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Hadar sen olmen. (Power is everything)
~ Raven Beak's last words as he drains Samus' powers.
You have followed my instructions faithfully so far. Continue to do so. It's that simple. I consider your performance here on ZDR highly satisfactory. As I hoped, it has even awakened your Metroid powers. I was right to let you live during our first encounter. That one glimpse you showed told me everything. Submit and offer up your power. My plan is the only way to bring order to the galaxy. Fulfill your destiny, Samus. This is an order. Disobedience will not be tolerated.
~ Raven Beak posing as ADAM, moments before being exposed.

Ashkar Behek ("Raven Beak" in Chozo) is one of the overarching antagonists (along with Mother Brain) of the Metroid franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Metroid Dread.

He is the Chozo leader of the Mawkin Tribe and the overseer of Planet ZDR, who is also Samus Aran's adoptive father, having genetically modified her into a formidable bounty hunter. He is also the supervisor of the Chozo scientist Quiet Robe.

He plots to amass an army of Metroids cloned from Samus, and use them to conquer the entire galaxy, having slaughtered the Thoha Tribe in the past for objecting to his plans.

He is voiced by Dave Rogers Ruiz.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • After he and the Mawkin helped the Thoha imprison the Metroids under Planet SR388, Raven Beak devised a plan to utilise them to take over the entire galaxy. When the Thoha objected to this, he had the entire tribe slaughtered, only sparing Quiet Robe because he had knowledge about controlling the Metroids.
  • He plotted to bring back the Metroids so he form an army of them and use them to rule the galaxy with an iron fist.
  • He feeds Chozo prisoners to Drogyga, potentially because he has little tolerance for any defiances of his orders.
  • He hijacks the E.M.M.I. robots and programs them to kill Samus, despite viewing her as his daughter because he was one of her genetic donors.
  • He lures Samus to his planet using footage of an X Parasite and the absence of the E.M.M.I. robots, then strangles her unconsciousness and drains her abilities, only choosing to let het live so that she can develop her Metroid powers.
  • He has Quiet Robe killed by a Robot Chozo Soldier in front of Samus after he reveals his backstory to her.
  • He releases the X Parasites from their containment despite knowing how dangerous they are. This results in them infecting all creatures across the planet apart from Samus, including Quiet Robe's corpse, and could potentially lead to them leaving the planet and causing a galactic plague.
  • During his final battle with Samus, he painfully drained her of almost all her energy whilst taunting her and would have killed her if the Metroid DNA inside her body hadn't kicked in.

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