempts to use his acid to melt Sumdac, his 7-year-old daughter Sari, and the Autobots to death after melting his receptionist robot. Eventually escaping, Meltdown hides in Dinobot Island and tortures the Dinobots to submission, which was so painful they turned against their only friends to be on his good graces. using the island as the base of his experiments, Meltdown kidnaps his lawyer and another innocent man and places them on experiments that mutate them into horrifying animal abominations that lost their sapience and ability to think, much to Meltdown's apathy to what the failure lead to. Deeming age as the reason, Meltdown makes children the general targets of the experiments upon kidnapping them clearly knowing and intending the risks, starting with Sari out of spite against Sumdac, and moving on to other children if it fails, willing to toss away and ruin numerous children's lives until one experiment finally gets it right without a shred of remorse. Forming a partnership with Blackarachnia to purge her organic half after she breaks him out of prison, Meltdown betrays and tortures her to purge her original robotic half, purging her of any connection to her home planet and would leave her a fully mutated organic being that lost all her Cybertronian roots or a lifeless husk of tissue, which either way, will be used when he continues his child experiments.
    • Lockdown is an unaligned bounty hunter who began his career as a bounty hunter during the Great War, Lockdown's first act is murdering his former master, Yoketron, and then stealing all the protoforms/unborn Transformers and selling them in the black market. Upon being tasked to hunt down enemies when either hired by Autobots or Decepticons, Lockdown would always dismember an organ from the Transformer, mostly a weapon from each of his target's bodies, such as Ratchet's EMP generator, always gleeful when doing so to get himself upgraded from surgically removed dismembered body parts. A sadistic bounty hunter who indulges in sadistic hobbies to keep himself interested in the hunt, Lockdown is only loyal to the money and would gladly betray who ever has currently employed him if the enemy pays him more, feared and disgusted by both Autobots and Decepticons on his methods.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Commander Krang is the childishly sadistic conqueror intending to enslave the universe, or so it may seem. Viewing mass destruction as his playtime, Krang has frozen multiple foes of all the worlds he invaded and succeeded in taking over through bloody conquests that wiped out most life on the planets and razed them. Forming a partnership with the already depraved Shredder using his lust for power, Krang manipulates him into building a teleportation device to transport his war machine called the Technodrome, gleefully betraying Shredder as he views the Earth as his toy to play with and doesn't want to share, freezing him to become a part of his collection, before attempting to obliterate all of New York City before razing the entire Earth and destroy it to play with it, like with all the others he has visited and conquered, before moving on to conquer all the other planets in the universe through his extremely destructive methods.
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Dub only): Megatron is the leader of the Predacons. A ruthless conqueror, having conquered multiple inhabited planets, Megatron exploited them of all their resources so badly that the planets were decimated into lifeless barren husks, which is what made Optimus keen on saving Earth from Megatron. Moving onto Earth to find Fortress Maximus, Megatron kidnaps Dr. Onichi and probes him with huge volts of electricity that sometimes his minions question if he would survive. Using the intel forcibly taken from Dr. Onichi, Megatron steals some Autobot protoforms and corrupts their sparks to turn them into Decepticons and brainwash them to villainy. Initially a very gruff father to his men who appreciates his minions when they do anything that earn his respect, Megatron eventually abandons this trait eventually as he drains the energy of his Predacon minions to fuel his rebirth into Galvatron, turning Scourge to mindless drones upon an attempt to backstab him by Megatron before forcing all the other Decepticons to this fate. Upon being near mortally wounded by Fortress Maximus, Galvatron drains his energy to heal himself before sending entire cyber bat swarms to torture all the children in the world to brainwash and enslave them to take over the planet before announcing his intentions to make Earth "cease to exist" like the other planets he conquered, before using such methods when moving on to the rest of he universe. In order to force Optimus Prime into surrendering, Megatron threatens the lives of all his child slaves. In the series finale, Megatron sends the Decepticons to collapse the Space Bridge to kill the Autobots and destroy bothorganizations, uncaring if any of his loyal Predacon minions will end up being kileld on the crossfire, gleefully attempting to sacrifice all his men to have the Earth for himself.

Candidates No Longer Candidates Thanks To Me

  • James (Straight Out of Brooklyn)
  • Bradford Buzzard
  • Gar Saxon
  • Joker (Earth -22)

Future/Potential Candidates/Evaluations

  • Ra's al Ghul and Shredder from Batman vs TMNT (also reproposal)
  • Unicron Trilogy Megatron & Unicron (possible collaboration with Pixarfan)
  • Ryker Grimborn & Krogan from Dragons: Race to the Edge
  • Newatralizer from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Most of the DCAFU candidates
  • Rastapopoulos from the Nelvana Tintin series, has major differences to warrant his own page, and his scheme to tone down his slave human trafficking is just one of the messed up ways that helps proving how vile human trafficking is, the scheme being instead of manipulating negroes into using his airline, then having them kidnapped and shipped to slavery, here, he tricks Arabs with safe passage to America, before stealing all of their valuables and then tossing them all to the Pacific Ocean to drown. All of them. That is a pathetic or just very messed up censorship right there.

Personal Never-Again List (for me)

This is a list solely for me on any candidate I had doubt keeps as Pure Evil or is potentially pure evil.

Keeps as Pure Evil

  • Kavaxas: Considering how high the heinous standard is, I have been doubting Kavaxas' PE status for sometime. Sure, he only appears for a fifth a season, but Overmind appeared for just one episode and might be the show's most destructive villain, and that too is one of the show's most powerful villains. However, I believe he would still keep as really, many of his kills are twistedly sadistic that even them being villains and asshole victims can't itself mitigate how horrifying they are, having killed about 8 onscreen with 2 of the show's most horrific deaths are right at his hands, and having killed many people who summoned him for an entire millennia, which has onscreen impact as this is why Tiger Claw needed a seal to command him. And finally, Kavaxas would not stop on Earth and wants to go and conquer all dimensions, it is pretty much implied genocidal take over is his method of conquering and even if that isn't his normal method, it is still pretty much indicated Kavaxas' attempted conquests of all the other 8 realms itself would be pretty bloody and will cause loads of them considering this line. "In a dimension of suffering, in an age of pain, I rule on a throne of bone! I, Kavaxas, swore one day that I would rule ALL dimensions." The "throne of bone" part personally indicates the other realms may not get better than what the Earth will get, so finally, I can settle my year long debate on if he counts.

Don't Keep As Pure Evil

  • Earth -22 Joker:


  • 2020 is a year that does not exist.
  • After months, I got James from Straight Out of Brooklyn out of PE. Looks like I may have found a potential running gag. Mwhahahahahahahah. Okay, I forgot I decided to use this as a gag.
  • I am the voice of PE villain Pharaoh the Merciless