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You failed to realize that to plan for the future, you must rectify the sins of the past!
~ Scar to Mufasa.

Scar is the main antagonist of the FanScription episode "What if Scar Raised Simba In The Lion King?", a retelling of The Lion King with its plot hinging around him stealing away Simba to raise him as his own child and later heir.

Aside from reused voice clips of Jermey Irons, he is voiced by Doug Walker, who is well known for playing the Nostalgia Critic from the web series of the same name, and also voices Jafar in another FanScription episode.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He is arguably even more evil than his canon counterpart, who was already a Pure Evil himself, as he relies much more on psychological warfare than his canon self to keep everyone in line, especially Simba who he practically brainwashes into becoming his second-in-command.
  • He starts a stampede as a distraction so he can kidnap his recently-born nephew Simba from his brother Mufasa, leaving his grief-stricken brother to believe they're both dead.
  • Upon bringing Simba to the Elephant Graveyard, he brands his right eye with a scar, just so he could look more like him. He does so because the hyenas claim nobody would believe Simba was his son due to them not looking alike.
  • He was apathetic to the Hyena Clan's overhunting in the Pride Lands, leading to its slow decline over the years.
  • He puts Simba through years of psychological abuse, manipulation, and starvation to mold him into a ruthless soldier.
  • Before killing him in a similar manner to the original movie, he taunts Mufasa about how he has corrupted his son.
  • He imprisons his second nephew and Simba's brother, Kion with the intent of executing him. While he does say that he'll spare him if he declares him the new king, they both know that he'll execute him regardless.
  • Upon Simba turning against him, he attacks and attempts to kill him without a slither of remorse.

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