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Even God can die.
~ Michael's ominous threat.

Michael is a major antagonist in the CW dark fantasy series Supernatural, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Lucifer) of season 13 and the main antagonist of season 14. A version of Michael, God's eldest archangel, from another universe, he was embittered after God failed to return and went on to kill his brother Lucifer in the battle of the Apocalypse. Winning the Apocalypse isn't enough for him and with no God to tell him otherwise, Michael attempts to rule over the world, killing anyone who dares to stand in his way.

Michael abandons his plans for sovereignty after deducing that God truly doesn't care about him or anything else, and his contempt for all life is now his only value as he decides to destroy all worlds that his father created, then planning on gunning for Him, no longer caring for anything either, be it God, power, or even himself.

He was portrayed by Christian Keyes in his first vessel, Jensen Ackles while possessing Dean, Felisha Terrell in his third vessel, and Ruth Connell while possessing Rowena MacLeod.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Despite initially not wanting to fight Lucifer during the Apocalypse and vice versa, with both hoping for God to return and provide answers, He never did, thus Michael went on to kill his brother, tearing him apart over Abilene and, according to him, deriving joy from the experience.
  • Following his victory, Michael attempted to subjugate the human population and "be more God than God", and any who didn't follow him were targeted in a massive genocide, killing just about everyone on the planet and leaving the Earth in total ruin. The genocide included the use of POW and extermination camps.
    • At one point, he commanded a garrison of angels to invade Kansas City and they soon level the city; the humans resisted but were massacred, with Michael later recalling the invasion to the Nephilim Jack Kline and remarking how "things got messy".
    • The human extermination also led to the destruction of livestock and most other living beings, which also resulted in the starvation of many monster species, including vampires which became mutated and feral due to the lack of blood available for consumption.
  • Death, the ancient deity and commander of the reaper species, existed in Apocalypse World and was imprisoned by Michael and the angels, who thereafter enslaved the reapers.

Season 13

  • He finds the main universe Lucifer and Mary Winchester wandering the Apocalypse and recounts how he tore his world's Lucifer apart, then fighting and overpowering Lucifer, literally twisting his arm into submission and capturing both him and Mary.
  • He places Lucifer in a small cage and read his mind. He sees the world Lucifer comes from and decides to invade and conquer it.
  • Having read his mind, knowing what he's afraid of, Michael exploits Lucifer's fear of confinement (due to being locked in his Cage) and intends to eventually leave him in the small cage forever to live his cleithrophobic nightmare all over again.
    • Lucifer deserve it, but Michael did it because of his sadism.
  • Lucifer insults Michael and the latter responds by thrusting the cages spears into him, causing him immense pain.
  • Mary is imprisoned in a cage like Lucifer's and presumably tortured similarly.
  • The spell to open a rift requires archangel grace; instead of using his own, Michael siphons Lucifer's instead (a process which has been described by another angel as feeling like "cutting your kidney out with a butter knife") but only takes some of it, opting to "save some for a rainy day", leaving Lucifer nearly powerless.
  • When Jack Kline arrived in Apocalypse World, in an attempt to get him to open a rift to the main universe, he had his enforcer, Zachariah, mentally manipulate him into doing so. When Zachariah failed, he decided to instead beat Jack and imprison him. When Zachariah expresses surprise at his boss throwing Jack across the room, he throws him as well.
  • He planned to have Mary Winchester killed in front of Jack in order to force him into submission, even telling Zachariah to "make her feel it". He warns him not to fail again, with the presumed consequence of such being his death.
  • As the human resistance members are lead to the main universe through the rift, Michael crash-lands to their location, killing three of them before fighting and subduing Lucifer once more.
  • Expressing a twisted delight upon recognizing the main universe Gabriel, he duels with his brother for a short time before managing the stab his brother's abdomen and put him down, this time for good, watching with a sadistic smile as the light fades.
  • Michael, having made a deal with Lucifer wherein the latter gets his son and Michael gets the world, intercepts the Winchesters and Castiel twice, first at a gas station and later at the Men of Letters bunker. The second time, he promptly assaults all three but gets up close and personal with Dean, saying he'll be "the first soul [he] saves" in the main universe, strangling him and taking his time, finding the moment when the soul leaves the body "beautiful".
  • Completely betraying their deal, Michael takes over Dean's body after the latter kills Lucifer while superpowered by the archangel, forcibly and tortuously suppressing him in his subconscious, a feeling which Dean would later liken to drowning. What worse is that Michael criticized Lucifer for betraying aforementioned deal.
    • This was also Dean's first experience with possession, likely making his torment even more painful due to this lack of experience with other beings taking control of him.
  • Sometime during his stay in the main universe and seeing into Dean's memories, he figured out the reason his father never returned: God is a writer, with all the alternate universes being his drafts, giving up on the flawed ones and "writing" another. For this reason, Michael resolved to destroy the entire multiverse to spite God until he can "catch up: to Him, and even claims he'll kill him.

Season 14

  • He appears to a Muslim man in his quest to figure out what those on Earth want. He asks him and he responds with "Peace and love", at which point Michael lambastes him for lying, reminding him of his past adultery and abandoning of his friends in Syria. Michael assaults and presumably kills him, telling him he's beyond saving.
  • He performs callous experiments on vampires by making them consume his grace to create superpowered monsters and unleash them on the world, agonizingly killing most of the subjects in the process.
  • One of the vampires he kidnapped, Lydia, "escaped" and told Bobby Singer and Sam and Mary Winchester of Michael's experimentation and where he could be found. In reality, Lydia's escape was planned for her to act as "bait" to lead the three into an ambush, which Michael tells Lydia just before killing her, since as he says, there's no need for bait once "the trap has been sprung".
  • He travels to the Bad Place, a hostile alternate universe populated by monstrous species and Dark Kaia (an alternate version of Kaia Nieves), whom he senses, along with her spear which is capable of killing him, and locates, attempting to force her hand to give him her spear and join his side in his coming war on the main universe, otherwise he'll kill her and take it anyway.
  • He builds up a massive monster army to destroy Kansas City from the inside-out and turn the population or turn them into monsters, which will also be commanded by Michael and presumably invade other cities across the country or even the continent.
  • He has Jack captured by monsters and tries to convince him to join in his efforts, stating that as time passes, Jack will become more like Michael, a prospect which alone is enough to further cement Jack's hatred for him.
  • When Castiel attempts to ambush Michael, the latter pummels him bloody before engaging with the Winchesters and Jack.
  • When Dean is about to kill Michael with Dark Kaia's spear, Michael suddenly retakes him as his vessel, having "left the door open" just a little bit to slip back in and breaks the spear, along with Dean's spirit, locking him in a looping dream world inside his mind.
  • With the snap of his fingers, Michael lets the superpowered monsters he created loose on Kansas City, all while taunting Team Free Will.
  • Gaining Rowena MacLeod's permission to possess her on the threat that he'll kill everyone in the Men of Letters bunker otherwise, he proceeds to kill the survivors from Apocalypse World that escaped to the main universe anyway, killing Maggie last in front of the Winchesters and Castiel.
  • He tortures Sam, Dean, and Castiel, by making them unable to breathe, blinding them, and causing them agonizing pain before trying to kill them once and for all and get back on track with his cataclysmic plans.


  • Ironically, Michael's summarization of God was right, which becomes apparent when God is revealed as the Greater Scope Villain who has been seeking little more than entertainment from writing the Winchesters' story and creating multiple realities—so many that he's lost count. Like Michael, God is also Pure Evil.
  • Excluding Lucifer and Lilith dying post-resurrection, Michael is the last Pure Evil villain in the series to die.
  • Michael and God were the only two Pure Evils to not be killed by one of the Winchesters, instead being defeated by Jack (in God's case, made mortal; also somewhat ironic as Michael declared that he'd be the one to kill God).

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