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Persistent. You're all seriously persistent. And it bores me. It sickens me from the bottom of my heart. Whenever you open your mouth, you only remember that one dumb notion about avenging your parents, kids, or siblings. You've all survived. That should be enough for you. So your family got slaughtered. What's the problem here? Think of yourself as lucky, and go back to the way you lived life before. Look at it this way. Being killed by me is the same as encountering a great calamity. You don't need to think so hard about it. Rains, winds, volcano eruptions, earthquakes. Nobody tries to swear revenge on a natural disaster, no matter how many lives it takes. You can't bring dead humans back to life. Why not just stop fussing over the issue all the time, and live quietly to earn your daily wages. Most humans live that life. Why can't you all do that? There's only one reason. The Demon Hunters are an assembly of deviants. And I'm tired of dealing with deviants. I'm the one who really wants to put an end to all this.
~ Muzan sophistically rationalizes his crimes to Tanjiro and Giyu.

Muzan Kibutsuji (鬼舞辻無慘, Kibutsuji Muzan) is the main antagonist of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba fantasy horror manga and anime series.

Muzan was once originally a human 1,000 years ago until he is cursed and became the very first demon. He was then the progenitor of most demons and the leader of the Twelve Demon Moons. He is also the archenemy of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado and also the Demon Slayer Corps, and was responsible for killing their family and turning Nezuko into a demon with his blood.

He created every demon in existence and either programs or tasks them to devour humans, which makes their crimes fall into his shoulders as well. This causes many humans to die due to the countless demon creatures, creating a sort of war between demons and the demon hunters.

He was voiced by Toshihiko Seki in the Japanese dub, while he was voiced by Greg Chun in the English dub. The latter also voiced Gabriel Miller.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He murdered the doctor who tried to cure him by using the Blue Spider Lily. While Muzan regretted the act, it was only because he realized that he was indeed saved from death, albeit turning him into the first Demon, and the doctor could have done a finalized version of the cure if Muzan hadn't killed him. In other words, Muzan only regretted killing the doctor because doing so eliminated what could have been a useful asset, rather than genuine remorse for a brutal act of murder on a whim.
  • He killed 5 wives by violent remarks during the Heian period.
  • After Muzan became a demon, he vowed to find a way to conquer the sun and cheat death during the daytime. This resulted to Muzan to mass spread the demon kind by turning innocent humans into demons or obviously kill them, having no qualms or regards for his actions in order to conquer the sunlight. He would also make other demons turn against one another, resulting in eating each other to avoid being a target for what he had done.
    • In addition to his multiple corruptions, he turned Rui into a demon and encouraged him to know that his family isn't worth his time. Shaping him into the heartless individual with a twisted belief about family.
  • Converted various humans with issues and tragic backgrounds by tempting them and corrupted them into killing other humans.
  • Put a curse on the Ubuyashiki Family for birthing him as still-born and inflicted them with the same disease he got as a human, causing a lot of deaths in the clan.
  • Tricked Tamayo into becoming a Demon by withholding the details that she would gain a hunger for humans, which led to her killing her family.
  • Ordered Kokushibo to kill the Demon Slayer Corps and the Ubuyashiki leader for vengeance against Yoriichi for almost killing him.
  • He murdered Tanjiro's family in cold blood and turned his sister, Nezuko, into a demon.
  • He once turned an innocent man into a demon in front of the public as a distraction to ensure he isn't exposed or killed by Tanjiro.
  • He killed off two drunk men when he was on his way back to led his kind, then shared his blood into an innocent woman but ends up killing her without regards. Although to be fair, Muzan did genuinely try to leave them alone, only attacking the men after they provoked him although killing the woman was completely uncalled for.
  • He sent Susamaru and Yahaba to kill Tanjiro after witnessing him under fear.
  • Put a curse on all his Demons which would trigger and kill them if they happened to mention his name.
  • He murdered all of the Lower ranks of the Demon Moons without hesitation due to the death of Rui, seeing them as useless and he no longer needed them. However, Enmu was spared only because of his sadistic nature.
  • Ordered Enmu to go kill Tanjiro, leading to Enmu nearly devouring 200 people on the Mugen train and then sent Akaza, knowing Enmu would likely fail, leading to Rengoku's death.
  • Ever since Enmu's death, he sent the Upper Moons, one by one, to kill off the Demon Slayers for good during their missions.
  • He tortured and berated Akaza - even though the latter had recently killed the Hashira Rengoku as part of Muzan's wishes - just for being unable to kill the other three Demon Slayers who were around Rengoku at the time, and for failing to find any information about the Blue Spider Lily.
  • Ordered Daki and Gyutaro to lay a trap for the investigating Demon Slayers.
  • Ordered Hantengu and Gyokko to wipe out the Swordsmith Village to stop them from vanquishing Demons. He could have done this any time during his thousand-year history, but chose that time solely because he became more afraid of the Demon Slayers after they vanquished the Upper Moons.
  • Upon hearing Nezuko's ability to walk in the daylight, he became so thrilled that he had no use of hiding anymore and this results to him killing or eating his own foster mother and her maid without a second thought.
    • Given he had a wife and daughter during his first encounter with Tanjiro, it could be implied he had killed them already with zero remorse if so.
  • Arrived at Kagaya's mansion solely to cripple the Demon Slayer Corps and to wring Nezuko's location out of him.
  • Upon arriving at the Headquarters and heavily injured due to Kagaya's sacrifice to kill Muzan with him backfired, he transported all the Demon Slayers with him in his Infinity Fortress, which some of them were killed by the Upper Moons while he had time to recover to his final form.
  • While fighting Tanjiro and Giyu, he expressed his remorseless advice that they should be grateful they survive and to the fact they should forget about their loved ones after their deaths. This shows how much of an evil person Muzan has grown, even Tanjiro called him out that he is someone who doesn't deserve to exist.
  • Even when Muzan professed care and favoritism for some of the Upper Ranks, it's just because some of them have abilities extremely invaluable for him as well as replacing them would be an extremely difficult task, not out of any genuine feeling of loyalty towards them. He still despised every other Demon (excluding himself) due to being proof of his supposed weakness.
  • During the fight, he directly/indirectly kills Tamayo, Obanai, Mitsuri and Gyomei.
  • He poisons Tanjiro during their fight.
  • Before he was about to die, he shared all that's left in his blood into Tanjiro in order to make him his successor to become the next Demon King and influence him into becoming like him. It's considered to be a very impactful moment when everyone Tanjiro knew has no choice left but to kill him at that moment or find a way to talk him out of this, though seemed pointless, what's worse is that Nezuko just got turned back into a human and Tanjiro, now a demon, never had the chance to happily see her like this until Kanao cured him. This moment proves how much damage Muzan left behind without remorse and how much he's put everyone through.
    • Even though genuine tears were rolling from Muzan's eyes just before this happened, he was crying due to accepting Kagaya Ubuyashiki's words on the inevitability of death, rather than actual sorrow for his horrific atrocities, and then used these words to "leave something behind" in the form of making Tanjiro the most powerful demon ever to exist, more so than Muzan himself. Therefore, Muzan's emotional moment in this scene is not redeeming in any way.
  • In his final moments, he tries to manipulate Tanjiro into thinking no one wants him after becoming a demon. But the latter fails as Tanjiro is returned back to normal thanks to everyone he ever knew, both alive and dead. In the end, Muzan is left devastated and forever burning in the underworld for all eternity for his crimes.
  • He overall treats his allies like pawns, as he has never shown any care if they died.
  • Everything about Muzan doesn't make him seen in another light, unlike most demons who have tragic backstories and sympathetic deaths (with exception of Kaigaku, Enmu, Gyokko and Doma), Muzan is portrayed to be the most unsympathetic and his background of how he became a demon all due to a sickness doesn't justify the many reasons of his own selfishness and the cruelty he created.
  • Overall, Muzan is held responsible for all the tragic events that happened within the story of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. With the exception of Douma, Hantengu, Gyokko, Enmu, Kaigaku, and the Snake Demon, most of the major demons are portrayed tragic, instilling sympathy, and also showing insecurity, but Muzan has zero sympathetic qualities, having long since thrown them away.


  • He, alongside the Snake Demon and Enmu, is one of the three Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba villains to be Pure Evil as for now. Since his ongoing murders for thousands of years is very high to his standards, and the fact that he created every demon in existence and either programs or tasks them to devour humans, causing many humans to die due to the countless demon creatures, creating a sort of war between demons and the demon hunters, no villain in the series can compete with what he had done, not even the other twelve Kizuki who all fail the in-story standards to him despite their high demon rank, as one of the reasons is that they were all created by him. Which makes him the most evil character, with no doubt, of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
  • Muzan is another Pure Evil villain from Toshihiko Seki along with Lord Embryo.
  • Muzan is one of two Pure Evil villains to be voiced by Greg Chun. The other is Gabriel Miller from Sword Art Online: Alicization.

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