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What is this mad obsession with freedom?
~ Red Skull's most famous qoute

Red Skull, formerly named Johann Schmidt, is one of the main antagonists of the Marvel Comics franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the Captain America franchise and a major antagonist in the Avengers franchise. He is the fascist leader of HYDRA who is the archenemy of Captain America.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Killed an otherwise-kindly teenage Jewish girl for rejecting his hebephilic advances, taking sadistic pleasure out of her murder.
  • Convinced his friend to attempt assassinating Adolf Hitler, only to stop the assassination, allowing himself to be recruited into Hitler's high ranks.
  • Became a spymaster under the command of Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  • Created the neo-Nazi terrorist organization HYDRA.
  • Killed many innocents under the Nazis' control.
  • Has killed even his most loyal and competent followers simply for no longer being useful and just for amusement.
  • Has been known to have raped many women.
  • Made a duplicate of Bucky Barnes and forced Captain America to fight him, just to hurt Steve.
  • Created Genosha, a mutant concentration camp.
  • Stole the dead Professor X's brain.
  • Brutalized Mother Night constantly while in a relationship with her.
  • Wanted to kill his daughter Sin for not being a male, and is abusively controlling of her in the present.
  • Plotted to take over Earth and transform it into a totalitarian dystopia.
  • Used the Cosmic Cube several times to take over Earth, causing thousands of deaths in the process every time.
  • Manipulated Scarlet Witch in attempt to kill off the world's entire mutant population.
  • Has made attempts to bodyjack his archenemy Captain America many times, as well as trying to replace his brain with that of Hitler's.
  • Tried to gain control of New York's drug trade, placing him at odds with Kingpin.
  • Uses the Dust Of Death to painfully kill his enemies or even his subordinates for failing him or even looking at him funny.
  • In an alternate future, he would trigger natural disasters and arrive only to inform people he would not be saving them.


  • Red Skull isn't Pure Evil in the Ultimate comics because he wanted to use the Cosmic Cube to prevent Captain America — his father — from being frozen in the Arctic so his parents could raise him and live happily ever after, which would thus redeem all his past actions by undoing them.
    • However, that version of the character still commits arguably the worst crime out of any other portrayal: having Petra Laskov (Red Wasp) gangraped after forcing her to kill her own husband and murdering their infant son via defenestration despite her doing as she was told.
  • Mainly due to his Nazi ties, Red Skull is shown to be so depraved and horrible that even other villains are disgusted by him (such as Kingpin, Doctor Doom, and Magneto, the latter also being a Holocaust survivor), even including villains like Joker (although their encounter was non-canon).

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