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Piedmon (also known as Piemon in the Japanese version) is the secondary antagonist in Digimon Adventure 01. He is the incredibly powerful leader of the four Dark Masters and the most devoted follower of Apocalymon. Piedmon had the power of psychokinesis, to mentally control the swords on his back. He could also take on many shapes, seen in his first confrontation with the DigiDestined. He had the power to change other objects, including humans and other Digimon, into key chains. He also appeared to have telekinesis; for instance, he once remotely attacked Greymon while Tai and Izzy were being pursued by the armies of fellow Dark Master Machinedramon. He is the fourth arch-nemesis of the Digidestined.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • Does everything for sadistic pleasure.
  • Turned the DigiDestined into keychains to keep them as trophies.
  • Finds destruction more amusing than power.