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Solomon Lane is the main antagonist of the Mission: Impossible franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation as well as one of the two main antagonists of the sequel Mission: Impossible - Fallout, along with August Walker.

He is a relentless anarchistic mastermind and the arch-enemy of Ethan Hunt. He is the leader of a terrorist organization named The Syndicate, later renamed as the Apostles following his first defeat. He is the arch-enemy of Ethan Hunt.

He was portrayed by Sean Harris.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He was willing to kill his arch-enemy Ethan Hunt various times.
  • Used the funding provided by Atlee, originally meant to create a sophisticated spy network, to fund terrorist attacks across the planet.
  • He kills an innocent young woman working in a disc-store and has no remorse after doing that.
  • He assassinated the Chancellor of Austria and his wife by a car bomb put in place as a redundancy.
  • Lane also murdered innocent children and even gassed an entire city.
  • Once, he crashes a plane just because he had problems with only one person.
  • Lane was willing to wipe out a third of the Earth's population out of spite unlike Walker who wants to do so in order to achieve peace. It was Lane himself who convinced Walker to do this, planning everything out to do this.
  • Kidnapped the closest friend of Ethan Hunt, Benji Dunn, and brainwashed him.
  • Was somewhat misogynistic towards one of the protagonists named Ilsa Faust, a redeemed former member of The Syndicate.
  • Tried to kill Ilsa Faust several times even when she was loyal to the Syndicate, causing her defection.
  • He was in short a sociopathic, calculating and deranged terrorist and his past have nothing to do with his later actions.


  • Solomon Lane is, alongside Owen Davian, one of the two Mission: Impossible villains to be Pure Evil.

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