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Do not be afraid my shepherds. I have great news. I am your true savior. I know everything about what makes you human. I know what you love. I know what you dread.
~ Satan, fooling the shepherds.

Satan is the main antagonist of The Mandela Catalouge, an analog horror series created by Alex Kister. He is based on the biblical figure who had overthrown god and created a race of doppelgängers called the Alternates.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Possibly killing the Archangel Gabriel, assuming his identity.
  • Trapped Jesus Christ in a tomb for eternity, assuming his own identity also.
  • Creating Alternates, a race of hostile species after being enraged via Noah ignoring his warnings.
  • Possibly murdering Noah.
  • The fact he was angered at Noah for building the Ark, which was used to save two of every animal, could mean that Satan tried to sabotage God's plan for the Ark so that every creature on Earth would die.
  • All in all, manipulated many biblical figures like Mary, Joseph, the Shepard’s and Noah, and successfully overthrown God.
  • With his creations of Alternates, made it so that the monsters psychologically torture their victims before driving them to suicide.
  • Due to all the alternates, created the rise of MAD (Metaphysical Awareness Disorder) which caused people to be driven to suicide.
  • Interrupted the PSA’s in order to create more mass panic.
  • Overall, is the main cause for the entire series due to his own narcissism.


  • This is one of the few versions of Satan to be Pure Evil, and so far the only one to have succeeded in defeating God.