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Proposal I have done

  • Y'golonac from "The Defiler"-Approved
  • The Creator from "ELMORE INK"-Undetermined
  • Mr. Richards from "Patient 88"-Approved
  • Satan from "Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light"-Approved

Proposals I may do (Not in order)

  • Hansel and Gretel from "Hospitality"
  • The Protagonist from "I was a professional Internet Troll"
  • Herobrine from "In The Beginning"
  • King Ghidorah from "Kaiju Revolution"
  • Zero from an unnamed Kirby fan-webcomic
  • Charlie Stoke from "How I Scaped From A Cult"
  • Valron from "Escola de Bruxos"
  • Space Godzilla from "Godzilla Neo"
  • Axor from "Godzilla Neo"
  • Howard from "I had to psychoogically evaluate a serial killer"
  • Katz from "The Circle of the Children Saga"
  • Dimentio from "Together Again"
  • Clive Hoofer from "Silenced by the Lamb"
  • The Fox from "Silenced by the Lamb"
  • Harold Wilson from "Broken Dimensions" (Probably)
  • Joker from "Batman: Midnight Madness"
  • Tocafiscos from "Ben 10: Total Power"
  • Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy from "Beast Of The Airwaves: The Fall Of A Television Icon"
  • Butch/Dr. Jojo/The Jabberwoky from "We All Are Mad Here"
  • Toadman from "The Toadaman Trilogy"
  • Shadowbeast from "The Toadman Trilogy"
  • Clyde the Jackal from "Memories of Infinite's Past"
  • Lavos from "Chrono Trigger: The Musical"
  • King Koopa from "Mario Brothers"
  • William Afton from "Fredbear's Family Dinner"
  • The Man in the Mask from "Dr. Margin's Guide For New Monsters"
  • Joker from "Bat in the Sun unnamed trilogy"
  • Josef Stalin from "Twilight of the Red Tsar"

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CATEGORIES: Mass Murderers, Internet Pure Evils, Faux Affably Evil, Adaptational Pure Evils, Obssesed, Minions, Alter-Ego, Genderless, Cataclysmic, Alternate Reality Pure Evils, Evil Creators, Wholly Debased, Neutral Evil, Mongers, Non-Action, Nameless, Fanatics, Fallen Heroes, Corupting Influence