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Hello, everyone, I'm Ordeaux26 just your friendly wiki editor and contributor. I'm am an extremely active user on the villains wiki and moderator with thousands of edits and current Bureaucrat and consider myself co-founder of the Pure Evil wiki the one you looking at now.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or on our discord server since I'm also on there. but don't troll or harass obviously.

If you couldn't tell by my avatar Empoleon is my favourite Pokemon.


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Villains who are Pure Evil thanks to Me

User Watchlist

  • Lady Satsuki - Serious troll and vandal and harasser on the villain's wiki who came on this wiki with several sockpuppets, I have already had to block a few of them and I doubt it will be the last, her most common targets right now is Donquixote Doflamingo's page, which I had to lock for a while because of her but now it's unlocked she will probably be going after it again.
  • StarCookie99 (formerly known as Ahoy16) - another serious troll and vandal and ban evader and harasser. Already has been perma-blocked on several wiki's and came on to this one. I blocked him after he entered a villain that wasn't approved, but he came back with a sockpuppet and considering the user has made several in the past I doubt it will be that last.
  • MIDKOWITCH - Absolutely relentless ban evader harasser and death threatener who also came over from the Villains Wiki to infect this wiki. His M.O is messaging admins and other users to restore pages on the Villains Wiki or delete ones he thinks are or are not villains. he always has the title "excuse me" in his message wall posts so if you see one please contact me immediately.
  • Abakash567 - Relentless ban evader who constantly makes really weird pages filled with nothing but nonsense.
  • Chandlerbing5 - Edit-warrer who constantly makes pages for characters clearly not villains and suggests new stuff and gets mad if people don't agree with him.

Page Watchlist

VFH Proposals

Year Month Proposed Candidate Status
2020 August Shang Tsung Failed, lost to Junko Enoshima
2020 October Michael Myers Succeeded
2020 December Scar (Disney) Ongoing

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