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Takada is the main human antagonist of the survivor horror manga Region.

What makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He allows his students to bully and antagonize Ryuuto Togakushi. When the power goes out in the school, he contemplates not only making Ryuuto's bullying worse just to spite him, but he also contemplated raping him in the dark.
  • When the rats infest the school, he orders his class to go into a corner of the room while he opened the door. The rats completely devour all the children. Even if they did antagonize Ryuuto, their deaths are nonetheless gruesome.
  • When he realizes that Ryuuto was still alive, he tried to give him a poisoned rice ball in order to avoid any evidence of his guilt.
  • After he and the others manage to make it to the roof of the shelter, he seals the door shut resulting in hundreds of civilians getting eaten alive. While the argument could be made that the roof could only house a few people, Takada nevertheless makes fun of the victims.
  • Ultimately, he leaves Chief Togakushi, his children, and his coworker to their deaths while he tried to escape using their car.


  • While the rats (and later other animals) are the overarching threats of the manga, Takada stands out as being the worst due to his ability to make decisions largely in regards to his survival even if it means pitching others to the wrath of Mother Nature.

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