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The Nation of Zhao, all its citizens from the top to the very bottom...I could not care less about what happens to them afterwards.
~ Tou Jou expressing himself in front of Ri Boku and Zhao officials.
What depraved darkness...Mind numbingly so...
~ Ri Boku's inner thoughts on his king.
Lose Gyou and your body shall be carved into pieces, Ri Boku! And not only you, but every last one of your lackeys and followers will share the same fate! Do you hear me!? HAHAHAHAHAH!!

Tou Jou, also known as the 9th king of Zhao, is an overreaching (and later posthumous) antagonist of the popular historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Stripped Ren Pa, the Greatest General of Zhao and one of the most important people in all of China, of his rank simply because he didn't like him.
  • Threatened execution to his newly appointed prime minister and great general, Ri Boku if he didn't immediately rescue one of his lovers.
  • Exiled Ri Boku following the failure of the Coalition Invasion and allowed the Zhao Military to become stagnated and even more corrupt during his absence.
  • Was a very open sexual deviant and pedophilia.
  • Allowed corruption to prosper in the Zhao goverment and courts.
  • Wanted to execute Ri Boku, one of most irreplaceable military figures of the current era, for his failure in preventing the fall of Gyou. However, he mainly wanted him dead because he grew to dislike the man and wanted bring about the destruction of the Zhao Kingdom.
  • Gleefully bit and ripped off his oldest son's ear as the young prince tearfully begged him not to execute Ri Boku.
  • Before his death, he had his youngest son, who is just like him, become his official successor and the current king of Zhao in the midst of an invasion that threatens the very existence of the entire state of Zhao.



The current king's a useless oaf. the previous on was quite decent. But this one's just unbearable. I'm not stupid enough to serve under an idiot like him. And I'll catch his stupidity too.
~ Ren Pa to Gaku Jou.

As a young prince, Tou Jou was regularly admonished by Ren Pa, a member of Three Great Heavens and Great General, for his bad behavior and deviant misconduct. He detested the old great general so much that he instantly stripped Ren Pa of his rank the moment he became the king of Zhao while the veteran warrior was in the midst of a war campaign. After Ren Pa rejected the unreasonable request and refused to return to the capital of Kantan by breaking the messenger's face with a single punch, an enraged Tou Jou ordered Great General Gaku Jou and his army of 50,000 soldiers to kill Ren Pa as he declared the legendary general a traitor to the state of Zhao. However, the former Great Heavens easily defeated them and left his homeland of Zhao as he journey to the state of Wei for asylum.

Battle of Bayou Arc


Alliance Arc


Western Zhao Invasion Arc



  • While a deviant and pedophilia, Tou Jou was one of the first openly bisexual characters to appear in the series.
  • He was disliked by many of his subjects and allies which inculdes Ren Pa, Shi Ba Shou, Rozo, and Ko Chou.
  • He has a counterpart in the superstate of Chu in the form of one of Shou Hei Kun's older brothers who is infamous for his disgusting hobbies.

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