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I'm a director, Sid. I direct.
~ Roman Bridger

Roman Bridger is the main antagonist of the Scream franchise, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Scream and Scream 2, the main antagonist of Scream 3 and the posthumous overarching antagonist of Scream 4.

He was portrayed by Scott Foley.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Manipulating Billy Loomis and Stu Macher into raping and murdering his birth mother, and taking pride at doing so.
  • Is responsible for the Woodsboro killing spree by manipulating Billy and Stu into killing Maureen as well as being indirectly responsible for the crimes occurring in the second film.
  • Turned Cotton Weary's girlfriend against him by using his voice manipulator to make her think he was the one trying to kill her, then succeeded in murdering both of them.
  • Killing the entire Stab 3 crew just to frame Sidney Prescott, his own half-sister, at his killing spree, for the sole purpose to break her physically and psychologically.
  • Playing cruel mind games with his half-sister, Sidney Prescott, bringing her to the brink of insanity.
  • Killed his birth father John Milton, though deserved, and planning to frame Sidney for his murder.
  • After he was wounded by her he taunted Sidney that her mother was dead and that there was nothing she could do about it.
  • Tried to kill Sidney, Dewey, and Gale after he was stabbed and their backs were turned, when at first it looked like he was trying to connect with Sidney.
  • Hating his own half-sister because she was born.
  • While he does have a tragic backstory and did have somewhat reasonable motivations to kill his mother (for rejecting him) and half-sister (for having the mother and life he believes he should have had) they do little to excuse the murders he committed and as Sidney explained there was no-one but himself to blame for killing others.
  • Is indirectly responsible for the events of Scream 4, considering his cousin, Jill Roberts, wanted to kill Sidney out of jealousy for the fame she was given because of Roman's actions.


  • As he had killed 9 people, Roman has the highest kill count of any Ghostface in the movies, and the second highest of any aside from Kieran Wilcox,

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