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Let me tell you the dark truth about the world: monsters exist. However, they're not what some might think. They're not creatures waiting to scare kids from the closet. They're not predators acting on instinct. They're not some cryptids in some unexplored part of the world. No, they're far worse than that. They're people. They are really sick people who do these sick twisted things. Acts like torture, genocide, even rape. These people don't give a damn about anyone but themselves and their own dark, wicked desires. Any people they pretend to care about are only disposable if they aren't useful to them. These people have no goodness, no regret… no conscience.
~ A made-up quote I made about the definition of a monster.

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My Pure Evil Proposals in the Future

Villains That I View As Pure Evil

  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Jadis the White Witch - While we don't actually see it happening, Jadis' crime of committing omnicide by using the Deplorable Word to destroy all life in her universe of Charn has a massive effect in the story. Two chapters of The Magician's Nephew expound on the universe of Charn, and it is completely lifeless with Jadis being the only one living there; it's made clear that she was from a despicable family who kept the Deplorable Word as a secret, and she was the only one who used it. This also makes her the worst of her own bloodline because while all of them were torturous and murderous, Jadis was the only one who crossed the line to using the Deplorable Word, so she surpasses the System Standard as well. There's also the fact that said universe faded from existence once Jadis left because of it being so lifeless, and Aslan even compares the Deplorable Word to the catastrophe that would later come in our world's history: World War II.
  • Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers: Gelorum - She is motivated by a petty excuse of the Racing Drones being too good at racing and made no real climax to the races, so they were replaced by humans in the racing competition. That's not to mention that she attempts genocide on mankind and tortures two people into racing drones, even though they are fully conscious and tried to fight it off but couldn't. She even murders her subordinates for reasons as petty as bringing bad news and plots to kill Vert by skinning him in front of the Acceleron, all this in a kid's show that's supposed to be about racing across different dimensions.
  • The Princess and the Frog: Dr. Facilier - He murdered Ray knowing that he was a sapient being, and was still willing to feed all of the citizens of New Orleans to his Friends on the Other Side simply to pay off of his debt, which comes off as explicitly heinous, especially for a G-rated film. Besides, being from a poor upbringing does not excuse his actions as there were other people like him who lived in New Orleans, yet it's clear he was willing to feed their souls to his Friends as well, and last but not least, he was never going to keep his end of the bargain with Lawrence. Not tragic, has no redeeming traits, and is heinous enough to qualify.
  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010 film): Kludd - His loyalty to Nyra was never true love; it was only out of a fanatical belief they both shared that the Tytos surpass all the other owl kingdoms. He only views her as an embodiment of his own Fantastic Racism. Immediately when he looks up at Nyra after Metal Beak's speech, he makes an Evil Grin and whispers to himself, "Pure Ones", nothing about how he loves her. (It's like Bellatrix Lestrange's fanatical relationship with Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter; think about that.) When Grimble fights Nyra and tells Kludd, "This is your chance to go home!", Kludd has a surprised expression when Grimble attacks Nyra, but also when Soren and Gylfie are calling him to go with them. He's clearly making a decision, and ultimately decides to stay at St. Aegolius as he says that he's already home. And he is heinous enough by the film's standards as he kidnapped his younger sister, Eglantine, to impress Nyra (again, b/c he's a fanatic for the Pure Ones), and they even moonblink her to make her forget her identity. No one forced him to become a soldier for the Pure Ones; Nyra offered it to him and he accepted it because he hated Soren. In the forest fire, he viciously attacks Soren several times by his own voalition while making it clear that he's fully bad and won't change. And plus, while he does release the little blue bird, it's not gentle; he just throws it into the air. He's definitely PE in my book.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Chester V - While he's definitely Laughably Evil and has tons of goofy and comedic moments, his crimes are treated as downright serious and dark in-universe. While the main characters don't treat him seriously at first, they do when they discover the full extent of his crimes, and all of the Foodimals treat him as an absolutely dark and serious threat who must be stopped at all costs. Besides, while his goal of gaining more money and worldwide fame is generic, his methods of doing so are far from it. Namely, his attempted genocide on the Foodimals by having them being shredded into Food Bars 8.0's despite being fully aware that they are sapient creatures. He also almost succeeded in doing the same to Flint's friends, the latter of which would've inevitably lead to the public unknowingly cannibalizing them due to them being unaware that they are eating humans; even when Flint surrenders, Chester still tries to have them shredded into food bars. Interestingly enough, this is a villain whose comedic moments don't detract from how seriously he's taken by the characters when he's exposed, yet most of these moments don't exemplify his crimes, either.
  • Tangled: The Series/Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure: Zhan Tiri - While most of her crimes, such as her constant manipulation of Cassandra to turn her against Rapunzel, are generic, she just manages to pass the baseline due to her ostensibly high body count, both in the past and in the present, especially with her turning into a blizzard to wipe out Corona with one fell swoop during the time of Lord Demanitus in the past, and in the series finale, using the power of the Sundrop and Moonstone to create the Decay Incantation to kill everyone in the kingdom; she explicitly says, "Corona DIES!" before using said incantation in an attempt to slowly torture them to death by painfully draining them of their lives. So, it's not just how many people she wanted to kill, but also the method; this is certainly not a generic overlord who wishes to destroy the kingdom and leave the inhabitants without a home. She is heinous enough and hits off all of the criteria easily.
  • Frozen II: King Runeard - While he didn't originally qualify as this when the movie and the novelization were released, the novel Dangerous Secrets gives far more insight on his crimes. His murder of the chief of the indigenous Northuldra tribe was bad, but what really pushes him down the extra mile is the war that he created. It's revealed in the prequel novel that it wasn't a generic war with minimal casualties, but one that left at least dozens of casualties on both sides. Worse still is that in the celebration where the war would take place, not only were there the Arendellian soldiers and the entire Northuldra tribe, but Arendellian citizens and even children as well. This means that he knew that he was putting everyone, even his own people, at risk, but had no care whatsoever. Worse still is that after killing the Northuldra chief, he manipulated the Arendellian soldiers into believing that he was attacked by the Northuldra, thus leading the soldiers to attack the Northuldra, while the latter were defending themselves from the impending danger of Arendelle; this means that Runeard created a meaningless onslaught of casualties on both sides to subjugate the Northuldra and keep the control he already had over his people.

Villains That I Don't View as Pure Evil

  • Meet the Robinsons: DOR-15 - Despite her being a Game Changer who is treated completely seriously in a G-rated comedy, her goal of taking over the city and her brainwashing of the citizens are generic. Not even her means of it pushes her down the extra mile; while it could be argued she was trying to force Lewis's entire future family to kill him and attempted to shred him alive using her buzzsaws, it's never made explicit; it's possible that she was just trying to stop Lewis from being a potential threat and wasn't aware that Lewis might die inside the time machine, and only tried to shred his uniform and hair. Also, while she rips out his core as he is visibly gasping for his life before he dies, with the electricity spewing out of his body, there is no reason to believe that she knew Carl was sapient, as she could've easily deduced that he was just a non-sapient robot programmed to work for the Robinsons. I hope she gets removed soon.
  • Skylanders Academy: Strykore - I remember binge-watching the series and despite his twin brother, Master Eon, describing him as "pure evil", Strykore doesn't qualify; he's not even close to qualifying. Simply put, he's a generic dark lord who wishes to conquer the world by destroying the Core of Light so as to shroud the Skylands in darkness. There's not even an indication that he is aware that his light-siphoning and destroying the Core of Light would destroy the balance between lightness and darkness, and while he sparked the Great War eons ago against Master Eon and Kaossandra, there is no mention of any casualties. He only slightly darkens the tone of the series and even then he has numerous moments where he's Played for Laughs. This is especially true concerning interactions with his own nephew, Kaos, and Glumshanks, and even with Strykore imprisoning Kaos in a submarine in the ocean when he's outlived his usefulness when they take him more seriously afterward, then comes the scene where he tries to get his Glumshanks clones to destroy the Core of Light, but they don't take his orders seriously at all and just wander off doing their own thing; Strykore only laments about the situation and does nothing to stop his army from leaving.
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: Eli Mills - Even with the following being said, it doesn't mean that he will never count; there's a DreamWorks and Netflix kid's series named Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous taking place during and after Jurassic World and before Fallen Kingdom. If Mills appears again and his crimes are expanded upon, perhaps he'll finally qualify as PE after all these years.
    • While one of the worst villains in the franchise and an absolute scumbag, he's ultimately just another generic greedy businessman. He's the first human in the film series to be a murderer, but all that does is make him a Hate Sink, not Pure Evil. His endgame goal is just standard "weaponizing dinosaurs for warfare" and it is never made clear if that would cause untold casualties, and if it would, there's no indication that Mills is aware of it. I've re-watched that scene with the Indoraptor and Henry Wu just tells Mills, "He's a prototype" instead of, "If he's sold off, you have no idea how many people are going to die". Also, when the Indoraptor kills two of Mills' guards and the latter ran for his life, that could've easily been Mills thinking, "I have to escape from this dangerous hybrid who's been set loose" and not, "I've found out what could've happened if this hybrid was sold, but what do I care?"
    • Besides that, he also fails the heinous standards of the series itself due to many dinosaurs, including the Indominus rex and Indoraptor, killing far more people than he ever did, as well as the Scorpios rex which was killing dinosaurs left-and-right and causing chaos in the natural order of Isla Nublar. Even Ian Malcolm himself, one of the main characters of the franchise, convinced the government to commit genocide on the dinosaurs via inaction by deliberately leaving them to die from the eruption of Mount Sibo on the island, and he has far fewer resources than Mills. This makes him even worse than Mills, as dozens to hundreds of dinosaurs died in the eruption as a result, which caused Mills to have his mercenaries capture many of them off of the island for his auction, so it can be said that Malcolm was indirectly responsible for the dinosaurs being unleashed upon the world in the first place due to his attempted genocide.
  • Planes: Fire & Rescue: Cad Spinner - I remember having proposed this scumbag and I deeply regret it. Granted, his actions do almost cause the deaths of hundreds of his own tourists, but he actually didn't do very much to stop the firefighters from getting their water supply. All he did was reroute the main water supply to the Fusel Lodge, and all he was told from André was that the firefighters needed the water to fight the fires, nothing about the tourists potentially dying. If he really wanted to stop them, he would've done worse. The argument I had concerning him and the tourists came from a simple misunderstanding because of how large the smoke got by the time he rerouted the water and the fact the tourists didn't leave yet, making his supposed awareness of the tourists' demise during his conversation with André nothing more than Fridge Horror. In fact, it's even possible that from his perspective, everyone already left. As it turns out he's just another generic Hate Sink with zero knowledge on how many deaths would be caused by his carelessness, just like with Eli Mills and the film version of Tortoise John.


Sauron (Hideous Treachery)

"Sauron smiled, his torture method worked. It always did. Torture the friend and not the person, and he will crack when his friend dies." ~ The quote says it all; he's pretty much a jerk, sadist, and mass murderer all in one.

This is my first Pure Evil proposal here in this wiki, as it comes from a fanfiction work that I've come to enjoy after having read it a year ago. Originally, Pure Evil proposals for this wiki specifically were only allowed in Discord, but things have changed since then, so… here I am. So, without further ado, let's get right into it. This is Sauron from the fanfic Hideous Treachery.

What's the Work?

Hideous Treachery is a Rated T Middle-earth fanfiction that contains some very dark detail, yet still has a compelling plot and symbolic message. This is about Frodo Baggins, who claims the One Ring for himself after tossing Gollum into Mount Doom, only for him and Samwise Gamgee to be captured by the Nazgûl and taken to the Dark Lord himself… and things only get worse from there.

Who is the Candidate?

Sauron. Yes, that Sauron. Basically, he's the same Sauron who committed all of the crimes that he's already committed in The Silmarillion, still a former servant of Morgoth, still the second Dark Lord of Middle-earth, but in this fanfic, he does enough to get a separate page, so I shall explain it in detail.

What Has He Done?

In the first chapter, "Mount Doom", ???

Mitigating Factors

Heinous Standards

Final Verdict