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I am the thing that keeps you up at night, the evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind. I will never rest - and neither will you.
~ Slade to Robin.
Robin: So why did you do it? For money, status, those dark powers?
Slade: Not everything is so cut and dry, Robin.
Robin: Selling out our world for your own personal gain seems pretty cut and dry to me.
Slade: With or without me there was no stopping this.
Robin: But, you played a part. And, just like everything else you've ever done, it's made people suffer.
Slade: It's what I do best.
~ Slade and Robin about the former's motives and actions.

Slade Joseph Wilson, known simply by his first name Slade, is the main antagonist of the 2003 Teen Titans animated TV series, serving as the main antagonist of the first two seasons, the posthumous overarching antagonist of the third season, the secondary antagonist of the fourth season and the final antagonist of the fifth and final season.

He is a dangerous criminal mastermind bent on defeating the Teen Titans and taking over Jump City and the arch-enemy of Robin, and by extend the greatest enemy of the Teen Titans themselves. After his failure to make Robin his apprentice, Slade tries to recruit Terra to serve him and even goes to join forces with Trigon.

He was voiced by Ron Perlman, who also voiced Mr. Grasping in An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island and The Lich in Adventure Time.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He is the show's first truly evil villain, lacking the redeeming qualities and comedic traits that other villains show throughout the series.
  • He encourages and sends criminals to commit crimes for the sole purpose of getting Robin's attention. In one instance, he disguises himself as a Japanese sorcerer and manipulates Thunder and Lightning into constructing a giant fire monster and sending it into the city to try and burn it to the ground.
  • While he does save Robin from falling to his death it is only to test Robin to see if he is a capable apprentice that he can use for his plans later.
  • He implants microscopic bots inside Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg's bodies before coercing Robin into becoming his apprentice under the threat that he will kill Robin's friends and make him watch as he does so if he does not obey everything he says.
  • He activates the microscopic bots inside the Titans' bodies to threaten Robin into compliance.
  • He uses his robotic army to take over Jump City, turning the city into a desolate wasteland.
  • He tries to use a giant robotic worm to destroy Titan Tower and also cause chaos in Jump City.
  • He tries to make Titan Tower sink into the ocean.
  • He manipulates Terra into becoming his apprentice, which she was forced to betray the Titans into joining his side.
  • He viciously beats Terra when she refuses to fight the Titans. His beatings were brutal enough that parts of Terra's armor were torn off.
  • He takes control of Terra's body with his technology against her will and nearly forces her to kill Beast Boy.
  • He haunts Robin as a ghost and almost kills him after breathing in dust from his mask, as well as causing him to almost hurt his friends. His hits on Robin were so powerful, that Robin actually begged him to stop for the first time.
    • When Raven went inside Robin's mind to prove to him that Slade isn't there, she got out (literally) of the Boy Wonder's mind after Slade punched him, thus proving that Robin was half-right about Slade's "return".
  • He makes a deal with Trigon to get his mortal body back. He knows that Trigon will destroy the world when he arrives on Earth, but Slade only cared about regaining his body by any means necessary.
  • He psychologically torments Raven to the point where she has a mental breakdown.
  • He actively plays a role in helping Trigon kill all of humanity. He escorts Raven to the altar where she would become the portal for Trigon to arrive on Earth and destroy it afterwards.
  • Though he claims that even he would not wish for a fate Trigon had given the Earth, he still actively chose to assist Trigon regardless, on the basis that he should not prolong the inevitable. It was ultimately not Slade that persuaded Raven to help Trigon, however. He also admits that he served Trigon to fight the Teen Titans. When he was betrayed by Trigon, he admits he also learned from his previous mistake of making a deal with him only because of the betrayal he faced.
  • He destroys the Gate Guard by using a bomb to reclaim his flesh and blood.
  • Although he helps the Titans save Raven and beat Trigon, it is clearly not out of selflessness or compassion. He wants to get his flesh and blood back and to get revenge on Trigon for betraying him.
  • In the final episode, he apparently sends one of his android duplicates to torment Beast Boy and mock him over the fact that Terra does not remember him. After this, he faces no comeuppance for his actions whatsoever and will most likely continue his goals to take over Jump City.


  • In the Teen Titans series finale "Things Change", Slade seemingly tries to help Beast Boy to move on with his life by insisting him that he is making Terra uncomfortable. However, aside that he could have been trying to taunt Beast Boy instead of helping him, this Slade turns out to be a robot duplicate, so it perhaps doesn't reflect the real Slade's true nature. If the robot duplicate does reflect Slade's nature or Slade tried to communicate with Beast Boy through it to help him, then Slade would stop being Pure Evil.
    • However, it was shown that Slade knows how much Beast Boy loves Terra so it likely if Slade was helping Beast Boy move on, then it is possible that he knew that Beast Boy would be depressed either way.
  • This is the only incarnation of Deathstroke to be Pure Evil.
  • Slade is alongside Trigon and the Brain, one of the three Teen Titans villains to be Pure Evil.

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