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There are more of us.... millions more. They will follow wherever I lead.
~ Riot.
You have a strong host.... but not strong enough.
~ Riot to Venom.
Riot: Venom.... get in the rocket!
Venom: No! We won't let you destroy this world!
Riot: Then DIE!!
~ Riot about to battle Venom.

Riot is one of the two main antagonists of the 2018 film Venom alongside Carlton Drake.

The 2018 film Riot is based on the famous comic book of the same name. He is the destructive and sadistic leader of the symbiotes, who bonds with Carlton Drake in order to accomplish their shared goal of bringing his race to Earth to bond with humanity; although, unlike Drake, he does this in order to have the symbiotes destroy and devour the human race. This incarnation of Riot is also significantly stronger and more vicious than its original comics counterpart.

He was voiced by Riz Ahmed, who also played Drake in the same film.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • It's implied through his dialogue with Venom that he bullied and abused him back on their homeworld.
  • Upon arriving on Earth, bonded with John Jameson, Corine Wann, a Malaysian woman and Suzy. He used them as vessels for him and left them to die once successively until he made his way to Carlton Drake at the Life Foundation Headquarters, showing a total lack of care towards their families.
    • While bonded to Corine, brutally massacred multiple people in a marketplace before possessing the old lady.
  • While Drake at least apologized for it, Riot was completely apathetic to deaths of the other symbiotes under Drake's care due to having more on his home world.
  • Planned along with Drake, whom he bonded with, to bring all the symbiotes to Earth aboard a rocket. However, whereas Drake at least believed that doing so would mean the evolution of humanity, Riot just wanted to lead his fellow symbiotes to devour all humans. This is the farthest any Spider-man villain went, not even Mysterio went that far.
  • Devoured Lloyd Emerson for trying to stop the launch of Drake's rocket, having had a change of heart after Drake killed Dr. Dora Skirth and murdered the members of Drake's staff in the room as well.
  • Attempted to kill Venom when he refused to enter into the rocket and join him on his scheme to bring humanity's extinction.
  • Fatally wounded Eddie Brock by stabbing him, an injury which Brock only survived due Venom re-bonding with him.
  • It's implied through dialogue that Riot would have betrayed Drake after their plans were enacted.


  • Riot, along with Carlton Drake, is the very first Pure Evil villain ever featured in a film based on Spider-Man characters, following Carnage.

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