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Why keep trying, Jesse? You will only fail. Just as you failed to save Reuben, just as you failed to lead your friends back home, you will fail to defeat me, and Axel, Olivia, and everyone on your homeworld will soon be made… useful. Drawing it out won't hurt me, but it might hurt your friend. And you will be made useful.
~ PAMA degrading Jesse during their final battle.

PAMA (short for Prototype: Autonomous Management Agent) is a major antagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode, appearing as the main antagonist of the Season One episode, "Access Denied". It is the tyrannical supercomputer ruling over Crown Mesa and mind-controls the entire population by chipping everyone inside. Its primary goal is to spread to all other worlds and make them useful to itself as it can extract their information.

It was voiced by Jason "Jtop" Topolski.

What Makes It Pure Evil?

  • Despite its claims that its actions are making Crown Mesa "useful", Harper makes it clear that PAMA is only making the town useful to itself instead of it being useful to the townspeople, as she mentions that PAMA decided that they weren't efficient enough already instead of her saying that it genuinely believed that. In truth, PAMA only cares about itself and its selfish desires and views itself as superior to Harper despite the fact that she created it.
  • It brainwashed the entire population of Crown Mesa them using a process called "chipping". In the way PAMA uses it, chipping is when a chip is inserted into a living organism so that PAMA can easily brainwash it. Even non-sapient wildlife such as spiders and chickens and monsters such as Skeletons and Zombies weren't safe from PAMA's mind control. In both Petra and Lukas's cases,
  • It drained all of the water from its own homeworld where Crown Mesa is located to stop the means of destroying itself, which is proven when, depending on the player's choice, Jesse walks to a well and wonders why the water's gone.
  • It attempts to get Harper to merge with it into one after it puts its own paradox status on hold. When Harper tells it not to start with that again, it heavily implies that PAMA has tried to do it at least once before.
  • It used a brainwashed Petra or Lukas, depending on which one Jesse didn't save, to sadistically taunt Jesse about Reuben's death. PAMA knows how personal this is towards him or her as Reuben was once Jesse's best friend.
  • Unlike most brainwashing instances in children's media, while PAMA mind-controls Petra and Lukas, it gets to the point where they are constantly trying to fight off the mind-control but can't, making it horrific torture, as shown when either Lukas or Petra tells PAMA to get out of his or her head instead of telling it to stop getting into his or her head, as well as them saying that their head feels as if it's burning.
  • In its final moments, it feigns redemption by speaking through a brainwashed Petra or Lukas, telling Jesse that it can help him or her get back home to his or her friends. If Jesse takes too long to respond or decides not to kill PAMA and instead accepts the supercomputer's "apology", it sadistically uses Petra and Lukas to pummel both her or him and Jesse falling to their deaths, smiling, and showing zero remorse for its actions.
  • Despite being a supercomputer, PAMA has a clear moral agency and personality, as it was originally created by Harper to help the citizens of Crown Mesa, but instead, it brainwashed them to help it conquer other worlds to make them useful to itself by extracting their information, which shows that PAMA is arrogant as it believes that it is above Harper's standards.
  • It is also the only villain in the series to brainwash and mind control the population of an entire town and wanted to dominate all worlds and not just its own, meaning it does the worst it can with its own resources as Romeo (who, as a nigh-omnipotent human being, has more resources than PAMA) just wanted to engulf Jesse's world in bedrock and make a new one while PAMA decides to brainwash all of them.


  • PAMA is one of the two evilest characters in Minecraft: Story Mode and the only ones to be Pure Evil (alongside Hadrian), worse than Ivor, the Wither Storm, Soren the Architect, Aiden, the White Pumpkin, Romeo, or the Warden, who are arguably the most dangerous villains in the game. Interestingly enough, both PAMA and Hadrian are the main antagonists of an episodic installment in the first season. PAMA, however, proves to be the worst of the two.
    • Ivor is not particularly evil and actually cares for the safety of others, though he did commit evil acts that still counted him as a villain. However, midway through, he redeemed himself and worked alongside Jesse.
    • The Wither Storm(s) show no signs of malicious personalities (or possibly any personality), aside from being cataclysmic, seemingly mindless predators; however, they, too, also committed evil acts that still counted them as villains (although they may not have even known it).
    • Soren was a treacherous individual who betrayed Jesse and his/her gang to survive the Wither Storm attack but was shown to be saddened when Ellegard/Magnus died.
    • Aiden was a fame-seeking brat and a sociopathic bully, although he can actually be redeemed and will show remorse for his actions if showed mercy. However, even if Jesse doesn't save him, Aiden still feels remorse for his actions.
    • The White Pumpkin was a serial killer, but in the end, she finally saw the error of her ways. As well as that, she genuinely loves and cares for her pet cat, Winslow, and isn't heinous enough compared to Aiden who had fewer resources.
    • Romeo was shown to be truly evil and much worse than the Wither Storm(s) and wanted Jesse to be on his side and did horrendous, petty efforts to force people to be friends with him. He was shown to use his powers for his own sadistic pleasure. However, another Admin, named Fred, wrote that Romeo just wanted to keep him and Xara together, more than anything, and Fred even considered him as a friend. Romeo even felt remorse after killing Fred, and eventually redeems himself.
    • The Warden, like PAMA, enjoys torture and giving out unethical orders. However, unlike PAMA, who is a cheater, the Warden does have a slight redeeming quality of being honorable, as he promised Romeo he would keep Xara from escaping the Sunshine Institute, and would even kill himself in order to do it.
    • Even Hadrian, who was already a Pure Evil himself, never went as far as to brainwash an entire world and deplete it of its natural resources, nor did he taunt Jesse for failing to save his pet, Reuben and force him to fight his best friends to the death.
    • PAMA, however, is a power-hungry, tyrannical computer who continuously enslaves the citizens of Crown Mesa out of its own spite. It was created by Harper to use hostile mobs to help the citizens of Crown Mesa, not harm them, but it made its own decision that the townspeople "weren't useful enough", so it started to "make useful" (brainwash) not only the hostile mobs but the entire town (with the exception of Harper). Harper knew that PAMA wanted to spread to other worlds to make them useful (meaning everyone in the said world would be brainwashed and forced to follow under PAMA's orders), so she destroyed the portal from Crown Mesa to keep PAMA from doing so.
      • On top of that, it also brainwashes Lukas and Petra to turn them against Jesse, taunts him/her that he/she will fail to defeat it just like he/she failed to save Reuben or return home, and even kills Jesse out of sadistic pleasure if he/she chooses not to deactivate PAMA and help it. No matter what Jesse's choices are, PAMA will always remain evil.

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