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NOTE: This page is only about his 2011 film version as the original comic book and Nelvana animated versions of Red Rackham were not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the 2011 film version of Red Rackham's info and crimes should be put here.

I curse you... I curse your name.. and all who come after! We will meet again, Haddock.... IN ANOTHER TIME, IN ANOTHER LIFE!!!
~ Red Rackham's last words.

Red Rackham is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2011 animated film The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, an adaptation of The Adventures of Tintin comic books.

He was a pirate captain in the 17th century known as the archnemesis of Sir Francis Haddock, the ancestor of Captain Archibald Haddock. He also happens to be the ancestor of the Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, who seeks to end the Haddock/Rackham conflict once and for all.

He was voiced by Daniel Craig.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Plundered multiple ships prior to finding the Unicorn.
  • Attacks the Unicorn to recover his confiscated loot from Sir Francis Haddock because he wants to earn his hard-earned plunder, a very flimsy excuse.
  • Leading a deadly attack on the Unicorn, causing multiple casualties on both sides and even leading to many of his own crew drowning when his ship sunk, which Red Rackham didn't even care about.
  • Engages in a duel against Sir Francis, but plays dirty to defeat him.
  • Once he had Sir Francis at his mercy, he orders him to show him where he had stored the loot by threatening that he'd kill his surviving crew if he didn't. Despite Sir Francis obliging and showing him the loot, Rackham ordered Haddock's crew to be executed anyway, leading his pirates to throw Sir Francis' men overboard into the sea, where they drowned or were devoured by a swarm of sharks.
  • Planned to hang Sir Francis Haddock.
  • When Sir Francis tries to blow up the Unicorn, he engages him in a fight to prevent the ship from exploding with his loot, and even used one of his drunken and defenseless men as a human shield, proving that he doesn't care for his crew.
  • While his duel with Sir Francis is a bit comical, he is still played seriously.
  • Before sinking into the depths of the ocean to his death, he curses Sir Francis and his family out of spite, leading the Haddocks to go through a dark age for the next generations, resulting in Sir Francis having just one living descendant in the present (3 centuries after their encounter), despite Sir Francis having 3 sons.
  • Is responsible for Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine becoming the sadistic villain he is.


  • Only the 2011 film version of Red Rackham qualifies for Pure Evil status, as his original comic book version and the Nelvana animated version aren't heinous enough to qualify. In addition that, the former cared for his crew and was angry at Sir Francis Haddock for killing some specific crewmen whose services he appreciated.
    • This version of Red Rackham is, along with Rastapopoulos and Dr. Müller, one of the three Tintin villains to be Pure Evil.
  • To date, Red Rackham is the final Steven Spielberg villain to be Pure Evil.


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