Pure Evil Wiki

Now when you are making a page for this wiki the most important thing about it is how it should be structured so this is a guide of the general layout you should use.

Article header

At the very top, you should put in the Pure Evil infobox and fill it up with information like this one.

At the next part, you should put a Quote from the villain in their franchise.

Like this, for example, Note: you should only put three Quotes

After that, you should write your text for the article header explaining who the villain is and where they come from.


In the part below is where you put the villain's characteristics you don't need to include these or only include some, but if you do don't just use the ones from the villain's wiki and make sure to put something that is related to their status as a Pure Evil villain. The most commonly used ones are.



Powers And Abillites


This is where you write the history of the villain, what they did, the evolution of their character, and much more.

Note: This section is optional, since pages are meant to focus on what makes the villain Pure Evil.

What makes him or her Pure Evil

This section is used to tell why a villain is a Pure Evil and its separate in the * format for example.

  • Villain is sadistic
  • Villain commits horrible crimes


Self-explanatory, but something that should be noted is that you should only add things in the trivia that relate to their status as a Pure Evil villain

External Links

This section is used to link to other wikis with the same page, use this to link to their page on the Villains Wiki.


This part is where you link the navigation templates that the character is in, if there is any but if there isn't you can create on as long as there are enough villains to put in it from the franchise or company. here is a category for all of them currently



  • This page is meant as a guide of the general idea of how you should structure your page but don't feel like you need to follow it exactly you can shift a few things around or add other sections.
  • Gallery pages are completely banned
  • Make sure to follow the rules when making your page.