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NOTE: This article is about Taurus Bulba from Darkwing Duck. For the 2017 version of Taurus Bulba, see: Taurus Bulba (2017).

Somewhere down there is this Darkwing Duck. I've watched him. I know his weakness. His posing, his flamboyance, the mask and cape! Ha-ha! That hat! It all indicates an ego the size of a small planet!
~ Taurus Bulba.

Taurus Bulba, later known as the Steerminator, is a major antagonist in Darkwing Duck. He is also the main antagonist of the first arc of the Darkwing Duck comic book series.

He is a big, fearsome, power-hungry bull who, at the beginning of the series, controls the criminal underworld of St. Canard. He is the very first villain Darkwing Duck fights onscreen, though canonically he is the second villain that Darkwing faces, behind Megavolt.

He was voiced by Tim Curry, who also played It in the 1990s miniseries of the same name, Hexxus in FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Skullmaster in Mighty Max, Kileem in Aladdin: The Series, Slagar the Cruel in Redwall, Von Talon in Valiant and Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Planned on killing Professor Waddlemayor after he got the codes for the Ramrod. While upset his men accidentally killed him while they were stealing it, it was for pragmatic reasons since now he cannot get the codes anymore.
  • Abused his subordinates for simply questioning his plans.
  • Ordered his henchmen to abduct, interrogate and then kill Gosalyn.
  • Threatened to drop Gosalyn off a building if Darkwing Duck didn’t comply with the code to the Waddlemeyer ramrod, but dropped her anyway.
  • Tried to kill Darkwing Duck by grabbing him to prevent him from getting away when the damaged ramrod was about to explode.
  • Years later he betrayed FOWL and destroyed their base, even though the organization resurrected him, but as a cyborg. He would of killed everyone there if Steelbeak didn't mentioned Darkwing Duck, who he wants to destroy forever.
  • After finding out Darkwing Duck is still alive, he decides to take revenge on Darkwing Duck and kidnaps Gosalyn and her best friend Honker Muddlefoot.
  • When he engages in his last fight with Darkwing that ends with him falling in a river. He is believed to be dead until he manages to fly away on a jet pack connected to his suit.
  • In the comic, he builds the QuackWerks corporation and has crimebots wipe out all crimes, even minor ones, effectively making him the supreme ruler of St. Canard.
  • Forces his prisoners to get the code for the Gizmoduck suit, and tries to make Gosalyn his slave when she gets it.
  • Unleashes weapons all over QuackWerks HQ in order to destroy St. Canard when Darkwing has him cornered.
  • Unlike many other villains, who are played for laughs, he is taken very seriously. Despite having some comical moments, they don't detract him of his heinousness.


  • His 2017 counterpart can be considered more evil than he is since he attempted to destroy all of reality. However, the standards are lower in Darkwing Duck than they are in DuckTales 2017, that too, 2017 version really didn't have any plans to murder Professor Waddlemeyer in cold-blood, something this version planned on doing, that too after he gives the codes for the RamRod which can make him rob every bank in the world.
    • Also, this Taurus Bulba is worse boss than his 2017 counterpart, as he was rude to his minions from the beginning, while his new version was firstly nice to his minions, but became ruder later.
  • He is the very first Mickey Mouse Pure Evil villain (since Darkwing Duck is connected to DuckTales and DuckTales is connected to Mickey Mouse universe, due to Donald Duck being the best friend of Mickey Mouse and Scrooge Mcduck (DuckTales's main protagonist) being the uncle of Donald Duck).
  • He is the very first TV Disney villain to be Pure Evil.

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