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I'm a...survivor, Black Lung! A survivor! That's all there is; living and dying.
~ Micah Bell to Arthur Morgan when confronted with his treachery.
You shot me [laughs]...you shot me pretty good.
~ Micah's last words to Dutch before his death.

Micah Bell III is the main antagonist of the Red Dead Redemption duology, part of the Red Dead franchise.

Serving as the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption and the main antagonist of the 2018 prequel Red Dead Redemption II. He was also mentioned in the online spin-off Red Dead Online.

He is the extremely psychopathic and dangerous hitman for the Van der Linde gang, in which he killed immoral amounts of people for money and sport. He constantly kills people for the smallest of things, such as killing his old friend for not being able to stop him getting arrested. He eventually rats the gang out for his own gain, murders Arthur Morgan in cold blood and runs away. He is eventually caught by John Marston, who kills him by shooting him several times.

From Chapter 1 to 5, Micah is a major character since he's the member of the Van der Linde gang where he helps Dutch, Arthur and their allies get the job done. At the end of Chapter 6, Micah betrays Arthur, Dutch and the Van der Linde gang by becoming an informant of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and becomes the main antagonist.

He was portrayed by Peter Blomquist in motion capture, who also played Harlan J. Fontaine in L.A. Noire.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • At the age of 17, he and his father murdered two people by slitting their throats and hanging them on the rafters.
  • When Dutch starts losing his mind and Arthur becomes weak, Micah starts to manipulate Dutch into horrible plans and turning him against John and Arthur.
  • He ratted the gang out to the Pinkertons when it seemed they would get caught or were becoming weaker.
  • He killed Susan Grimshaw when Arthur revealed that he was the rat.
  • He tries to murder both Arthur and John, succeeding with the former (only if he has low honor).
  • He holds racist and sexist views which he extends to every member of the gang.
  • He goes on a homicidal rampage immediately after being broken out of Strawberry's jail just to get his confiscated pistols back, dragging a reluctant Arthur into helping him fend off authorities and leaving half the town shot dead. In the middle of it all, he forces himself into a home and brutally murders Skinny, an old friend of his, and his wife.
  • It's implied that he killed the gang's dog, Cain, in a conversation with Jack. He even kicks Cain in chapter 3.
  • It's all but confirmed that he raped Jenny, Lenny's girlfriend. While riding horseback to camp, he complains that none of the women there'll have sex with him even with a gun to their head, and then he goes on to boast that he "had Jenny".
  • After the dissolution of the gang, Micah forms his own gang of outlaws, committing all kinds of crimes. He killed at least two dozen people during this time.
  • He killed a little girl. When Cleet, a member of his gang, tried to stop him, Micah became furious and tried to kill Cleet as well.
  • Although it isn't confirmed, it's rather likely that he tried to kill Arthur in the deal with Colm O'Driscoll, where Arthur got kidnapped and tortured.
  • He threatens to "pay a visit" to Abigail and Jack after killing John.
  • Though he helped Dutch to find and Kill Colonel Henry Favours, it wasn't out of altruism, but to benefit himself, after that, he went back trying to kill Dutch.
  • Kills Arthur Morgan in Low Honor storyline.
  • He uses Sadie as a hostage after Dutch showed up.
  • His actions and death were catalysts for the events of the first game, as Edgar Ross discovered John's whereabouts after the latter murdered Micah, prompting Ross to kidnap his family in order for John to capture his former teammates gang, only to be later assassinated by Ross himself, making Micah indirectly responsible for John's death, as well as the rest of the Van Der Linde gang's deaths.
  • In general, Micah is so heinous and evil even by the standards of the series, without redeeming qualities. Most of the gang members have a sense of honor (e.g. not attacking civilians), Dutch at least showed remorse for his actions, and even Ross had some honor as he gave back John his family after fulfilling his deal and seemed to be on good terms with his family. Micah has none of that, loves killing and making others suffer, and only cares about himself, even his father, as he almost never mentions him and it’s very likely he viewed himself above him as well.


  • Micah Bell might have a somewhat honourable side, as he will leave Arthur to die instead of killing him if Arthur has high honour, while murdering Arthur in cold blood if the player has low honour. Given Micah's malicious personality and inexcusable actions, it's highly unlikely Micah actually has an honourable side, meaning this was likely just a sadistic blow to Arthur's pride than anything else. It's also highly likely that Micah only spared Arthur in order to evade from the lawmen, or that Micah was simply too angry to think about even killing Arthur. However, if it is confirmed he spared Arthur out of respect or remorse (unlikely as it is), then Micah would lose his Pure Evil status.
  • Micah Bell is widely regarded as the single most evil Rockstar villain out there, as well as the most hated. There's even a subreddit solely dedicated to hating on him called "r/F***Micah", which currently has over 16,000 subscribers.
  • Despite being a posthumous character of the first red dead redemption game, he was not mentioned along with Arthur Morgan and many other characters from the second game. Although he is responsible for the events of the first game, making him the Greater-Scope Villain of the game.
  • Micah Bell is, alongside Agustin Allende, Colm O'Driscoll and Colonel Henry Favours, one of the four Red Dead Redemption villains to be Pure Evil.

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