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NOTE: This page is only about his novel and video game incarnations as the original film incarnation of Scarecrow was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the novel and video game versions of Scarecrow's info and crimes should be put here.

There is nothing to fear... but fear itself!
~ Scarecrow.
Boo! Aw, having trouble? Take a seat. Have a drink. You look like a man who takes himself too seriously. Do you want my opinion? You need to lighten up.
~ Scarecrow to Batman after exposing him to the fear toxin.

Dr. Jonathan Crane, also better known as the Scarecrow, is a major antagonist in The Dark Knight Trilogy, serving as the secondary antagonist of Batman Begins and a minor antagonist in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

While the films themselves don't explore the Scarecrow's heinousness to detail, the video game adaptation of the first film and the novelizations of the first two films explore in detail how ruthless and evil the Nolanverse incarnation of the Scarecrow really is.

He was portrayed in the films by Cillian Murphy.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Took advantage of his profession as professor of psychology by testing his Fear Gas on his students, driving them into insanity, to the point where one of them jumped through a window to assault a Santa Claus mannequin.
  • After getting kicked out from university, he started to subject his patients at Arkham Asylum to his Fear Gas.
  • Declared many of Carmine Falcone's thugs insane, including the serial killer Victor Zsasz, so they would not face criminal charges.
  • Subjected Falcone, his own employer, to his Fear Gas with his mask put on; the result ends up traumatizing Falcone and leaving him on a state of psychosis.
  • Teamed up with the League of Shadows to infect the water supply of Gotham City so he could test his Fear Gas on the citizens and drive everyone insane-plus looking forward to this act which would have killed tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people (Nolanverse Gotham has around 12 million people). This is unlike in the film version where he thought they were just going to use the Fear Gas to blackmail the city for ransom, and was unaware of the League of Shadows' plans to instead wipe out the city with the gas.
  • Gassed District Attorney Rachel Dawes with his Fear Gas when she became aware of his schemes, nearly killing her.
  • Participated along with many of Arkham's inmates into causing mayhem on the streets of Gotham as his Fear Gas affected most of the citizens.
  • Tried to attack Rachel and a little boy while riding his horse, planning to terrorize them.
  • Tested his Fear Gas as a drug on a junkie and murdered him before selling his toxin as hallucinogens to The Chechen.
  • Acted as a mock judge in a kangaroo court and determined who should be put to death or sent away from Gotham City in exile after Bane and the League of Shadows took over the city, though both sentences ended with death for most of his accused. He also took great pride in such a role.


  • This version of the Scarecrow, along with his Arkhamverse incarnation, is one of the two versions of the Scarecrow to be Pure Evil.
  • The Scarecrow, along with the Joker, is one of the two villains of The Dark Knight Trilogy to be Pure Evil.
    • Interestingly, the two are also the only two main villains to not die.

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