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Well then, here's to the kill, or should I say, breakfast!
~ Professor MacDougal before taking her serum to transform into a werewolf to kill Max and Cameron.

Professor MacDougal is a minor antagonist of Mighty Max. She is the main antagonist of the Mighty Max season 1 episode "Werewolves of Dunneglen".

She was voiced by Miriam Flynn.

What Makes Her Pure Evil

  • Captured werewolves who were peaceful guardians of Scotland, and extracted their blood to create a formula to turn her into a three-headed werewolf, which she claims is the key to eternal life.
  • Savagely killed five people in her monstrous werewolf form, and became the scourge of Dunneglen.
  • Locked Cameron, a werewolf, and Max, a 10 year old boy, in a room, and entertained the idea of eating them both as "breakfast" before drinking her serum and trying to kill them in her werewolf form.
  • Despite the high heinous standards of the show, she still stands out due to her really low resources and unique crimes of painfully draining the blood of benevolent werewolves to give her eternal life as well as being a serial killer.


  • She is the only Pure Evil on Mighty Max that is fully human.
  • She, Talon, and Skullmaster are the only three Mighty Max pure evils.

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