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I wanted what you had for myself, Parker. The things I could do with it... with power like that... But what I got was different. Something better, Parker. Something worse. Something that can live inside, that could liquefy the innards of a man and walk the earth within his hollow shell... Something that could watch. And wait. And fester. See? See now? I AM THE THOUSAND.
~ The Thousand introducing his true form to Spider-Man.

The Thousand (real name: Carl King) is a minor yet extremely despicable supervillain from Marvel Comics, and an enemy of Spider-Man. He is the main antagonist of The Coming of the Thousand story arc, comprised from Spider-Man's Tangled Web #1-3, published in 2001. While one of the most forgotten Spider-Man villains due his lack of appearances since his first appearance, the Thousand is commonly regarded as one of the most disturbing, darkest and heinous members of Spider-Man's rogues gallery due his total monstrosity and petty motives for revenge.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Like Carnage, unlike most members of Spider-Man's rogues gallery, Carl King was already a bad person before becoming the Thousand, lacking any tragic past or a freudian excuse for his actions, being absolutely remorseless and ruthless since he was a child.
  • Mercilessly bullied Peter Parker through his kindergarten, elementary and high school years for the sake of it, like dunking his head in the toilets if he refused to give him his lunch money, tying him to a pole and then hit him with a ball or even kicking him in the groin.
  • His abuse on Parker was far worse than the one Flash Thompson and his friends gave him, preferring to abuse Peter verbally rather than physically unlike Carl.
  • After eating the dead radioactive spider who gave Peter Parker his powers to become Spider-Man, he became a monstruous hive mind composed of many spiders who could devour people from the inside to take over their bodies like hosts. His first host was his mother, who came to the bathroom to tell him that his breakfast was already on the table.
  • It's implied that he raped his father before taking over his body as a host after tricking him with his mom's body.
  • Killed his girlfriend, homeless people and even children to use their bodies as hosts. His latest victim before deciding to take over Peter's body was a truck driver.
  • Killed Jess Patton and took her body as his host to trick Peter Parker into allowing "her" to stay on his apartment. Once he accepted, he revealed his identity and beat up Parker unconscious.
  • Killed Mr. Ambrose, Peter Parker's landlord, so he couldn't warn anyone about his existence before telling Parker how his transformation took place and his intentions to take over his body as his newest host and his identity as Spider-Man.
  • His motivation to try to take over Spider-Man's body is that he jealously believed that he derserved those powers instead of the "punny" Peter Parker, but such excuse is too petty to count, as he would have likely used his powers to gain fame and money without acknowledging that with greater power, comes great responsability. While his transformation was horrible, he brought it upon himself by eating the radioactive spider.
  • His depravity was enough for Spider-Man to see no hope on him despite having once seen it on the Green Goblin, one of his most personal rogues who was once thought to be Pure Evil until it was proven his care for his son.


  • Although the Thousand was acknowledged as a Pure Evil villain and despite having done terrible things to everyone he had hurt, Spider-Man expressed his hopes that God would forgive Carl King after he seemingly killed Carl before he was squished by a passerby. However, this does not disqualify the Thousand from being Pure Evil, thus he is not forgiven by Yahweh.

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