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NOTE: This article is only for the symbiote part of Spider-Carnage and not the redeemed Spider-Man clone. Therefore, only the symbiote's info and crimes should be listed here.

I am going to destroy all of reality, even if I have to do it one dimension at a time!
~ Spider-Carnage on its plans to destroy the multiverse.

Spider-Carnage is the overarching antagonist of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, serving as the main antagonist of Season 5.

It is the alias given to a Carnage symbiote that possesses who was believed to be an evil clone to Peter Parker (a.k.a. Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider).

It was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who also voiced Wolf Spider in Ultimate Spider-Man.

What Makes It Pure Evil?

  • Upon being accidentally transported to the Scarlet Spider's dimension, it ceases the opportunity to possess his already unstable clone, Peter Parker, driving him insane and transforming him into a murderous mad-man.
  • Orders Hobgoblin and Green Goblin to destroy all of New York City, to the point where it's nothing more than a fiery wasteland.
  • Sends the Goblins to ambush J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson at the Daily Bugle, so they can use Jameson to break the security system to a device that will allow Spider-Carnage to destroy all of reality with its new invention. This makes it the greatest threat to the Marvel Animated Universe, even more so than Dormammu, who was a cosmic tyrant.
  • The symbiote has proven it has moral agency, considering it lies to Kingpin as well as the Goblins regarding it's plans to destroy all of reality, putting them under the guise of simply wanting to rule the world. It also corrupted Peter Parker's worst traits by manipulating him into believing that destroying all of reality is the only way, so he may seek vengeance on the world for doing him wrong.
  • Its actions ended up causing the destruction of his entire universe in an alternate timeline, and the destruction would've likely affected several other universes if Madame Web and the Beyonder hadn't prevented this from happening.
  • It tries to kill Prime Spider-Man multiple times, as well as the Spider-Men from other dimensions when they try to expose its true plans to Kingpin.
  • When Spider-Carnage escapes to Armored Spider-Man's dimension, it manipulates his lawyer, Kingpin, into capturing Prime Spider-Man so he won't get in the way of its plans.
  • When Prime Spider-Man exposes Spider-Carnage in front of an entire party, it kidnaps Armored Spider-Man's fiance, Gwen Stacy, and threatens to kill her should anyone follow them. It nearly drops her from a building when Prime Spider-Man arrives to stop it.
  • Once Prime Spider-Man uses Armored Spider-Man's uncle Ben to talk some sense into the clone, the clone tries to break free from the symbiote, but the symbiote refuses, which causes him severe pain in the process. Peter Parker is then forced to open a portal to an unstable dimension so he may jump into it and kill himself, along with the symbiote, to save all of reality.
  • The symbiote is treated within the show as a separate entity from the clone, whom it is making do terrible things he wouldn't do in his own sound mind.


  • It has been theorized by some fans that the Spider-Carnage symbiote is in fact Carnage from Season 3, and that it was teleported from Dormammu's dimension to the Scarlet Spider's dimension. If this is confirmed, this would make that Carnage even worse.

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