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Whatever will I do with you? I can use this to send you away. Perhaps to here, an Earth where humanity has mutated to hideous creatures of the night? No, you might like that. Oh, here's a good one, a cold uninhabited Earth where you'll slowly starve to death if you don't freeze first. Or it might be fun to keep you as a pet?
~ Superwoman to Batman
I'm a murdering psychopath; it's part of my charm.
~ Superwoman to Owlman.

Superwoman is a major antagonist in the DC animated film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

She is a member of the Crime Syndicate and has assisted them in defeating most of the superheroes in the world as well as conquering it while bringing terrorism. While the other members tried to conquer the world, Superwoman and Owlman tried to destroy all universes. Superwoman is the alternative universe counterpart to Wonder Woman.

She was voiced by Gina Torres, who also voiced Airachnid in Transformers: Prime.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • She was a member of the Crime Syndicate, an organization that has went after and defeated most of the superheroes in the world and brought about global terrorism in a quest to take over the world.
  • When she hears that Owlman plans to destroy the multiverse, she takes interest in his plans and conspires with him to help him in his goals. While Owlman does it out of a belief that this will be the only choice that matters, Superwoman does it because she was bored.
  • While fighting Batman, she expresses glee in breaking one of Batman's ribs.
  • After temporarily defeating Batman, she expresses joy in sending him to an alternative universe where he dies or making him her "pet" that she could do anything with.
  • When called out on her actions by her teammates and her enemies, she does not express any regrets for her actions.
  • She only "loves" Owlman because he is as crazy, if not even more than Superwoman is. She expresses the same joy towards Batman, who she has tried to turn into a sex slave, and didn't show any concern when Owlman died.
  • Although she did accept defeat at the end of the movie, it was because otherwise, she would be attacked in a fight she would lose and maybe even be killed in.


  • This is the only version of Superwoman to be Pure Evil.
  • She was originally on the Near Pure Evil Wiki.

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