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The Asset is the secondary antagonist of the Jason Bourne franchise, serving as the secondary antagonist of the 2016 movie Jason Bourne.

He is a nameless assassin employed by the CIA and their director Robert Dewey, who is the main antagonist of Jason Bourne and the entire franchise as a whole, and despite being nameless, he has the most lines of any assassin Bourne has faced, and is the most evil villain in the series. He is the main cause of the death of Jason Bourne's father, Richard Webb.

He was portrayed by Vincent Cassel.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Was responsible for assassinating Richard Webb on Dewey's orders by planting a bomb in his car, which is what led to his son, David Webb, enrolling into Treadstone and becoming Jason Bourne under the mistaken belief it was terrorists who did it.
  • When he's first introduced, he's using a random man's house in Italy as his base of operations while on a mission, and has done so by brutally beating them and leaving them bound and gagged in their own bathtub. When Dewey takes him off the mission to deal with Jason Bourne, he casually goes into the bathroom and shoots the man dead before leaving.
  • In Athens, he kills several random rioters to use the roof they were on as a sniper's nest to get a good shot at Jason and Nicky Parsons. Shortly afterwards, he shoots Nicky and leaves her in a badly wounded state as bait to lure out Jason. When he can't get a clear shot at him, instead he coldly shoots her again, this time fatally.
  • He pretends to cooperate with Heather Lee's plan to try talking to Jason in an attempt to bring him in, only to go around discreetly shooting and killing the other CIA operatives Heather had assigned to the mission to sabotage it on Dewey's orders. This is callously disregarding that they're technically on the same side as him and have nothing to do with his conflict with Jason.
  • He tries to murder Heather Lee and Aaron Kalloor on Dewey's orders when he realizes they're trying to expose the true nature of the Iron Hand project and how it'll be used to constantly invade people's privacy to the public.
  • When he's escaping, he murders a Las Vegas security guard. He subsequently kills a SWAT officer so he can steal their truck and use it to escape.
  • During an ensuing car chase where Jason pursues him, at one point, he uses the truck to plow through multiple cars of people who are stuck in traffic, causing massive damage and sending a number of them flying, almost certainly causing numerous casualties just to put some more distance between himself and Jason.
  • During the final battle with Jason, he hypocritically calls him a traitor, even though he was the one who killed his father, a loyal CIA employee, on Dewey's behalf just because he was trying to protect his son from getting involved in Treadstone when Dewey took an interest in him and threatened to go public about the program.
  • While Jason exposing the Blackbriar problem caused him to be captured and tortured by the terrorists he infiltrated as a result of Jason exposing Blackbriar at the time, this doesn't excuse anything he does. First of all, Jason, had no way of knowing that would happen. Second, he was the one who carried out the murder of his father to manipulate him into becoming an assassin himself in the first place. Third, even before that, he was already an evil, psychopathic assassin who had no regard for innocent people's lives, as evidenced by him willing to carry out assassinations of people like Richard Webb for immoral purposes. Finally, even if he wasn't that bad to begin with, it still doesn't excuse murdering all those other people either because they were simply unlucky enough to be in his way while enacting his revenge against Bourne, out of convenience like with the SWAT officer, or when it was completely unnecessary like finishing off the man whose house he was using on his previous mission.

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