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You will bring death to all who follow you.
~ Scarecrow's famous line.
How many more bones will you crush? How many lives will you destroy in the pursuit of what you call justice? You are the product of everything you fear: violence, darkness, helplessness. All that remains is for you to watch, as I drag your beloved Gotham into oblivion.
~ The Scarecrow

Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as Scarecrow, is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Harley Quinn) of the Batman: Arkham series.

He serves as one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy) of Batman: Arkham Asylum, as a cameo antagonist in Batman: Arkham City, and as the main antagonist of Batman: Arkham Knight, where he commands an alliance of super-villains. He also appeared in the 2014 animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham as a minor antagonist.

He is a former psychologist and sadistic criminal determined to break the minds of Batman and every citizen of Gotham City. Crane was obsessed with human fear and realized he could gain power if he could control it. He then invented a fear-inducing chemical that douses his victims with crippling anxiety before becoming the professional criminal known as the Scarecrow.

In Arkham Asylum, he was voiced by Dino Andrade. In Arkham Knight, he was voiced by John Noble, who also played Unicron in Transformers: Prime and Brainiac in Superman: Unbound.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He psychologically tortures his victims with his fear toxin, letting them see their worst fears and shows no remorse. To make it worse, only he, Owens and Batman were the only people who were affected by the toxin to even survive, with everyone who were dosed with it eventually dying from it's effects.
  • During the Joker's takeover of Arkham Asylum, he tries to drive Batman insane with his fear toxin.
  • In his second encounter in the Arkham Mansion, he makes Batman relive his parents' deaths.
  • He planned to contaminate Gotham's water supply after his initial defeat to spite Batman and threatened him with it.
  • He united the other villains against Batman and kill him after Joker's death.
  • When Poison Ivy refused to join Scarecrow's alliance, he had her locked in a room to be tested with his fear toxin who was lucky to have been immune to it.
  • He released a very potent fear toxin in a diner full of people, causing them to rip each other apart and left many people dead and a survivor, Officer Owens, was mentally afraid for a long time.
  • He threatened to unleash fear gas all over Gotham City unless all the citizens left the city, turning Gotham into a criminal wasteland.
  • He tried to engulf Gotham City and the surrounding areas by triggering an explosion at Ace Chemicals.
  • He gassed Batman, which triggered him to have hallucinations of the Joker that is slowly trying to corrupt him.
  • When another gassing lead to Joker taking control for a bit and beat the militia guards to near death to which Scarecrow taunts about it and wants to do more to drive him insane also.
  • He unleashed more fear gas on Batman and made him see Barbara Gordon get gassed and commit suicide.
  • He steals a superweapon created by Simon Stagg called the Cloudburst and loads it up inside a tank that he built to envelop Gotham in a huge cloud of fear toxin.
  • He was responsible for the death of Poison Ivy, who cleared up the fear gas released from the Cloudburst using her chlorokinesis, who ended up dying as a result since the plants were affected by the toxin.
  • He manipulated Commissioner Gordon into betraying Batman using Barbara's life.
  • He pushed Barbara off a building when Gordon did not follow his orders as the latter thought he wanted Batman dead.
  • After The Arkham Knight cuts ties with Crane, he turns the militia against him, saying that they must bring him in if they find him
  • He has the Militia attack GCPD so the police can't interfere with his plans.
  • He has Gordon and Robin kidnapped and have their lives threatened to lure Batman in. He even makes Batman turn all his weapons in.
  • He forces Commissioner Gordon to unmask Batman on live TV in threat of ending Robin's life.
  • He then tortures the unmasked Bruce Wayne live with his fear toxin.
  • He tells Bruce Wayne sadistically that he's going to set him free so he can see Gotham and the people he loves get destroyed right in front of him. This action ultimately leads Batman to seemingly kill himself alongside Alfred or fake their deaths to go into hiding after Scarecrow's arrest, leading Scarecrow to be remembered as the man who unmasked the Dark Knight.


  • This version of Scarecrow is notably more serious and evil than in other incarnations, at least in Batman: Arkham Knight. He also plays highly sadistic mind games throughout Arkham Knight and actually came close to destroying Gotham City more than any other version has before.
    • He is probably the most destructive and dangerous antagonist of the Batman: Arkham series, as his plans of terror were not just for Gotham, but the entire Eastern seacoast and, presumably, the whole world. This plot surpasses those of Hugo Strange, the Penguin and the Joker.
    • Considering that he has terrorized hundreds of people, this version of Scarecrow also has the highest kill count of any version of Scarecrow.
  • This version of the Scarecrow, alongside with his Nolanverse incarnation, is one of the two incarnations of the Scarecrow to be Pure Evil.

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