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Tell me... what is it that you truly fear?
~ Michael using his fear exhibition powers as opposed to his twin's desire exhibition powers.
Welcome home. So... how do you like the mess I've made, Samael?
~ Michael confronting Lucifer at Lux.
Sharing a face with you! Guess what. When your twin is the Lightbringer, turns out you have no choice but to live in the shadows.
~ Michael explaining his own kind of "Hell" and his hatred of being Lucifer's twin.

Michael, formerly known as Mi-ka-el, is the main antagonist of the TV series Lucifer. He appears as the unseen overarching antagonist of Seasons 1 and 4, the main antagonist of Season 5 and a cameo character in Season 6.

He is an archangel and the titular character's evil identical twin brother. Having grown up living under his twin's shadow, he intends on ruining his life in an act of spitefulness to prove himself as the better twin between the two of them. His bigger plan was revealed to be him wanting to succeed his father as the new God and Sovereign of Heaven, resorting to any means necessary to accomplishing this goal, including using his own family members as puppets and even incite a war between them. He is the archenemy of Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker.

Like his brother Lucifer, Michael is portrayed by Tom Ellis in his first villainous role.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While his comic book version is benevolent, honorable and fights to protect and serve The Presence, this version has none of those and is the polar opposite of what he is doing.
  • Even in his childhood, he manipulated his siblings by exploiting their fears.
  • Manipulated Lucifer into rebelling against God, seducing Eve in the Garden of Eden and retiring to Los Angeles.
  • Knowing that Amenadiel would be obsessed about returning Lucifer to Hell, Michael climbed up the ranks to usurp his brother's position as God's right hand and ensured that only he was able to talk to him, making himself untouchable in the Silver City.
  • Wanting to replace God as the new Sovereign of Heaven, Michael gaslighted him into thinking he's losing control of his powers and consider retiring.
  • Deciding to force Lucifer to return to Earth to show how selfish he really is by ruining his life, just because he heard his siblings praising his selfless decision to return to Hell voluntarily.
  • Impersonated Lucifer on Earth in an attempt to ruin his life, especially by attempting to drive a wedge between his twin and his love interest Chloe Decker.
    • He later decided it would be better to take over Lucifer's life on Earth and steal Chloe from him by proving himself as "Lucifer 2.0."
  • Exploited Linda Martin's fears of being a bad mother to her son Charlie after previous experiences, for no good reason.
  • Seduced Maze into working with him so she could beat up Lucifer when he returns from Hell.
  • After Maze decided to back out of the plan upon learning he was going to steal Chloe from Lucifer, Michael locked her into the penthouse.
  • After Chloe outed Michael and called him as nothing like Lucifer, Michael spitefully revealed that she was a gift from God and created specifically for Lucifer, planting the doubt about her life being of her own free will.
  • Further manipulated Maze by revealing what happened to her mother Lilith, telling her to uncover the story about how Lucifer got his ring.
  • Impersonated Lucifer's voice over the phone to trick Dan Espinoza to see that Lucifer is the Devil.
  • Appeared before Dan in a traditional angelic fashion to manipulate him further, claiming that Lucifer was a threat to the world and he needed to kill him when Chloe is nearby.
  • Somehow gave his infant nephew Charlie a common cold to prove to Amenadiel that his son is mortal (and therefore vulnerable to human suffering) and exploit his fears regarding his safety so his powers would spiral out of control.
  • Kidnapped Chloe and imprisoned her at an abandoned zoo in a cave behind bars. He then exploited her fears about her relationship with Lucifer since he never said her loves her back.
  • Manipulated Maze once again by promising her an audience with God and give her soul so she could have a soulmate.
  • During his and Maze's fight against Lucifer and Amenadiel, he grabbed one of her blades and threw it in a failed attempt to kill a random human, for no reason.
  • To kill Lucifer, he forced his fellow angels/siblings into assembling the Flaming Sword for him so he could also control them through fear.
  • He hired Vincent Le Mec and his mercenary crew to hunt down and retrieve Amenadiel's necklace, therefore being responsible for his actions as well.
  • After learning that Le Mec kidnapped Dan, he ordered him to kill him so Chloe would feel guilt for his death and thus go to Hell when she does eventually die, which he would also use as a means to convince Lucifer to surrender, accept him as the new God and go to Hell out of his love for her.
  • Killed his own sister Remiel with Azrael's blade upon learning she was a spy for Lucifer and Amenadiel.
  • Killing TJ Ross, a random human criminal who had Amenadiel's necklace.
  • During the final confrontation, he attempted to use the Flaming Sword to kill Lucifer for the throne despite his previous offer.
  • After being tricked by Lucifer into losing the Flaming Sword, he killed Chloe right in front of him. This prompted Lucifer to enter Heaven and revive her, which cost him his life because of his banishment.
  • When Chloe was resurrected, Michael tried to kill her once again, only this time with Azrael's blade which would completely wipe her from existence and not give her any afterlife.
  • Despite claiming that he wanted to keep his siblings safe and avoid war, Michael actually did not care about his family in any regards and only saw them as pawns. He gaslighted God so he could claim His throne, was more than willing to kill Remiel after making this statement, gleefully tried to eradicate Lucifer with the Flaming Sword, showed amusement in Lucifer going to Heaven knowing he'll die, and after a battle broke out between his siblings, he made no effort to stop them.
  • Michael accused of Lucifer of thinking he was better than him all their lives. However, there is absolutely nothing that backs up his allegation and therefore only factored from his inner narcissism.
  • He isn't truly insecure and was in fact envious because of his twin's status as "the lightbringer", and he only committed his crimes to spite Lucifer, ruin his reputation and prove himself better than him.
  • Even though he does say to Maze that he doesn't entirely hate her and that he was sorry she couldn't get a soul, he likely knew she wouldn't get one from God based on how he didn't appear surprised by how it turned out. Plus, he was more than willing to fight her in the final battle, which subverts any respect he may have had for her.
  • Showed no remorse for the pain and misery he caused, and remained unapologetic for killing his sister Remiel, Dan and Chloe. In Chloe's case, he feigned sympathy to Lucifer for killing her only to then mock him how he wouldn't get to see her again.
  • Had no reasonable excuse for exploiting the fears of people other than for his own amusement.
  • Despite bowing before Lucifer and accepting him as the new God, he only did so out of fear as he did with their Father, especially after Lucifer cut off his wings and left him defeated and powerless.


  • He is one of the four Lucifer villains who are Pure Evil, the others being Julian McCaffrey, Pete Daily and Dromos, and is the only one to be both an angel and a main antagonist.
  • According to the show's producers, Michael would go on to visit Lucifer in his therapy sessions in Hell for redemption. While this may disqualify Michael of his Pure Evil status, this happens off-screen and isn't confirmed in the series, and overall not enough to redeem him. If he did seek redemption, it is possible that he only did it so he could serve his sentence and leave Hell earlier. Plus, his niece Aurora "Rory" Morningstar, who was from the future, said that he was "the worst", meaning it is likely that Michael never changed his ways despite being offered another chance.

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