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Tantalus was a blessed individual in Greek mythology who was welcomed to the table of the Olympian gods. However, much like Ixion, he abused the god's hospitality, stealing nectar and ambrosia from their table and telling mortals the secrets of the gods.

Most infamously, Tantalus sacrificed his infant son Pelops, and served his remains to the gods. All of the gods immediately detected the trick and refused to eat, except Demeter, who was distracted by the loss of her daughter Persephone and absent-mindedly ate part of his shoulder.

Zeus ordered the Fates to resurrect Pelops, and attempted to slay Tantalus. However, as he had eaten the food of the gods he could not die, so was instead cursed with eternal hunger and thirst and imprisoned in Tartarus beneath a fruit tree and next to a stream. However, the waters would recede if he bent over for a drink, and the branches of the tree would raise if he reached for them, dooming him to permanent malnourishment.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Stole the food of the gods to make himself immortal.
  • Sacrificed his infant son Pelops.
  • Tricked the gods into eating his son's remains.
  • By inviting the gods to a dinner party and then tricking them into eating human flesh, he violated Xenia severely.
  • His actions are considered terrible even by Ancient Greece culture.

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