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To any who have decided to view my page, hello and welcome. On Fandom, I go by the alias The Humble Nintendo Master, but you can call me Humble, Nintendo Master, or HNM if you like. Any of them are fine with me. I just consider myself someone who appreciates a wide variety of different types of art and entertainment. However, I'm especially enthusiastic about anything with good storytelling, well-realized and relatable characters, and poignant themes/messages... bonus points if it truly touches me emotionally. Among my eclectic interests are villains who are considered pure evil, because they essentially embody what we, as humans, consider to be the traits that make someone or something evil in its most pure and unmitigated form, as well as completely beyond redemption. While they can be on the shallow and bland side, when they're well-written enough, I think they can provide great social commentary with regards to what makes someone like that, or at the very least, raise the stakes of the story they're in in a very effective manner or provide a character that's easy to root against, both of which I appreciate depending on the type of work and story it is. In short, at the very least they leave a strong impression, and at most, they're outright fascinating in their own twisted way, even though you pray that as few of them exist in real life as possible.

If you want to know more about me, visit my pages on the Villains Wiki, the Heroes Wiki and Community Central, the first two being the places on Fandom I'm active the most often, where I've provided a more full list of all the things I like for those who are interested in knowing what that includes and seeing if we share any in common. Here, I just swing by every so often to help improve some pages of characters I'm familiar with, especially if they're characters I got approved in the first place on the Villains Wiki, but I still try to respond to messages as soon as I can, so feel free to send me one if you have anything you'd like to ask or tell me (provided you're civil about it and the topic is appropriate of course, because I like to keep any and all conversations on my message wall civil and clean).

Characters with pages here that were approved as Pure Evil by me

Characters I've approved as Pure Evil that don't have pages here yet

  • Commander Arun Filitt
  • Cutter
  • Earl de Darkwood
  • Eric Coulter
  • Izamura
  • The Jade Warlord
  • Lord Mathia Bartlow
  • Maestro Delphine Eraclea
  • Melbu Frahma
  • Prince Konan
  • Proteus
  • Sultan Mehmed II
  • Windom Earle