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Santiago Moreira, simply known as Santiago, is the overarching antagonist of the 2012 Brazilian telenovela Avenida Brasil. He is Carminha's father, the Bigger Bad of the plot and the final antagonist in the telenovela.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

At past

  • In the past, Santiago was the great author of the main plot of Avenida Brasil and their actions were responsible for the villainy of the main antagonists of the novel, including Carminha, the main villain, making him a Bigger Bad.
  • In order to keep his wife's inheritance, Santiago set up an affair with his neighbor Lucinda only so that eventually his wife would discover the case and go mad, try to kill Lucinda and possibly be arrested, but instead, she accidentally killed Lucinda's daughter, a child at that time, making Santiago responsible for the death of an innocent child and making his wife bear that guilt until her death.
  • Once the plan to get Lucinda murdered and his wife sent to jail had gone wrong, Santiago took advantage when his neighbor, Lucinda, upset by the death of her daughter, invaded her home to kill his wife and does not actually kill her, murdering his own wife in front of his daughter and incriminating Lucinda for it, getting away with it and showing that he never really loved her and that he just wanted to use her for his nefarious plans.
  • In addition to murdering her mother in front of her, Santiago forsaken his daughter, Carminha, still a child, on the dump, leading her to have a miserable and suffering childhood, becoming the great villainess she became as an adult.
  • The death of his daughter and his wife's arrest led Lucinda's husband, Nilo, to become an alcoholic, violent and abusive man, who ended up in poverty and went to live in the dump, along with his son Max, who was abused by him, and along with Carminha, he became a gold digger as an adult and one of the main antagonists of the plot.
  • It's also implied that Santiago raped his daughter as a child.
  • Made Carminha hate Lucinda for believing all these years that she killed her mother, as well as Lucinda blaming herself for a crime she didn't actually commit.

At present

  • Santiago is an abusive father for Carminha when she returns to live with him after being expelled from the mansion when his betrayals are discovered.
  • He rejoices to see Lucinda back in jail after she surrenders, taking the blame for her son's death, being effective in manipulating her again with his false love and claiming her an "old fool", making again clear that he never loved her sincerely.
  • He killed Nilo, poisoning him so that he cannot reveal the truth about his crimes.
  • Once Carminha is gradually redeeming herself, Santiago tries to convince her to continue being a scammer by his side and take all the fortune from her former husband.
  • When Carminha tries to run away with her youngest lover, Santiago corralls them and has his henchmen beating the young man, almost to the point of death.
  • He kidnaps the protagonist, Nina, and Carminha's ex-husband, leaving them in the sights of a gun and asking their daughter to choose which one should die first.
  • When Carminha turns against him and shoots him in the foot, he claims that he should have killed Carminha as he did with his wife and that he was wrong to have just abandoned his daughter in the trash.
  • Although he seemed affectionate at times with his daughter, he was Faux Affable Evil, and he was just being affable in order to use Carminha to take her husband's fortune. He showed at all times that he never cared even for his own family, but which has always put money and greed above all else, to the point of committing atrocities for that.


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