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NOTE: This page is only about the Manga version of Syura as his anime incarnation was not voted as Pure Evil, and thus only the Manga version of Syura's info and crimes should be put here.


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We are the secret Police, Wild Hunt. You heard of us?
~ Syura
It seems I've found myself some interesting toys.
~ Syura

Syura is a major antagonist in the Akame ga Kill! Manga/anime series, serving as the main antagonist of the Wild Hunt Arc, and as a minor antagonist in the prequel Akame ga Kill! Zero. He is the cruel, selfish, and spoiled leader of the Wild Hunt and the son of Prime Minister Honest. He, along with his group, abuse their power by committing various crimes for fun.

He was voiced by Ryōhei Kimura in the Japanese version, and Adam Noble in the English dubbed version.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While Akame Ga Kill explores the worst humanity has to offer, he is still the worst of the worst. As he contacted some other criminals and founded Wild Hunt , who is notorious for causing and relishing in chaos, abusing their power and position to terrorize the entire Empire.
  • Releasing Dr. Stylish's danger beasts just for fun.
  • Teleported Tatsumi and Esdeath to a remote island where they were attacked by giant danger beasts.
  • Raped an prostitute in which he was sleeping with her, just because she talked bad about her father
  • Along with Enshin, Cosmina and Champ, he raped and killed all the members of the Umatora Theater.
  • Along with Enshin and Champ, he raped Bols' wife and daughter on his grave.
  • Smashed Lubbock's one testicle when he refused to tell him where Night Raid's base was.


  • While still deplorable in the anime, he isn't a rapist or at least his crimes against woman aren't as evident as they are in the manga. The anime also tones down his the number of crimes he commits despite him still being mostly a heartless brat. Therefore, he counts only Manga.

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