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When I was Bruce Wayne, I thought that with enough preparation, I would always win. But I was wrong. I was trapped in an unwinnable war, refusing to see the obvious answers right in front of me. The answers that are so clear to me now with victory right around the corner. To win, you need to adapt, and to adapt, you need to be able to laugh away all the restraints. Everything holding you back. You see... a Batman who laughs... is a Batman who always wins.
~ The Batman Who Laughs.
Batman has always been a reactionary idea. He was born in response to those gunshots in the alley. And just as he is a reaction, so too are the twisted Batmen of the dark. Even the most dominant is still a reaction to some fear that has shaped him, built him into a newer, crueller incarnation, perfectly designed to overcome it. Now, understand this, I know that I am not a Batman of any kind. Not a Batman Who Laughs, not a Batmanhattan, not even a culmination of all dark Batmen. I am more. And to be more, I must not be a reaction. I must be the thing that creates the reaction. I will be the bullet. The multiverse will be the dark alley. And its worlds will fall like pearls before me.
~ The Darkest Knight.

In the Dark Multiverse, The Batman Who Laughs is a major villain in DC Comics who is the commander of the Dark Knights that seek to plunge the Multiverse into darkness, making him and his team foes to the Justice League. He is a Batman of Earth -22 who was exposed to a toxin he inhaled from the dying Joker of his own Earth. During the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, he absorbed the powers of an another Batman with the powers of Doctor Manhattan, eventually becoming a being of pure darkness known as the Darkest Knight.

He is the titular main protagonist of the one-shot comic The Batman Who Laughs #1, the titular main antagonist of the seven-issue miniseries of the same name, the secondary antagonist of Dark Nights: Metal, and one of the main antagonists (along with Perpetua) of Dark Nights: Death Metal.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Killed the entirety of the Bat Family after succumbing to the toxin he inhaled from the Joker's mouth upon killing him.
  • Corrupted Damain Wayne and turned him into a Jokerized Robin.
  • Brutally murdered his allies, the Justice League by using all of their enemies' confiscated weaponry. He then infected Superman in an attempt to force him to murder his wife and son. He managed to infect the son as well and both him and Superman killed Lois before the Batman Who Laughs murdered them both as well.
    • He did the same thing to Supergirl and her family as well.
  • Completely exterminated everyone in his world except for himself, Alfred and his Jokerized Robins.
  • Tricked Alfred into thinking he still had some good in him and then trapped him in his Batcave for a year before Alfred finally became his loyal servant again.
    • He also forced Alfred to feed scraps while whispering to him in order to drive him insane.
  • Went on to commit genocides on countless worlds, later sadistically revealing to Diana he took down names of the children she and Bruce had on certain worlds before killing them too. He would summon Barbatos on certain worlds so he could torture and kill everything there.
  • Remorselessly attempted to annihilate the Multiverse as ordered by Barbatos.
  • Released inmates out of the Asylum, many of which had homicidal tendencies that made them very dangerous to the people around them, in some cases including themselves.
  • Tried to destroy Prime-Earth after Barbatos and the Dark Knights were defeated.
  • Murdered his way into Arkham Asylum.
  • Slaughtered his way into Wayne Enterprises, severely wounded Penguin and kidnapped Commissioner Gordon after teaming up with the Grim Knight.
  • Infected Shazam, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, Hawkman, and Gordon, turning them into the Secret Six.
  • Has attempted to trigger world wars.
  • Tried to drive all of Gotham City into insanity.
  • Disarmed the Court of Owls' talons, causing them to slowly and painfully die.
  • Surpasses even the Joker, a psychotic mass murderer himself, in terms of heinousness as the Joker is shown to absolutely loathe him (The Batman who Laughs), teaming up with Batman twice to stop him and becoming deathly serious whenever referring to him, such as calling him "a wrong thing that should not exist."
  • For the longest time, he couldn't be considered as Pure Evil due to moral agency issues due to acting from the influence over the Joker toxin his Joker doused on him during his final rampage that forcibly corrupted them. However, after gaining the cosmic awareness of Doctor Manhattan and being freed from all restraints and attaining complete freedom as a result, he chooses to remain evil, becoming the Darkest Knight, being happy with his crimes, having no remorse for his actions and caring about no one other than himself. With this, it indicates with or without the toxin, he would've been as bad.
  • Murdered the Batmen who revived him once he no longer needed them.
  • He betrays and kills Perpetua who is also Pure Evil. During their fight, he also throws multiple planets at her, which causes them to be destroyed, causing billions of more deaths.
  • He teams up with the Robin King and has him kill numerous Prime-Earth heroes and attempts to remake the multiverse in his own twisted image into a nightmarish reflection of his own soul, killing countless beings in the process, until everything is darkness.
  • Tries to convince Wonder Woman to join his side.


  • He was originally on the Near Pure Evil Wiki since his moral agency was likely altered thanks to the toxin he inhaled from his universe's Joker. However, after Laughs got his moral agency restored but still chose to remain evil, he was later removed and approved as Pure Evil, because this means that this Batman was never absolutely pure to begin with (for instance, he didn't try to seek for a cure to the toxin nor warn his family about what had happened to him) and may have become evil eventually, so if anything, the Joker just hurried up his fall from grace.
    • Ironically, Laughs' Joker used to be considered Pure Evil thanks to him supposedly being the sole responsible for his Batman turning into a villain. However, after this Joker was revealed to not have really affected his Batman as his Batman apparently always had a darker side, he was removed from here and approved as Near Pure Evil.
  • He is the only version of Batman to be Pure Evil. The Robin King is Bruce Wayne, but he never became Batman. Same for Owlman, although it is unknown if he is even Bruce Wayne.

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