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Failure is not an option. The price must be paid.
~ Thomas Magruder

Thomas Magruder is the main antagonist of the Western-themed video games Gun and Gun: Showdown. He's a railroad tycoon who has taken large parts of the Western United States from both Native Americans and the federal government.

He was voiced by Lance Henriksen, who also played John Milton in Scream 3, Lockdown in Transformers: Animated and Karl Bishop Weyland in the 2010 Aliens vs Predator video game.

What Make Him Pure Evil?

  • Try to find the lost city of Quivira to steal the gold at any cost.
  • Killed a Native American and behead Dr. Campbell to steal the Spanish cross. He then shoots Ned after he tells him to stop.
  • He orders Josiah Reed and his men to attack a ship to find a piece of the cross, which causes the ship to sink and many people are killed, including Ned, who was still alive. The only ones who survived were Colton and Josiah.
  • He cuts off Josiah's ear for failing him.
  • He sentences Colton to death for the murder of Jenny, a crime his men committed.
  • Try to kill Colton in any way after he escape.
  • He turns the Indians into his slaves and steals their land.
  • He ordered his men to kill the Indians after they revealed themselves.
  • He kidnaps Soappy and shoots off his fingers to tell him where Quivira is.
  • Try to kill Colton after finding the lost city.
  • He feels no remorse for any of the people he killed. When Colton asked him if the bloodshed was worth achieving his goal, Magruder stated, "How can you ask a question like that when your eyes are feasting on such magnificence."

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