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Everything is wrong, and nothing is the same. And I will never know where I'm going, or how to come back. I am nothing, and I am always… here.
~ Satan in the Season 3 teaser promo.
The Creator sent His pawns to build all of this. Restlessly laying world upon world, dimension after dimension. All for what? ...So that His creations would destroy all that He had wrought with their annoying and inane squabbles. I only wanted us, as gods, to live in luxury. Unburdened by those of little worth. Humanity, demons, angels, and all, hold no merit. Besides, if I'm proven wrong, we could always start over. If we need them.
~ Satan explaining its nihilistic view of creation to Charlie.

Satan is the overarching antagonist of Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light.

It serves as one of the two overarching antagonists (along with Lucifer) of Season 1, one of the two main antagonists (along with Beelzebub) of Season 2, the main antagonist of Season 3, a minor, yet pivotal antagonist of Season 4 and the overarching antagonist of the upcoming Season 5.

Satan is a primordial and malevolent deity that seeks to plunge all creation into everlasting darkness and death. It is a member of the Light Beyond the Stars, God’s first creations that predated the Universe itself, although It betrayed its own Creator and race when God ordered them to weave the fabric of creation. It is the master and creator of the Army of Darkness, an army of cosmic horrors she created to aide in her crusade. She is also the "master" and co-conspirator of Lucifer Magne, the King of Hell and fallen son of God, as well as the master of Beelzebub. Due to its chief role in Lucifer's origins, Satan is arguably the catalyst for nearly all of the events that take place in the series.

Several of its lines were provided by Allison Raubacher.

What Makes It Pure Evil?


  • Although the series is a drama-comedy with many characters having comedic moments (with even the series' Big Bad Lucifer Magne being darkly comical many times, and even Pure Evil villains such as Valentino and Belphegor having minor comedic moments), Satan is never once presented in a comedic light (even while interacting with comic relief characters such as Angel Dust and Velvet), completely darkening the tone with its presence and atrocities, and it becomes even worse as the story goes on.
  • Despite being an incarnation of Satan, it has a clear and defined moral agency, as it is revealed to be a fallen member of the Light Beyond the Stars, a mostly harmless and pacifistic species of deities whose purpose is to create life.
  • Displays no regard for its creations and army, the Army of Darkness, and views them as little more than expendable pawns it can use to further its goals of extinguishing life, as shown by the many times it taunted them for their mindless loyalty.
  • It also displays no regard for Lucifer, despite him being its co-conspirator. It is very disrespectful towards him in a way that can be considered passive-aggressive and has no qualms with insulting him behind his back.


  • It was completely enraged and against God's idea of creating life and the Universe and refused to carry out His orders of creating the Universe and life in the Universe. It also attempted to convince God and the Light Beyond the Stars that the existence of other lifeforms was meaningless and a waste of their power so that it could prevent the creation of the Universe.
  • After leaving the Light Beyond the Stars, it conspired to exact revenge on God by devouring the souls of all angels and humans, knowing that God loved them the most. It also planned to eradicate all that the Light Beyond the Stars had created out of vengeance for them remaining loyal to their Creator and refusing to listen to its misanthropic rambles.
  • Is responsible for the fall of Lucifer, utilizing the thin-prince's hatred of humanity, desire to reign over all creation, and fascination with dark magic to seduce him, which effectively kickstarts the entire series into motion. This also makes Satan indirectly responsible for some of Lucifer's worst crimes, including manipulating Fergus, starting the War in Heaven, and the murder of his own brothers.
  • While planning its attack on Heaven, it poisoned the souls and forms of all the angels who refused to join Lucifer's secret army as a twisted way to turn them against God, transforming them into disgusting and malevolent creatures to destroy their innocence and beauty, corrupting them seemingly permanently.
  • Unleashed the Army of Darkness upon the mortal plane, allowing them to devastate the Universe, which resulted in the deaths of millions, if not billions, of lifeforms.
  • Attacked Heaven with Lucifer and his army, personally massacring thousands of angels and devastating Heaven. During this, it also murdered nearly all of Forti's fellow archangels and brothers when they rose to stop it, and attempted to enslave Forti by corrupting his mind.
  • After capturing Forti, it bounded him in magical, scalding hot chains that left him in never-ending agony as it wanted him to suffer as vengeance for preventing it from eradicating all creation. It then left the archangel to rot in Limbo for billions of years.
  • Is the one responsible for Purgatory becoming the horrific realm it is in the present, as it drained the energy of almost all sources of life within Purgatory to increase its own power, which resulted in the death and decay of billions, or possibly trillions of lifeforms and planets, rendering Purgatory uninhabitable to most forms of life. It only spared its own creations and other eldritch entities in order to build its army over the millennia.
  • Conspired to absorb the divine energy within Heaven's Light and use it to escape Purgatory.
  • It is implied that it was behind the Divine becoming the monster she is by brushing her off as having "no value" despite her genuinely revering Satan as a god. This led the Divine to round up an army of devil worshippers and commit heinous atrocities across Hell in Satan's name to prove her worthiness.

Season 2

  • Captured Manco, a six-year-old angel, and tortured him psychologically for months by forcing the angel to watch as it tortured thousands of alternate versions of the boy (who were all also children) to death in horrific ways. Unlike many of its other heinous acts, which served to further its plan to extinguish life, Satan had absolutely no reason to torture Manco other than for entertainment and its hatred of angels.
    • Before trying to kill Manco himself in the Season 3 finale, Satan taunted the child by saying that his counterparts all died screaming, confirming that it made sure Manco's counterparts died in utter agony.
    • It was also shown the Manco frequently suffered from nightmares and anxiety attacks from his time with Satan.
  • Tasked Beelzebub with preventing the hotel crew from freeing Forti and Manco to ensure that both angels would remain in their torturous prisons forever.
  • Took over Charlie's vessel when she attempted to save Manco, and used her vessel in an attempt to kill the séance mage. It also tried to kill not only Angel Dust, Razzle, Dazzle, and Alastor, but also Vaggie, Charlie's girlfriend.
    • During this, it preyed on Charlie's fear by subconsciously telling her that her friends didn't believe in her dream of rehabilitating sinners as a way to make her more emotionally vulnerable and give itself more control over her.
  • Although it promised Alastor numerous times that it would help him ascend to Heaven and see his beloved mother again, there is no guarantee that it would have honored this, especially given its habit of lying to others. In addition, its endgame of scorching Heaven and wiping out its life would have certainly included Alastor's mother as well.
    • Alastor even betrays Satan in the Season 3 finale as he knew it wouldn't be sincere with its promise.
  • Lied to Lucifer by saying that it would spare Charlie, only to make an attempt on her life the very next time it encountered her.
  • While using Alastor as a vessel, it attempted to erase Vaggie, Angel Dust, Husk, Cherri Bomb, and Niffty by conjuring and enveloping them in an oil-like substance that was slowly suffocating them. During this, it sadistically mocked Angel Dust by asking him if anyone would remember him after it erased him for good.
  • Sent its army to kill the hotel crew and Forti after they rescued Manco, which resulted in Vaggie, Angel Dust, and Husk getting injured.

Season 3

  • Reanimated Manco's alternate counterparts and used them as its enslaved, zombified mouthpieces. During this time, Manco's counterparts were in constant agony, as implied by their moaning and crying noises, as well as their movements that indicated that they were trying to rid themselves of Satan's influence and finally die.
  • Used Manco's variants to brutally massacre an innocent herd of giant, reptilian, quadruped alien creatures, including the herd's hatchlings, simply to test their abilities. Later, when Charlie, the warrior angel Adina, Manco, and the seven angel children stumbled upon the aftermath of the massacre, it sent Manco's counterparts to kill them and capture Manco.
  • Mocked Charlie's attempts to protect Manco by saying that she wouldn't be able to keep him safe forever.
  • Transported the VVV overlords to the Purgatory where it manipulated them into bringing Heaven's light to them in exchange of ultimate power so it can make Happy Hotel's goals to escape Purgatory harder.
  • Psychologically tortured Vaggie by using telepathy to make her relive the sexual abuse she and her siblings endured at the hands of their father while she was alive and powerless to spot it, and projected her screams of anguish throughout Purgatory just to lure Charlie into a trap. This left Vaggie deeply and violently traumatized and needing to be consoled by Charlie afterward.
    • When Charlie arrived with Alastor and Adina to save her friends as it had planned, it had the VVV Overlords, Beelzebub, and Lucifer restrain and take Heaven's Light from her, and then psychologically tortured Vaggie even further with Charlie there to personally witness it, simply to revel in Charlie's anguish over Vaggie's pain.
  • Plotted to corrupt Charlie and turn her into its servant after witnessing her immense power and rage.
  • Ordered Beelzebub to fight Forti when he came to the hotel crew's aide, and made no attempt to help him when he was almost killed by Forti and Adina.
  • Petulantly blamed Vox, Velvet, and Valentino for letting the hotel crew escape with Heaven's Light and punished them by stripping them of the power boost it previously gave them. This is despite the fact that Satan was partially to blame as it did nothing to help the VVV Overlords or stop the hotel crew from getting away.
  • While punishing the VVV Overlords for their failures, it murdered Velvet's sentient doll "children" - who she created with her new powers - right in front of her out of spite.
  • Used telepathy to make Alastor relive the racial abuse he endured in his childhood, and showed him visions of his time with his mother, clearly doing so in an attempt to dishearten and manipulate him.
  • Disparaged the warrior angel Adina by calling her "vermin" and cruelly mocking her for her loyalty to Heaven.
  • While revealing its origins to Charlie, it claimed that God was a genocidal, egocentric tyrant who only created the Universe to be worshipped, and portrayed itself as a hero who attempted to overthrow Him, all in an attempt to manipulate her.
  • When Charlie attempted to reason with Satan despite everything it did to her and her friends, it still completely ignored and brushed off Charlie's heartfelt speech about humanity and sinners by calling her a "blind, ignorant child", before sending its army to kill her and Adina out of spite for the princess refusing to join it willingly.
  • Attempted to poison Charlie and Adina's souls by impaling them with malevolent, crystallized spikes filled with a magical substance that would slowly corrupt them overtime.
  • After unintentionally poisoning Forti with a spike that was meant for Charlie, Satan controlled Forti like a puppet by manipulating the poison that was within him, forcing the archangel to attack and brutally kill Adina against his will, even when Forti pleaded for it to stop. It also forced Charlie to watch helplessly as this all happened.
    • Killing Adina also subsequently orphaned the seven angel children whom Adina protected in Purgatory.
  • Temporarily destroyed the friendship of the hotel crew by crushing their hope of escaping Purgatory, resulting in them splitting apart from each other for eight years, and most of them being disillusioned, broken, and emotionally scarred from their time spent in Purgatory.
  • Eight years later, Satan returned and possessed the seven angel children, using them as bargaining chips against Angel Dust by threatening to murder them if he didn't accept its proposal to exact revenge on all who wronged him, namely Valentino. It also brought up Valentino murdering Angel Dust's pet, Fat Nuggets, to emotionally manipulate him.
    • Although it tries to mask its proposal as a way of helping Angel Dust, it is made very clear that Satan is not seeking to "help" Angel Dust for any moral reasons. Rather, it is encouraging him to give into his wrath and pain by exacting revenge on Valentino so that he will lose any chance of redemption and be trapped in Hell for all eternity.
  • Sent Manco's variants to kill Cherri Bomb and Husk to prevent them from reuniting with Fergus and bringing the hotel crew back together. It even had the possessed Manco variants almost kill the seven angels, going back on its promise that they would be safe if Angel Dust accepted its proposal.
  • Is revealed to have murdered all but one of the ten cherubs who were sent by God to protect the seven seals of Purgatory, forcing Oswald, the last one alive, to hide in constant fear, not knowing when he would die next, which highly affected his sanity.
  • Attacked Oswald's base along with Lucifer when he attempted to help the Happy Hotel crew escape Purgatory. This leads to Lucifer killing Oswald and leaving the hotel crew (sans Charlie) to die in space.
  • Kidnapped Charlie and attempted to permanently corrupt her soul and destroy her relationship with Manco, who she grew to see as a surrogate son, by possessing her vessel and forcibly make her kill him, all so it could use the corrupted the princess to extinguish creation alongside it.
  • In their final confrontation, it viciously taunted Forti on the death of his fellow archangels by saying that he would die screaming in pain, just as the archangels did when Satan murdered them.
  • Possessed Vaggie, Angel Dust, Husk, Niffty, and Cherri Bomb, and tried to have Baxter, Crymini, and the seven angels killed by the Army of Darkness after they all arrived with Forti to rescue Charlie.
  • Broke Charlie mentally by showing her fabricated visions of a future where she gave in to Satan's temptations and scorched Heaven and Hell into oblivion. It also showed her a vision of the Happy Hotel being destroyed, and Lucifer finally accepting her as his daughter, telling her that she would only gain her father's love if she gave in to its temptations.
  • Mocked and belittled Fergus by saying he couldn't save Charlie, and cruelly disparaged him by saying that no matter how much effort he put into atoning for his sins, such as assisting Lucifer in the War of Heaven, he would never be forgiven and would always be seen as a monster.
  • After Charlie managed to resist Satan's temptations and freed her friends, Satan, in a fit of petulant rage, attempted to kill Manco regardless by throwing him to his death just to spite Charlie, knowing how much he means to her.
  • Planned to use Forti to destroy the Universe as the archangel was falling victim to his poisonous injury. This forced Forti to defiantly commit suicide by stabbing himself with his own sword to prevent the poison from corrupting him. As Forti was dying, an enraged Satan knocked him into the darkness of its dimension, leaving the archangel to die in total darkness.
  • Telepathically reminded Angel Dust of the deal they made even after he and the hotel crew finally escaped Purgatory, confirming that it plans on further tormenting him and the hotel crew.

Season 4

  • It successfully convinced Angel Dust to murder a defenseless employee of Valentino even when the worker was beaten, defenseless, and begging for his life, all to make Angel more comfortable with murdering people. Afterward, it manipulated Angel into setting one of Valentino's clubs ablaze with hundreds of club-goers inside, injuring and possibly killing many of the club's patrons. Afterward, it attempted to convince Angel on massacring even more people, although he quickly rejected this.
  • It tasks the Divine in aiding it in its goals, and quickly accepted her deal to kill her and the Chosen if she failed it even once.
    • While enlisting the Divine, it mentions that all of its "seekers" have either abandoned or failed it, which would most likely include Lucifer, implying that Satan will possibly betray Lucifer.


  • Satan was the first Hazbin Hotel villain to be approved as Pure Evil, and is, alongside Beelzebub, Belphegor, Valentino and Yuck, one of the five Hazbin Hotel villains to be Pure Evil, and by extension the only ones to come out of a fanfic.

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