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I am the Omega. The Destructor. The Bringer of Doom.
~ The Omega.
So begins the end...
~ The Omega before attacking the monastery.
You are Oni, but only in form. In your heart, I sense uncertainty and doubt. Part of you longs to understand these pitiful beings, to be one of them... your hopes weaken you.
~ The Omega to Garmadon.

The Omega is the main antagonist of of The Oni Trilogy of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of both Season 8: Sons of Garmadon and Season 9: Hunted as well as the main antagonist of Season 10: March of the Oni. He is the leader of the Oni race who plans on reversing all of creation in the sixteen realms, in order to rule over each of them in darkness. Because of his ultimate goals, by many, he is considered to be one of the most dangerous villains within the entire series.

He is voiced by Zach LeBlanc.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Alongside the rest of his Oni, he spread darkness throughout the entire First Realm, turning the people and dragons there into frozen statues.
  • After entering Ninjago, he would invade Ninjago City with and terrorize the citizens, turning countless people into frozen statues by pulling them into his dark clouds which engulfed the entire city.
    • To make this even worse, some of the people who were being turned into statues onscreen were heard screaming. This further implies that the whole transformation process was painful. This idea later seems to be supported by Cole, who states that the dark clouds were very cold.
  • Right when Garmadon attempted to destroy the Realm Crystal to prevent the dark clouds from spreading, the Omega would block his attack and throw him against the wall.
  • He reveals to Lloyd and Garmadon what his ultimate goal is; to erase Creation. This would have lead to the destruction of each of the sixteen realms, killing everyone there, and leave only a dark, lifeless wasteland that the Omega would rule over with his Oni.
  • After Garmadon and Lloyd failed to stop him, he would summon his own Oni in order to kill them and chase them both.
  • He lead his Oni to the monastery to lead an attack on the Ninja, planning on also killing all of the remaining people in Ninjago right there and then.
  • He doesn't care for his fellow Oni as he threw Cole's driller onto some of them.
  • During his fight with Garmadon, he would taunt him over wanting to feel human emotions and to be like a normal person. He would then strike him down, and due to the overwhelming amount of Oni surrounding the area, the Ninja would fall back.
  • When the Ninja barricaded themselves in the monastery to prevent him and the Oni from coming in, he broke down the door to try to kill them once and for all.


  • Alongside General Vex and Kalmaar, the Omega is one of the three Ninjago villains to be Pure Evil.
    • In fact, the Omega is the first Ninjago villains to be Pure Evil within the entire Ninjago series to appear, as Vex would come one season later and Kalmaar would come three seasons after him.
    • Alongside Vex, Kalmaar, Makuta Teridax, and Meca One, the Omega is also one of the five LEGO Pure Evils.
  • The Omega is considered by many to be one of the (if not, the) darkest and evil villains within the entire Ninjago franchise, as he attempted to destroy each of the sixteen realms in order to rule over multiple lifeless ones. His actions would have given him the highest kill count within the entire series as well, as only he and the Oni would have survived. Some consider him to be even worse than the Overlord and Kalmaar.
  • While some could argue that he lacks a moral agency as the Oni race seems to be inherently evil, it is worth noting that another Oni named Mystake in the previous season was capable of redeeming herself. This further indicates that the Omega and the rest of the Oni do know the difference between good and evil and chose to be the ways they are now.

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