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Nicole Horne is the main antagonist of the 2001 video game Max Payne. She was the CEO of Aesir Corporation who ordered the killing of Max Payne's wife and daughter.

What Makes her Pure Evil

  • Illegally continued the production of Valkyrie, a drug which turns it's users into homicidal killers.
  • Blackmailed former members of the Valkyrie project into silence and used the Puchinello crime family to distribute the drug.
  • She was responsible for the murders of the Max Payne family by sending two Valkyrie addicts to Max's house, killing Max's wife and daughter, the latter being a baby. This makes Horne indirectly responsible for Max's severe depression throughout the series.
  • Had B.B. kill Alex Balder and then frame Max Payne for Balder's death.
  • Had Angelo Punchinello killed to cover her tracks.
  • She tried to kill Max painfully by injecting him Valkyrie.


  • Nicole Horn is one of the two villains in Max Payne who is Pure Evil, the other is Victor Branco.


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